Witchcraft Museum, Boscastle: An Update

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Visitors will be aware of the terrible flood that occurred in the most beautiful of Cornish villages, Boscastle, and in particular of the dreadful damage it caused to the Museum of Witchcraft there.

The Museum’s website is being updated weekly with news of the repair work…
An updated from 6 September 2004 includes the following:

Removal of mud & silt has been going well & we have now retrieved most of the salvageable objects from the ground floor. Dehumidifiers have been placed in the upper floor & the library to try & stabilize the humidity at the recommended 55 – 60%. It was up to around 90% after the flood & obviously 100% downstairs!

Yesterday Graham & Lee Fox were finally able to tackle the kitchen and workshop/storage room at the back of the museum. Much debris had been piled up & overturned in the workroom and we were unable to get past the door so it was a major task for the chaps. Obviously the smell was almost unbearable as almost three weeks worth of sewerage & rotting food had been building up in there.

Please visit the site and offer the owners whatever support you’re able. It really is a most deserving cause.

For further information, enquiries, offers of help or donations please contact:
Helpline: 01749 674712
Email: thecrowman@thehouseoftheoldways.fsworld.co.uk

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