Austin Osman Spare: “The New Eden”

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Something that has been available from the wonderful Fulgur Press for some time but which I’ve only recently purchased is their limited edition of Austin Osman Spare’s haunting The New Eden.

I’m so impressed by the quality of this production that I thought I’d mention it here in the hope and expectation that visitors to LAShTAL.COM will be interested…

I first saw The New Eden in Kenneth Grant’s highly-regarded Images And Oracles Of Austin Osman Spare, and I was rather taken by its mix of mysticism and melancholia.

It was available for purchase at the Thelema Beyond Crowley conference in London but for some reason I didn’t bother to purchase it, perhaps because I was rather more excited by the Fulgur Press edition of Grant’s Remembering Aleister Crowley.

Anyway, to cut a tedious story short, I ordered the print from Fulgur for the rather insignificant cost of GBP9.00. Payment was simple using PayPal.

It arrived a couple of days later, superbly and safely packaged in a sturdy envelope and a rather fancy corrugated plastic protector. It was absolutely unaffected by the chaos that is the Royal Mail. Also included in the package was a provenance slip, indicating that only 177 copies of the print had been produced in this edition, and a pair of superb postcard prints of my particular favourite Spare work: Formula Of Zos Vel Thanatos (1954).

Printed in Duotone, The New Eden is a beautiful production – all the detail is included and this edition really does the image justice.

I simply can’t recommend The New Eden too highly. At less than a tenner this stunning image is an essential purchase for anyone interested in or beguiled by the bewitching artwork of Austin Osman Spare.

For more information and details of how to order the print visit Fulgur.

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