The Aleister Crowley Society

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In an attempt to put LAShTAL.COM on a sounder financial base and to safeguard future developments, design and hosting, I am pleased to be in a position to announce the formalisation of The Aleister Crowley Society.

As from this date, membership of The Aleister Crowley Society will be restricted to active participants or financial contributors to this site.

Anyone that provides a donation of more than GBP25 (£25) towards the running of LAShTAL.COM will receive an exclusive, stunning and atmospheric Aleister Crowley/Jimmy Page metal lapel badge (29mm square overall) in silver effect finish with butterfly pin fixing to the back.

Please note that certain Registered Members of LAShTAL.COM will qualify for membership of The Aleister Crowley Society by virtue of previous support, not just financial donations. You know who you are! Just email me for confirmation…
The image on the lapel badge reflects the Thelemic Culture basis of LAShTAL.COM and is taken from an original watercolour painting showing Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a violin bow with the Zoso mystical symbol around, and an image of Aleister Crowley with three sixes over.

This badge will be delivered promptly to contributors that provide a postal address. It will arrive in appropriate packaging, in a smart black leatherette presentation case.

To make donations to LAShTAL.COM please use the buttons elsewhere on this page or visit and send a donation to

Alternatively, please contact for a postal address care of which cash and cheque donations may be made.

The Aleister Crowley Society will be represented online by a new website that I am currently developing and about which I am currently unable to speak! Suffice to say that it will represent the finest web presence of the life and works of Aleister Crowley…

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