Tantra In Historical Overview

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Treadwells Bookshop in Covent Garden, London, has announced the following Event:

27 September (Monday)
By Phil Hine, The London Tantra Study Group
7.15 for 7.30 pm – £5.00 Tantra has long intrigued westerners, and the term has now even joined New Age vocabulary. The London Tantra Group are serious long-term students of tantra in its South Asian sense -namely, the occult strand within Hinduism, a transformative, transgressive form in a religious milieu. Phil Hine says of his talk, ‘I’ll be looking at the early origins of tantra in terms of its precursors, the development of various lineages, and having a quick romp through Indian religious and philosophical history, from the pre-Vedic era onwards.’ This talk is ideal for anyone who wants to learn what tantra is, how it started, how it came to the West, and how it ended up being mainly associated with manuals on orgasm. Phil Hine has been working with tantra for twenty years, and his extensive website is http://www.philhine.org.uk/writings/index_tantra.html

Treadwells Bookshop
34 Tavistock Street
Covent Garden

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