LAShTAL.COM Reaches Half-a-Million Hits!

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I am very proud to be able to announce that today LAShTAL.COM recorded its 500,000th hit since 30 September last year.

In a little over a year LAShTAL.COM has grown from a simple, single page website hosted on free webspace to a huge repository of data and information. LAShTAL.COM now has one gigabyte of storage space available to it and it’s able to support 25 gigabytes of traffic a month.

Most importantly, though, LAShTAL.COM has developed into an effective online community, refreshingly free from the “my group is better than your group” that pollutes so many other Thelemic sites.

Read more for some stats…

Busiest day at LAShTAL.COM was 28 September 2004, which saw 8,490 hits.

Since 30 September 2003 the site has seen the posting of

289 news items
650 Forum posts
11 detailed reviews
129 images, including an Aleister Crowley gallery of 60 portraits
59 Links

I’m particularly pleased to see that the site now has 472 Registered Members.

And all of this is provided free of charge, thanks to the flow of information to the site from some of the most influential Thelemites around, and especially thanks to the generosity of a dozen or so individuals that have made donations towards the hosting and design of the site. Feel free, of course, to add yourself to the list of those that have made donations!

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