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Silver Star is an online “Journal of New Magick”.

Its first issue was well-reviewed and included numerous fascinating articles.

Silver Star 2 will be available online before the end of the month… A quick look at their site shows its development in progress and there is much of interest there.

From the editor: “We are always soliciting art & articles & rituals etc for the next issue of the magazine. All readers are very welcome to contribute.

All submissions should be in MS Word or Text docs, all art of reasonable size (no more than one pic attachment per email) all sent to:

Silver Star seeks to provide an open source and forum for all serious Adepts who will to share with their Brothers and Sisters the work of the Art Magick. A closed system dies. We seek to help inspire the metaphysical knowledge of the New Gnosis as an open system. Our simple goal: The magickal evolution of humanity.

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