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Ok, there have been many changes to this site over recent days, so I thought it might be an idea to list some of the more significant adjustments here…

First and most obviously, the site design has been completely reviewed. Basically, the old format was looking tired and there were issues relating to disability access and cross-browser functionality. The new site seeks to meet most international web design standards and works in all browsers. It’s also far more modern in style…
Use of the new design is entirely intuitive and, I’m pleased to say, no functionality has had to be lost in order to provide the upgrade. A lot of information has been moved to the front page for convenience, including easy access to the latest news.

I’ve also added half-a-dozen new images to the galleries, includng some glaring omissions, such as Betty May (“Tiger Woman”) and Raoul Loveday. There’s a handful of media articles, including a well-researched one from Cannabis Culture Magazine.

I have to apologise for the extended delay in posting some recent Reviews – they’re complete but the Review function isn’t behaving terribly well at the moment, so uploading of them has had to be postponed once again.

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