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Thank to Anathema for this…

I recall the name of “Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth” with fondness from many years ago, then their association with the talented Genesis P-Orridge impressed me enormously.

I was pleased, therefore, to hear from Anathema regarding a new publication.

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) has just released a new book, the first in a series from our new publishing venture. While not being entirely Thelemic in scope, the book does include works by Thelemic authors, such as Linda Falorio and other writings on the nature of Babalon. Thee Kali Circle was and is a special forum established within the TOPY Network for particular focus on the female experience — both in the sense of belonging to and being about feminine magick and the mystique of women. The first tangible emanation from this project was a booklet published by TOPY Heart in the U.K. called “Thee Kali Circle”. The second volume was released many years later by TOPY North America, a themed edition focusing on the concept of War. Both volumes were released as limited editions and went out of print quickly.
This compendium edition brings together both volumes for the first time ever, and for many, will be the first time this collection of work has ever been seen.

We are pleased to announce the publication of this new edition in a quality trade paperback book format, as well as as the re-establishment of Thee Kali Circle, a forum which is open to all active Kali’s (female members) in the TOPY Network, and which will possibly be open to the public in the near future.

The Kali Circle Compendium book is now available directly from our publishers. To place an order and to see sample pages, please visit their site.

Here is a partial list of contents for the curious:

From Volume One:
The Vision of Journey by Ellerrina
Starry Wisdom: Earthing the Tunnels of Set by Linda Falorio
Some Own Rituals by Thee Goddess Nilfhimr
The Dark Goddess and Transformation by S.D. Reusch
Thee Book ov thee Earth Mother by Kali 22
Periodicity by Perusas 252
Hemethteterith by Perusas 252
Automatical Writing by Thee Goddess Nilfhimr
The Dark Side of Sidhe by Kali 604

From Volume Two:
From Maiden to Matriarch by Daena
Female Sexuality by Kali 8
The Red Mistress by Thee Goddess Nilfhimr
Notes of a Professional Babylon by Raven Greywalker
Sexual Tantra, Ego Death, and the Great Mother by David Alan Ramsdale
Kiss the Sky: On Channeling Babalon by Linda Falorio
Thee Rites ov thee Cycle by Coyote 131
Woman as Warrior and Priestess by Gabriel Carrillo
3 Rites ov Kali Worship by Coyote 131

More info also available at:

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