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In what is a significant introduction to the site, LAShTAL.COM is now host to software that allows Registered Members to submit Classified Ads…
Click on Classified Ads in the Main Menu and then, if you need it, select the Help option.

For the time being, I’ve chosen to activate Validation – which basically means that I need to approve each advertisement before it’s displayed. This is just to prevent abuse of the facility and validation will not be required in the future if only appropriate items – ie those having something to do with Thelema – are advertised.

Placing a Classified Ad is FREE to Registered Members.

If a purchaser wishes top buy an item, he/she should make contact with the seller and agree terms off-site. It is then the responsibility of the seller to remove the advertisement.

Please note that neither I nor anyone else involved in LAShTAL.COM accepts any responsibility for the contents of any advertisements or for any financial arrangements resulting. This is a service designed to allow Members to arrange the sale of Thelemic items from their personal collections.

If no advertisements get uploaded then I’ll remove the facility.

Any questions, please contact me at

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