Starfire – Forthcoming Titles

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Thanks to Midian Books for this piece of information:

From an email from Robert Taylor:

Publishing projects have been slightly delayed for various reasons. We have just had final proof corrections back from the Grants for “Convolvulus” (the collected poetry), and that will be going to the printers first; Given printing schedules and the time of year, I doubt it will be ready before Xmas as we’d originally planned. We are still awaiting final corrections for “Liber Lilith” from Donald Tyson. This will be our next publication after “Convolvulus”. Starfire Vol 2 No 3 will appear some time after that. All of these will now appear in 2005.

Future titles include:
“At the Feet of the Guru” by Kenneth Grant, “The Monolith” by Kenneth Grant and “The Nightside Tarot”
Contact Midian for a copy of their interesting book list by email…

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