Tahuti Lodge, NYC celebrates Silver Anniversary

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On the evening of September 18, 2004 ev, Tahuti Lodge , New York City, celebrated its 25th Anniversary. There are two other Lodges in the US that have celebrated a Silver Anniversary, Thelema Lodge and Her-Ra-Ha Lodge — both on the other Coast.

Not only is a Lodge’s 25th a rare event in the Order and a once in a lifetime occurrence. This milestone gave me, and others I am sure, pause to reflect on the history and contributions that a single body can make to the entire Order and to so many individual members. My personal experience with Tahuti Lodge began in late 1993 ev. The Lodge was a mature body offering weekly celebrations of the Gnostic Mass, weekly workshops, and every month there was a ritual, feast, or some initiations being performed. A rich mix of local members with frequent out-of-town guests was the order of the day. Within this community there has always been ample opportunity for the motivated to be mentored in the performance of the Gnostic Mass, participation in initiations, and performance of dramatic rituals. It was apparent to me in 1994ev that this environment was designed and managed with a goal in mind. It was then I first heard the phrase, “Tahuti Lodge is a Lodge of Lodge Masters.” — a bold management philosophy. “Success is your proof.”

Today I can look around at the leadership of the Ordo Templi Orientis at the international, national, and local level and see that success. Some Alumni have assumed greater responsibility than others. Some are in official offices; others simply pass along whatever talents, skills, and knowledge they have gleaned from those who went before them to those who come after them. The success of Tahuti Lodge extends across continents and over seas. I am proud of whatever small part I have in this tradition. I can only imagine the joy of the founder and the Lodge Masters since who have continued to cultivate this field of initiates into a harvest of thoughtful sovereign leaders. Men and women who understand another phrase I was exposed to at the Lodge: “Power with us is service.”

What do ceremonial magicians gather together for? To do ritual! That was the theme on September 18th. After all the attendees were robed, anointed, and stationed in the Temple, Frater Puck opened with a banishing. Frater Roncelin then led us all through a Thelemic Middle Pillar. Frater A’anhsha performed a trio of rituals ending with Liber V. At this point the Temple was warm, all of the attendees’ energy had been directed and manipulated, the shells had been banished unto their habitations. This was the moment several of us had traveled from Florida for, the moment the lovely Soror Sophia had traveled from California for, the moment members from all over New York ,New Jersey, and Pennsylvania had traveled to witness.

A veil was drawn aside and an Adept, the founder of Tahuti Lodge, came forth. He advanced and stood in the center of a circle of initiates. Wisdom crowned, Ibis-headed, skin of flaming orange, bearing the Wand of Double Power and the Rose and Cross of Light and Life. The Adept invoked Tahuti by Liber Israfel. Isis appeared from behind another veil. Her beauty, radiance, and stature compliment and enhance the God she faces. The lection was delivered. My diary marks the phrase Tahuti uttered to me. The journey, the fellowship, and the ritual are recorded as a success. I witnessed Tahuti appear in the new permanent space where initiates are able to carry out their Great Work in the Valley of New York City for a 26th consecutive year. The 26th year was introduced with a very well attended Gnostic Mass performed at midnight.

As a former member and guest at the Silver Anniversary, I would like to thank all the former and current officers and members of Tahuti Lodge for their warm hospitality and honest fraternity. This anniversary reminded me of the strong and beautiful tradition we are responsible for passing on to those that will stand on our shoulders and be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Tahuti Lodge.

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