Wilfred T Smith in ‘Carnivale’

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The season premiere of HBO’s Carnivale – due for broadcast in the US on 9 January – features the appearance of an intriguing character, “occultist Wilfred Talbot Smith”…
“Los Moscos”

Written by Daniel Knauf; Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

As Brother Justin spreads his radio message to the weak and huddled masses, his word reaches the ears of a new “apostle” – prison inmate Varlyn Stroud – and occultist Wilfred Talbot Smith, who pushes him to seek out the elusive Henry Scudder. Meanwhile, Management also urges Ben to find his father, showing him visions of the apocalyptic horrors that otherwise threaten. Tommy Dolan does some sleuthing on the Dignity Church arson; Reverend Balthus is stricken ill; and Lila worries about Lodz’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Samson does his best to quell suspicions among the troupe.


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