AOS in “Phantom Investigators”

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In a posting on the AOSgallery Yahoo list, “shrimpskin” wrote:

On the unlikely subject of AOS and TV cartoons: I run an animation production company here in SF. A couple of years ago we made a series for Warner Bros. called ‘Phantom Investigators’ (stop-motion animation style – same as Nightmare before Xmas, etc).

It being a supernatural series, there were lots of haunted houses, spooky interiors and so forth. We had to dress all these miniature sets with tiny furniture, paintings, etc. so i was able to sneak in various images close to my heart into the backgrounds of sets. There was a framed photo portrait of AOS in the background of a scene involving a demon in a haunted frat house. (A tiny portrait of Machen was also hung strategically in the ‘investigators’ HQ).

The series never made it to England but did get shown in Ireland (plus America, Canada, Australia, etc.). Anyone else able to report similar sighting of genuine arcane or Thelemic material in mass culture?

The existence of references to the OTO in the second Matrix movie springs to mind, as does a namecheck for Aleister Crowley in the second Scooby Doo movie…

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