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Starfire Publishing Ltd have announced the forthcoming publication of Donald Tyson’s Liber Lilith.

Starfire are perhaps best known for their Typhonian Journal and their publication of Kenneth Grant’s books… Starfire Publishing Limited is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of “Liber Lilith”, by Donald Tyson.

A rediscovered Gnostic grimoire contains the stunning revelations that it was Lilith, queen of hell and mother of all demons, who fashioned Adam from the clay of the earth, and who visited Eve in the form of a great serpent to teach her the secret wisdom of heaven. The grimoire reveals in precise detail a practical system of sex magick taught to mankind by Lilith, with which she may be summoned as a lover and teacher. The working journal of the ill-fated German magician who rediscovered this lost necromantic text, and put into practice its obscene rituals, provides terrible evidence that some books are too dangerous to be permitted to exist.

Donald Tyson is a Canadian who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has written numerous works on the history and theory of Western ritual magic, scrying, runes, the Tarot, and the Kabbalah. The author of two occult novels, he edited the annotated edition of Cornelius Agrippa¹s “Three Books of Occult Philosophy”, and is the inventor of rune dice.

“Liber Lilith” will be published in two editions, a standard and a strictly limited signed deluxe edition. Publication is set for later this year, and prices are yet to be confirmed, but you are invited to register your interest in this title by writing to

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