Clive Barker and Thelema

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On 3 June 2004 I wrote the following in my Blog:

I’ve heard a fascinating rumour from two separate sources about the involvement of Clive Barker in what could be a stunning piece of creative Crowleyana!

I can’t say any more yet – not least because there’s a definite need for corroboration. Now, I know that two of the registered members of would be in a position to confirm the story. Perhaps they could email me about it?

I’ve been a great fan of Clive Barker’s work since the first publication of “The Books Of Blood” – that’s decades now. So I’m very excited about the rumour…

Of course, one shouldn’t be surprised about the prospect of Clive’s involvement in Thelemic culture: he’s name-checked Crowley in several interviews, “Lord Of Illusions” includes several obvious Crowley references, the cenobites are straight out of The Goetia and, of course, Clive has long been an admirer of the work of “Coil”. Several of his “Abarat” paintings appear to be inspired by Spare’s “sidereal” material, too…

Well, read on…
Since writing that, some new tantalising rumours have reached me; rumours that, if true, could have a significant impact upon the way the public views Thelema and, in particular, Aleister Crowley.

I’d love to hear from someone in a position to confirm the stories. In absolute confidence, of course.

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