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Regular visitors to this site cannot help but have noticed my fascination with Crowley’s approach to chess.

I’ve previously provided a link to the Chessville web site and to Robert T Tuohey’s rather good article there.

Well, Mr Tuohey has followed-up that article with another, focusing specifically on an evening of chess played in May 1918 between Crowley and Norman T Whitaker. Wonderful stuff for any students of this noblest of games…

I like Mr Tuohey’s style: “Apocalyptic Al versus wily Whitaker?! Holy chaotic chess, Batman”
For the Washington Post article that prompted the Chessville article, the PDF file is at LAShTAL.COM here.

Mr Tuohey’s original article is here.

The new article by Mr Tuohey, Crowley Versus Whitaker 1916: Rediscovered!, is here.

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