Happy Birthday, Bill…

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I’m indebted to Dr Christopher Hyatt and his Blog for pointing out that today would have been the great Bill Hicks’ 43rd birthday…

43 candles in the birthday cake. Is Bill Hicks still relevant? Let’s ponder a factoid that came out last week and then look at one of Bill’s quotes that can be found in his new book, Love All The People

In 2004, 99.9% of complaints about TV, other than the Super Bowl, came from one source -Mediaweek December, 2004

“The truth is, the majority of people are very reasonable. They don’t write letters when something offends them on TV. ‘Cause reasonable people know that IT’S JUST F****N’ TELEVISION! And not only that, reasonable people HAVE A LIFE!” -Bill Hicks 1993

Bill Hicks
Happy 43rd Birthday

December 16, 1961, Bill Hicks was born; His words live on.
“It’s a bit like John Lennon, it’s like someone who, just when it looked like they were happiest and a slower, more productive creative period was about to happen, gee, the whole thing just went away.” -Jay Leno

“It’s like God called his child home and told him to come on in, it’s time to play, you can have the best time, you can be who you want to be, right here and now, forever. There’s no censorship in heaven.”-Thea Vidale

“Bill had a lack of concern. He wasn’t concerned with what the audience thought, who would boo him, he wasn’t concerned with how it would affect his business, he just said what he wanted to say.” – Allan Havey

Thank you for joining in the celebration.


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