Jimmy Page and Austin Osman Spare

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Monkey writes:

After seeing the recent item regarding Austin Osman Spare’s The New Eden painting, I thought I would share the following experience I had, which some of you may be interested in.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy Page towards the end of last year, and I must say that although it makes sense as a rule to never meet people who have been a huge influence o­n your life o­n many different levels for fear of disappointment – I refrain from using the word “idol”, but you know what I mean! – I have to say that it wasn’t the case o­n this occasion. He didn’t disappoint.
From the moment I shook his hand, to the time he signed a copy of the afforementioned picture for me, he showed himself to be a truly inspirational character, and the hours I spent in his company will be a time I will not forget.

This picture serves as a perfect reminder for me, and NO, it will not be appearing o­n eBay!

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