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Ben Fernee of Caduceus Books has released another list of items from the collection of the late Jhonn Balance of COIL.

As before, I’ve included the full list as published by Ben. This time, I’ve highlighted (in bold) some especially interesting items.


1) Artwork for sale (Not from the Coil Collection)
a) Madame Isabelle de Steiger
b) Austin Osman Spare

2) Further items from the Coil Collection

3) Abbreviations

4) Terms and conditions, payment methods etc.

All prices in British Pounds, A convenient exchange rate calculator can be
found at:-

1) Artwork (Not from the Coil Collection).

a) Madame Isabelle de Steiger, Castles in the Air.

Images of this work can be viewed at:-

Madame Isabelle de Steiger was a prominent figure in the Golden Dawn. She joined early, in 1888, the Order’s first year of activity. She was initiatied into the Isis-Urania Temple in London. She was also active in the Horus Temple in Bradford and the Amon Ra Temple in Edinburgh. In 1896 she entered the second inner order, being initiated an Adeptus Minor. Indeed she painted the Vault of the Adepts for the Edinburgh Temple. Aside from being a respected artist and translator she was also an original author who had three books published (On the Gold Basis; Super-Humanity and Memorabilia) plus a number of articles. This painting, Castles in the Air, is of particular interest as it appears to be an Angel enthroned up an altar, with incense burning on either side of her. She sits upon a blue cloth, wearing pearls, blue stomes and a garland. She is holding both a chalice and a lotus wand (stylised versions of the Golden Dawn magical weapons) and before her is a vase with flowers. In front of her a book and beyond her there are suggestions of temples forming in the sky, the Castle in the Air. She is a figure of the divine feminine painted by a woman, an accomplished artist and an accomplished artist and important figure in the occult revival. It is dated 1910, is 36ins x 24ins. The surface is dirty, with some cracked and very small 1/16″ paint loss on her left wing tip. There is a 9in rip in the canvas at top right. The picture is in its original ornate gilded frame. #1650

b) Austin Osman Spare

Images of these two works can be found at:-

i) Life Study.
16ins x 13ins, pastels on paper. Signed twice “AOS 1950” with the following inscribed on back board in Spare’s hand “Life Study’ (40 mins) by Austin Osman Spare. ’51”. Also written on backboard:- ” No.210 (crossed-out) Cat No. 190″ This may relate to the 1955 Archer Gallery Exhibition where the catalogue lists:- “190. Life Drawing. 210. Study” This picture would appear to be of the same model that Spare drew a number of times at this period. For instance Picture No. 14 in the Artist, Occultist, Sensualist catalogue of the 1999 Marx House exhibition is a pastel titled ‘Beefcake’ dated 1950 which seems to be the same man, as does another picture seen behind Spare in a photograph of the 1952 mansion House exhibition reproduced on page 24 of Zos Speaks #950

ii) Purgatorial Purge (Insatiable Desire)
Pastel & pencil on paper, 25ins x 19ins in original wooden frame. Initialled in pencil “AOS 55” Label on reverse “No. 27 Purgatorial Purge (Insatiable Desire) by Austin Osman Spare 1955”. This confirms that it is the item of that title listed in the catalogue of the Archer Gallery Exhibition 1955. One notes the sex magick sigil written in pencil on the man’s groin. #2400

2) The following books are all from the Coil Collection. The cutting edge avant-garde group Coil were always doing more than making music. There were also advancing and exploring culture. As part of this process they acquired a library of books and publications. The following items are from the library. All hard hardback, unless otherwise stated.

