An Insider’s Guide To Robert Anton Wilson

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I pre-ordered the following from New Falcon some time ago and have been told it’s now been shipped.

As always, a review will follow when I’ve received it and had a chance to read it at least twice:

According to the New Falcon website:

Eric Wagner
Introduced by Robert Anton Wilson
A fair and balanced look at Dr. Robert Anton Wilson’s writing and its relationship with the Kaballah, Finnegans Wake, General Semantics, Ezra Pound, The Wizard of Oz, and the zillion other people, places and things that whirl through Wilson’s life and his work. It will educate and amuse both those familiar with Wilson’s work as well as newcomers to the Wonderful World of Wilson, and gives you deeper understanding of the fields which have shaped Dr. Wilson’s world-view. Illustrated.”

For further details, visit the New Falcon website

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