Aleister Crowley: Mountaineer

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Aleister Crowley receives welcome mention on – shame it had to be so negative, though:

Speaking of evil, the leader of the first attempt on Kangchenjunga in 1905 was no other than Aleister Crowley, nicknamed the ‘wickedest man on Earth’ (read his bio related to his K2 expedition in the link section). Like so many episodes in Crowley’s life, the expedition ended in disaster. Climbers Alexis Pache and Jacot-Guillarmod were descending late in the day to Camp 7, at 6500m, when some of the porters slipped and triggered an avalanche. Pache and three porters were missing and the rest were screaming for help. Crowley, in the tent on a higher camp, heard the cries, but he refused to go help. The expedition was aborted and British papers reported on the scandal. The event contributed to Aleister Crowley’s bad reputation, which became further tainted by his devotion to black magic and heroine addiction. I can only hope that he’d be pleased to read of his addiction to “heroines”!

Read the whole article here: The Bloody Way To The Summit

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