Early Announcement: Omphalos Magickal Art Fair

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Thanks to achad for this advanced notice. I’m creating a Forum item on it for further discussions, announcements and updates.

Omphalos Magickal Art Fair: Bath, UK
April 25th to May 1st 2005

The event will be held in Walcot Chapel, which is in the centre of Bath but enough off the beaten track to have some leeway as far as noise and ‘personal expression’ .

It’s an old chapel, built on a mortuary in the centre of a small graveyard in what was purportedly the original centre of Bath.

We’re being sponsored by the Annual Witchcraft Seminar, which takes a lot of financial strain away and leaves more scope to play.

Mogg Morgan will do an opening ritual on Monday the 25th of April, at two o’clock,with an accompanying performance piece.

The same day we will erect a fetish tree, interactive, that will be added to by those that wish to.

During the week there will be a ‘magickal’ art exhibition, and late afternoon and evening there will be talks/performance pieces.
The exhibition will span many mediums of magickal expression; sculpture, painting, fetish work, clothing, photography and tattoo art and have contributors from a variety of magickal praxis from around the world.

Tuesday evening Levannah Morgan will be giving the fascinating talk, accompanied with video footage, on ‘Movies and Magic’.

Early Wednesday evening Greg Humphries and Julian Vayne will be running a workshop on ‘Re-enchanting the World with Chaos Magick’, which will be followed by Anton Channing’s Veiled Dance, ‘Heaven and Hell: Dancing with Devils and Angels’.

Thursday evening Orryelle Defenstrate will be guiding all through a journey of transformation, magickal performance, music and talks.

Friday evening Gavin Semple will be doing a performance and written piece as well as introducing a viewing of ‘Earth Inferno’.

On the Friday and Saturday daytime Mishlen Linden, from New Orleans will be taking a workshop in making icons/spirit houses from bone/feather/wood etc.

There will be a break from the finish of the workshop on Saturday whilst things are vamped up for the evening decoration wise, then we will prepare for Beltane with a performance/theatrical piece.

Sunday we’ll be having general Beltane (traditional and interpretative) festivities.

Mishlen Linden will do a closing ritual.

Throughout the event there will also be pockets of other activities; music by mediaval band Sulis, and gamelan player Charlotte Pugh as well as a miscellany of other performance pieces.

Whilst I can promote away for numbers, the real aim is creative interpretative magickal expression (if that doesn’t sound too pretentious?) and a good time.

As an extension of all the above and bearing in mind that this event is basically about having a platform to express magickal creativity we have as made part of the proceedings the creation of a Magickal Picture book.

A key word is being sent to magicians from diverse cultural, geograpical and philosophical perspectives…

This word will be interpreted and illustrated in either one image or a triptych.
These examples of a linking of a collective magickal unconscious will then be assembled (in a simplistic format) and sold at the fair.

For more imformation contact: omphalosmagickalfair@yahoogroups.com

All organisation for the Fair is being done on a voluntary no pay basis, and all contributors at every level are working for no payment or fee.

Despite sponsorship from the Annual Witchcraft Seminar, however, we will have costs to cover, thus there will be a suggested donation for entrance to the fair as well as basic entrance charges to some events.

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