No Comments on Anniversary today celebrated its first anniversary in its revamped form.

It’s a year since the site was re-engineered and submitted to search engines for the first time.

In that year the number of hits has exceeded 450,000 and there are 440 registered members. has presented 282 Thelemic culture news items and now hosts the most significant Thelemic gallery online. The site includes reviews (of which half-a-dozen more will be posted within the week), “old” newspaper articles (dozens of them), downloads and 65 carefully selected Links; not to mention a Chat Room, Blog and the rest of the usual trappings of the best Internet sites.

All this without editorial hubris and without proselytizing for any of the numerous conflicting groups. Also – and of this I’m most proud – the site has been part-funded by donations and without stooping to advertising.

Thank you all for helping to make it what it is now – and be sure to let me know if there’s more you’d like to see here.

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