Evangeline Adams (relating to Aleister Crowley), Astrology, Your Place in the Sun, Harrap 1928 1st Ed xiii + 343pp Popular astrology title ghost written by Aleister Crowley. Adams had a unique relationship with Crowley – she ripped him off! G+ Order No. 300526 #25

Kenneth Anger, Scorpio Rising, 16mm Celluloid Film, not dated Wound on spool 12ins in diameter. Pre-video issue of this classic work VG Order No. 300201 #100

Anon, Ars Notoria, The Notary Art of Solomon shewing the Cabalistic Key of Magical Operations, the Liberal Sciences & the Art of Memory with Commentaries by Appollonius of Tyanaeus, Trident 1987 Presents Robert Turner 1657 translation 78pp card covers OP F Order No. 300434 #22

Anon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Penguin 1972 Paperback 144pp Has ownership inscription of David Bunting (aka Dave Tibet) G only Order No. 300215 #10

Dennis Bardens, Ghosts and Hauntings, Collins 1967 Paperback 256pp Has a one page description of the author’s old friend Austin Osman Spare. This copy has ownership inscription of Gavin Semple, dated 22-6-82. Mr. Semple is author of Zos Kia, one of the most respected works concerning Spare and his magic worn reading copy Order No. 300266 #13.5

Charles Baudelaire (Trans. Aleister Crowley), Little Poems in Prose, Teitan 1995 10ins x 8ins xii + 132pp Cloth spine paper boards with subtle line drawing blind stamped. Introduction by Martin Starr, illustrated with 8 hitherto unpublished drawings by Crowley of various mistresses. An elegant and handsome book. This copy has the inscription:- “To John Balance with love from his admirer Martin Starr” F Order No. 300607 #40

Hymenaeus Beta (Ed) concerning Aleister Crowley, An Old Master, Art of Aleister Crowley, OTO 1998 Large format, card covers 32pp Profuse Coloured illustrations of Crowley’s art. Reproduces Intro to catalogue of Crowley’s 1931 exhibition, also piece by Martin Starr. This copy has signed inscriptions to Coil members Peter Christpherson and John Balance by both Kenneth Anger and Bill (Hymenaeus Beta). Book slightly bent VG Order No. 300399 #70

Hakim Bey, Aimless Wandering, Chuang Tzu’s Chaos Linguistics, Xexoxial Editions 1993 1st (28pp) tinted paper, card covers, illustrated F Order No. 300611 #20

Ian Blake, Eight Arms to Hold You, An Epitaph for the Esoteric Order of Dagon, Sepulchral Press 1993 1st Ed No. Ltd Ed of 23 this being copy 18 Card covers 36pp Introduction an additional notes by Nina Crummett. Sublime piece about sex with octopi.The E.O.D. rose again, but this remains a delicious & humerous gravestone to one of its incarnations Some discolouration to card covers Order No. 300362 #75

Ron Bodin, Voodoo, Past and Present, University of South Western Louisiana 1990 101pp card covered booklet plates F Order No. 300580 #7.5

C.R. Cammell, Aleister Crowley, Black Magician, NEL 1969 Sympathetic & affectionate OP Small format paperback 109pp G Order No. 300614 #5

Frederick Carter, Symbols of Revelation, Adam Fitzadam nd (c1933?) Small format 7ins x 5ins cloth spine decorated card covers 96pp. Decorated endpapers ( a Map of the Heavens). Three Illustrations includinging pre-title vignette Originally published with title Dragon of Revelation, this edition appears to be prompted by the publication of Apocalypse, D.H.Lawrence’s last book. This started life as an introduction to Carter’s works. It’s publication without reference to Carter is discusses and regretted in the anonymous preface, which also refers to the demise of Mandrake Press. Without explicitly saying so the anonymous author of the preface makes it clear that Lawrence’s publications on the subject should be regarded as plaigarism. Carter, of course, was an associate of Austin Osman Spare. VG Order No. 300236 #40

Richard Grenville Clark, Frederick Carter A.R.E., A Study of his Etchings, Apocalypse Press 1998 large format card covers 104pp. Colleague of Spares who explored pagan themes in his art. (24 photocopied sheets describing Carter items form sale enclosed, some illustrations) VG Order No. 300612 #15

