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I am very pleased to be in a position to add a brand new feature to a Chat Room.

I’ve notice that there are regularly in excess of a dozen users online at the same time. I know that some users are very fond of the so-called “Shout Box”, but that its functionality is very limited. Hence the introduction of a Chat Room…
When you click on Chat Room in the Main Menu or Thelema in the Chat Room block, you’ll find yourself navigating towards a new screen similar to the following:

Use of the Chat Room should be self-explanatory but feel free to send me any questions you may have. If you are unable to see the screen then you may need to ensure that Javascript is enabled on your browser and popups enabled for this site.

Just a word of warning: Chat Rooms can very quickly become notorious. If this one is used inappropriately – with each complaint taken on its merits – then the facility will be removed.

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