Aleister Crowley Recital – London

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‘A Night of Aleister Crowley and FriendZ’
Recital Performance
Friday, 10th October
Covent Garden

On FRIDAY, 10 OCTOBER performance artists and Thelemites Vernon J. Cliff (“Mad Jon”) and Camden McDonald will be performing a selection of works by Aleister Crowley, at a recital soiree in Covent Garden at Treadwell’s Bookshop. This special evening follows on, as an encore, from the sell-out performance held in August.

Incantations, invocations and poetry by Crowley will be presented. Those devoted already to ‘things Crowleyan’ will be familiar with many of the pieces on the programme. These will include (amongst many others) ‘Leah Sublime’, The Hymn to Pan, and extracts from his defining work, The Book of the Law.

Crowley did make a mark as a poet beyond his immediate circle of followers, for three of his poems were included in the Oxford Book of Mystical Verse in its editions c. 1920 – c.1950. People today who have an interest in Edwardian literary culture will recognise in Crowley’s poetical works themes and echoes characteristic of the period, and can appreciate his work
in its historical context.

The central performer in the recital is led by Vernon J. Cliff, a performance poet, ex-horse trainer and craftsman. He has been performing Crowley for the past twelve years.

He is supported by Camden McDonald, an actor, writer & director whose work has included The Winters’ Tale at St George’s Theatre, and the upcoming independent feature Room 36.

Cliff and McDonald have collaborated in the past on a number of projects.
Together they produced the Victorian melodrama Face at the Window at the Gatehouse, Highgate, and both are members of The Warp Theatre Company, purveyors of the inspirational 24 Hour Warp Experience.

Original musical selections by guitarist Del Sloane will provide interludes, and two special guest performers will be presenting a couple of the pieces that are in a female voice.

Please plan to arrive at around 8pm for a drink; the performance will commence at 8:30 sharp. A complimentary glass of Merlot, Chablis or Perrrier is included with admission. A late cocktail party will follow the performance, giving the opportunity to meet the performers.

Dress is formal or imaginative.

The venue, Treadwell’s Bookshop, is at 34 Tavistock Street in Covent Garden. Web address, which included a map and directions to the shop.

Tickets in advance, £8 sterling. Early booking is recommended as space is limited. Tickets from Treadwell’s Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7PB. Shop hours are 12 noon -7:00 pm, seven days a week. For tickets by post, send cheques (payable to Treadwell’s) to the above address. Telephone reservations 0207 240 8906. email:

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