Andrew Chumbley, Qutub, The Point, Fulgur 1995 80pp all edges gilt, quarter leather bining. No. 23 of 36 copies with the hand drawn talisman binding two Goetic demons (Aim & Oriax) and two Angelic Rulers of the Shemhamphorash (MLH & HRCh). The invoking hand drawn coloured illustration device is, in this instance, particularly striking and set in a card folder with handwritten sigils and text in silver ink. In addition there is a handwritten inscription by the author “To John Balance with darkest benison (sigils) with brightest malison (sigil)”. In addition there is 4pp leaflet from publisher describing the book plus 36 word note from author refering to the flier M in F+ DW in F slipcase Order No. 300048 #725

Denis Clark (relating to Aleister Crowley), Swordfish and Stromboli, Beachcombing round Sicily, Jarrolds 1951 1st Ed 240pp of which 24pp & a plate are dedicated to Crowley because of his association with Cefalu with some interesting accounts of the “Inglese” from the locals. G+ Order No. 300278 #12

Aleister Crowley, 777 & other Qabalistic Writings, Weiser 2000 Paperback xxvii + 155 + 14 + 69pp Fine Order No. 300314 #7

Aleister Crowley, Book IV Parts 1 & 2, Konx om Pax, ? 1987 311pp Japanese text F in F DW in F decorated slipcase Order No. 300594 #30

Aleister Crowley, Book of Thoth, A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians being Equinox Vol.III No.5., K@smarin Press 1969 No. Ltd Facs. Ed. of 2000, this being No. 78 (a good number for a book on tarot) Sp gilt blocked with OTO lamen & Ankh af na Khonsu hieroglyphs from Crowley signet ring. Front free endpaper clipped otherwise VG in G DW Order No. 300514 #50

Aleister Crowley, Collected Works, Yogi nd Modern 3 Vols. Facsimile of 1905 edition with Frontispieces. & Bibliography. 828pp F Order No. 300239 #45

Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend, Publisher ? Date? (post 1984) Japanese edition handsomly produced with negative of Liber Al text used as endpapers and Geiger illustration used on slipcase. F in F DW in F Slipcase Order No. 300277 #30

Aleister Crowley, Equinox of the Gods, (OTO 1936) BUT read on! 10.5ins x 8ins (xx) + 137pp Two coloured plates (of Stele of Revealing. Crowley issued two editions, in 1936 & 1937. However there were still surplus sets of sheets. Sometime after his death (c1960?) some of these original sets of sheets were chopped down somewhat and bound in maroon cloth with the AA sigil gilt blocked on front board. So we have the original high quality paper, somewhat reduced in size, bound without the rear pocket containing the loose sheets reproducing the manuscript of the Book of the Law which were present in Crowley’s editions and are referred to on the title page. Never-the-less a nice item with the unchanged original text (the paperback facsimile has been altered). F Order No. 300610 #100

Aleister Crowley, Goetia, Equinox Bookshop 1976 ix + 65pp Large format facsimile edition which faithfully reproduces the appearance, though not the fragility, of the first edition. Translated by “A Dead Hand” (ie MacGregor Mathers – alive & well but he and Crowley (Ed., verification, Intro & Comments) had fallen out by the time this was first published in 1904. The Equinox Bookshop was founded by Jimmy Page and this item is an important testament to the interpenetration of the worlds of rock and the occult and so is of cultural significance. Some markes to freefront endpaper VG Order No. 300508 #50

Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom and Folly being Equinox Vol.III No.6, 93 Published 1991 xxxii + 220pp Tasteful hardback binding with sail cloth blocked in red metallic foil, the Equinox device on the fron board and the title and OTO lamen of the spine. Coloured endpapers and coloured frontispiece plate. Useful prolegomenon by Hymenaeus Beta. Inscribed by him “For Geoff + Peter with love + fraternity 93 93/93 Hymenaeus Beta (in Greek) Frater Superior OTO” accompanied by the Baphometic cross F Order No. 300313 #120

