“Convolvulus” by Kenneth Grant

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The following is a significant announcement from Starfire. If you’re unfamiliar with Kenneth Grant’s poetry, then I can assure you that it’s really rather impressive…
Starfire Publishing Ltd are proud to announce
a new book by Kenneth Grant

Kenneth Grant needs no introduction to the occult cognoscenti: his 9 volume ‘Typhonian Trilogies’ redefined magick and inspired a new generation of occultists. Equally fascinating has been his other creative output, the fictional ‘nightside narratives’ of weird tales that “provide direct access to a number of dream-gates” (Jan Fries).

Now comes the long-awaited publication of the definitive collection of Kenneth Grant’s collected poetry. Prose is a record of experience, whereas all real poetry is experience itself, for both poet and reader. Where prose achieves this quality it is no longer prose but poetry, regardless of its form or structure.

Poetry is therefore direct experience, a means of knowing Reality. This Reality consists not in what is experienced, but in the act of experiencing itself. Poetry is capable of surprising the erroneous tendency of the Ego to identify itself with a particular body. If allowed to be poetry; if allowed to be itself; if allowed full and free utterance, it can be as powerfully disruptive as imagery in visual realms. Disruption follows eruption, and re-integration follows disintegration. Only where Consciousness embraces ­ and thereby dissolves ­ all Egos; only when the latter¹s tendency to appropriate to itself that which in reality belongs to Absolute Consciousness is abolished, may a new start be made and a new beginning lead to the constant recurrence of ever fresh experience, which it is within the power of poetry to achieve.

These hauntingly beautiful and emotional poems, with titles such as ‘Sorcery’, ‘Sigils’, ‘Words of Power’ etc., offer a direct demonstration of ritual invocation/evocation as it should be performed.

Convolvulus contains all of the previously published poems from Black To Black and The Gull’s Beak, plus the hitherto unpublished collection Convolvulus: Poems of Love and The Other Darkness. Together, these poems span the years from the nineteen-forties to the present day. Integrated with the poems are 21 sketches by Austin Osman Spare.

Convolvulus materialises in two editions totalling 750 copies; a standard edition, hard-back, sewn binding, 192 pages, bound in black Wibalin with a dustjacket by Steffi Grant. The first 75 copies comprise a deluxe issue, available only from the publishers. The boards are bound in hand-made paper, and quarter-bound in black goatskin with gold blocking, with specially printed endpapers, and top and tail bands to the binding. Each deluxe copy includes the dust-jacket, and is individually numbered and signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant.

Although the book is still at the printers, and not expected back before the end of January, interest is very high and these editions are expected to sell out quickly. We are therefore inviting advance orders to be sure of your copy. Please note that, due to demand, orders for the deluxe are limited to one per person.

The price of the standard is £25.00. The price of the deluxe is £75.00. Postage is extra, and varies according to destination as follows:
UK standard £4.00 deluxe £5.00
Americas & Canada standard £7.00 deluxe £9.00
Europe standard £6.00 deluxe £8.00
Australasia & Pacific Rim standard £8.00 deluxe £10.00

The book can be ordered directly from the publishers:

Starfire Publishing Ltd
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

PayPal, cheques, postal orders or international money orders are all acceptable forms of payment. All payments must be in Sterling only, and must be payable to Starfire Publishing Ltd.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.


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