Crowley On A Skateboard

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The artistic genius that is H R Giger has produced what is quite possibly the most unlikely piece of Crowley merchandise

Complete-Skateboard. Size: ca. 78 x 20 cm (L x B). Material: 31″x8″ Double-Kick. Canadian Maple with fun4u Grindwheel-Trucks, 6000er-Ball-Bearings and Megawheels

Crowley (The Beast 666), 1975, Work no. 274, (200 x 140), shows the portrait of A Crowley, the best magician, who – with his pointed hat – occupies the left part of the painting. In keeping with the dogma, “below as above”, or “Macro-Microcosmos”, he holds the reversal of the hat in his hand, an ice-cream cone. The portrait originates from a photograph, which shows the magician in his elderly years, when he caused quite a sensation with his exposition of his paintings and drawings at the Gallery Pforzheim in Berlin. The pointed hat represents Crowley's first ascent of the K2 in the Himalayas.

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