Aleister Crowley, Magical Record of the Beast 666, Duckworth 1972 1st Ed xv + 326pp Presents Rex Arte Regia, AC’s diary of sex magic workings commencing in 1912 that is held at the Warburg Institute in London, also his magical diaries for 1920 plus Liber Al. This copy belonged to Kenneth Anger who had it rebound by Sanskorski and Sutcliffe, Crowley’s favoured binders. It is bound in full white vellum, gilt stamped with the same die as used in for the first editions of Book of Lies and the Holy Books, the same Egyptian motif decorated paper that was used for the first edition of Book of Thoth is used for the endpapers. The front pastedown has a leather label affixed with simply “ANGER” and the winged scarab beetle design from the Winged Beetle gilt stamped. All edges are gilt. The frontispiece photographic plate has not been included an the chapter headings have been bound in at the back of the book, presumably for aethetic reasons. All contained in a substantial clothbound slipcase. For aesthetic reasons he had the preliminaries and introduction left out so just the core Crowley texts remain F in F DW Order No. 300567 #525

Aleister Crowley, Magick, in Theory and Practice, 1998 Russian translation. 364pp Illustrated Fine Order No. 300286 #20

Aleister Crowley, Rosa Coeli, Rosa Mundi, Rosa Inferni, Neptune Press 1976 No. Ltd Ed of 500, this being nuber 301. Large format (12ins x 9ins) Card covers 47pp Illustrated by Auguste Rodin. Passionate love poetry VG+ Order No.
300371 #35

Aleister Crowley, Selected Poems, Ed. Intro. Martin Booth, Crucible 1986 206pp The scarce hardback. 9pp Introduction. Editor went on to write biography of Crowley F in F DW Order No. 300127 #35

Aleister Crowley, The Stratagem, Mandrake Press nd 1st Ed. Small format. 139pp Mock snakeskin binding. Spine label browned, wear to corners and edges of boards VG- Order No. 300304 #70

Aleister Crowley, Typescript, none 10 foolscap leaves typed on one side with holograph annotations. Not dated (probably 1970s) Appears to be typed up from items in the Yorke collection. Comprises:-
1) Invocation of Horus According to the Fivine Vision of Ourda the Seer. This has some variations from version printed in Equinox of the Gods. Most, but not all (for instance there is reference to a dance), can be accounted for by someone else attempting to read Crowley’s handwriting.
2) “Supreme Ritual” which is totally different to the text usually ascribed that title. A short enigmatic ritual. Apparently unpublished
3) Ritual (Beth) 2, To have Any Knowledge. Invocation of Ra Hoor Kuit from same notebook as invocation of Horus published in Equinox of the Gods. Apparently unpublished
4) “of the spell” a text which gives a sentence describing the mystical nature of 35 of the minor cards of the tarot pack
5) Book of Results (fragment). Frustratingly the frragmnent ends just as it starts to supplly detail not in the version published in Equinox of the Gods
6) Way of the Tao – Draft of an A.’.A.’. Ritual
7) A short fragment of Diary (1907)
8) Aphorism of Ma Ki Nan upon the Trigrams of the Holy Kwaw being the Mutations of the Tao with the Yin and the Yang. Apparently unpublished. (Yorke – 1st draft of Linber XXVII)
Holographic note addressed to “Mike” (perhaps Mike Magee) is signed “Tibet 93” (ie Dave Tibet) with the ’93’ in an inverted triangle of dots VG Order No. 300467 #95

Aleister Crowley, World’s Tragedy, New Falcon 1991 Paperback xxxiv + 114p A.C. sticks the boot into Christianity & hypocrasy. It’s first publication in 1910 was indeed daring, the Preface’s open discussion of sodomy could have landed him in prison! P F Order No. 300246 #10

Anon re Aleister Crowley, 666 Bibliotheca Crowleyana, Sure Fire Press 1989 24pp card covers. Introduction by Richard Kaczynski. Catalogue of the Fuller collection with much important bibliographical information F Order No. 300432 #6

Re Kenneth Anger & Aleister Crowley, Photographic Prints, not dated 26 Large format (11ins x 8ins) monochrome photographic prints. 19 are of images from Angers famous visit to Cefalu with Kinsey; one is of Alan Bennett; four are of Crowley artwork or images; one a still of cameron from Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome; one of an 18th C. painting featuring demons and one is a portrait photograph of Anger himself F Order No. 300480 #90

