Tool and Andrew Chumbley

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The Tool website includes an appreciation of the late Andrew Chumbley by Blair MacKenzie and Danny Carey… ANDREW D. CHUMBLEY

September 15, 1967 e.v. – September 15, 2004 e.v.

In an email I received a couple of days ago from Ben Fernee of Caduceus Books, I learned of the death of Andrew D. Chumbley, who died on September 15th (ironically his 37th birthday) of complications stemming from an asthma attack.

The passing of Mr. Chumbley comes as a great loss to the field of experimental occultism and, as anyone who has studied his books (in particular Qutub and Azoetia – A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft) will tell you, he was the real deal.

Several years ago, Danny and I were each fortunate enough to obtain a copy of Qutub that contained a hand-drawn talisman/original verse on one of the blank end pages (mine being entitled “Paraphrase of the Pact of Blood and Starlight). I remember being in Tool’s dressing room prior to a show during the Lateralus tour and flipping a coin with Danny to determine which particular arcane ‘embellishment’ of these unique copies would go to which. (NOTE. At the time, we didn’t have photos of the talismans, only brief descriptions and titles as they appeared in one of Mr. Fernee’s rare book lists).

When we eventually received the books from England, Danny felt drawn to the ‘incantations’ and artwork Chumbley had illustrated in the copy that I had ordered, and I, for certain reasons, was more intrigued by the magical language and related graphic signs inscribed in what was to be his copy. So, without hesitation we exchanged books. Perhaps in the October newsletter I will scan both of these so that others will be able to appreciate for themselves the occult artistry, the intricacy of the penned sigils and the beauty of the magical verse. I guess some things just shouldn’t be determined by a coin toss.

Alas the Master; so he sinks in death.
But whoso knows the mystery of man
Sees life and death as curves of one same plan.

Aleister Crowley


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