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According to Mandrake Speaks Newsletter, an email circulated by Mogg Morgan’s Mandrake of Oxford, the second issue of Dave Evans’ Journal For The Academic Study Of Magic is now available…

Not having seen it yet, I can’t comment, but here’s the detail from Mandrake Speaks:

Journal for the Academic Study of Magic

Issue 2

19.99 ISBN 1869928-725 ISSN 1479-0750 392pp

General editor: Dave Evans plus various

A multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed print publication, covering all areas of magic, witchcraft, paganism etc; all geographical regions and all historical periods.

Alien Selves: Modernity and the Social Diagnostics of the Demonic in ‘Lovecraftian Magick’: Woodman/
Wishful Thinking Notes towards a psychoanalytic sociology of Pagan magic: Green/
A Shell with my Name on it: The Reliance on the Supernatural During the First World War. Chambers/
The Metaphysical Relationship between Magic and Miracles: Morgan Luck/
Demonic Possession, and Spiritual Healing in Nineteenth-Century Devon: Semmens/
Human Body in Southern Slavic Folk Sorcery: Filipovic & Rader/
Four Glasses Of Water: Snell/
The Land Near the Dark Cornish Sea:. Hale/
Kenneth Grant and the Magickal revival: Evans/
Magic through the Linguistic Lenses of Greek mágos, Indo-European *mag(h)-, Sanskrit màyà and Pharaonic Egyptian heka: Cheak/
The symbolism of the pierced heart: Froome/Nicholas Roerich: McCannon/
Book Review, etc.

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