Crowley & Others, Equinox, Vol.III No.10, Wesier 1986 Paperback 286pp Illustrated VG Order No. 300511 #6

Aleister Crowley & Others, The International, Magazine Excerpts, Stellar Visions 1986 large format 173pp. Plastic binders, homely production values. Texts by Crowley include:- Crime of Edith Cavell; The Most Notable Book of the Year; Frak Harris Reveals Oscar Wilde; A Noisy Noise Annoys an Oyster; Percy Makaye; Sir Rabindranath Tagore; A Death Bed of Repentance; Pantomorphopsychonosophilography; Listen to the Bird-man; Felo de Se; Revival of Magic; A Study of the Ruling Classes of Great Britain; Cocaine; Groans from the Padded Cell; the Spoils to the Strong – an Appeal to England & Germany; the Quija Board; Humanity First; Concerning Death; Message of Master Therion; the Law of Liberty; Geomancy; Good Hunting; the Gnostic Mass; the Saviour; Elder Eel, the Gods; Drama be Damned. Also articles under pseudonymn Mark Wells, poems, Simon Iff stories. The International was a vehicle for pro-German propaganda during the Great War F Order No. 300441 #65

Various (re Crowley), Encounters, No.15, 1997 large format card covers illustrated. 82pp Includes article about Aron Paramour’s visit to Abbey of Thelema at Cefalu where he carefully removed whitewash to uncover further paintings by Crowley. Article has coloured photos VG Order No. 300424 #15

Louis T. Culling, Occult Renaissance 1972 – 2008, The Great Prophecy for the Golden Age of Occultism, Llewellyn 1972 Curious work, has some brief but interesting references to the OTO and Crowley’s sex magick instruction Emblems & their Mode of Use etc. A bit wacky! 60pp booklet VG Order No. 300465 #12

Ivor Davies, The Green Rainbow, An Introduction to the Magical Writings of John Dee & Thomas Vaughan, Brecknock Museum nd (1960’s?) Frontis 32pp card covered booklet VG Order No. 300460 #7

John Dee, The Diaries of John Dee, Day 1998 1st Ed xi + 367pp Ed Edward Fenton Draws primarily on Halliwell’s Private Diary of John Dee (1842), the diary elements of True & Faithfull Relations (with some of the visionary material retained) & ms which came into the posession of Elias Ashmole Excellent, scholarly Ed F in F DW Order No. 300602 #25

Maya Deren, Voodoo Gods, Paladin 1975 Paperback 318pp Substantial Author highly rated underground film maker This copy has the inscription by John Everall:-“To JOHN BALANCE dies Solis Invicta Nati 1986 Hail the unconquered Sun! ‘See where Christ’s blood streams in the firmanent’ All the beast indeed JOHN EVERALL” John Evarall is a significant figure in avante-garde underground music VG Order No. 300233 #25

Harriet Bridgeman & Elizabeth Drury, The British Eccentric, Michael Joesph 1975 1st Large format, many illustrations 160pp. Has 8pp chapter on Aleister Crowley. Has acquistition signature of:- “John Balance 24 V 86 ev London” followed by sign for Jupiter F in VG DW Order No. 300575 #9

Ramsey Dukes (Ed), Thundersqueak, Or Confessions of a Right Wing Anarchist being the Suicide writings of Liz & Ambrose Lea, T.M.T.S. 1979 1st Ed Card covers vii + 134pp G+ Order No. 300290 #18

Terence Duquesne & Others, Magic and the Art of Seeing, 1988 Large format card covers 32pp Illustrated. Catalogue of the Magical Art Exhibition presented in Oxford, England this year. Catalogue has essay by Terence Duquesne plus pieces written by the artists themselves:- Plilipa Bowers; Zachary Cox; Sheila Broun; Ian McNeil Cooke; Mike Goss; Dwina Murphy-Gibb; Guillem Ramos-Pogui; Chesca Potter; Rob Stphenson; Nicole Amina Ryan. The covers features awork by Austin Osman Spare VG Order No. 300477 #27.5

Kali & Eden, Sigils, TOPY 1983 16pp Booklet giving practical instruction in sigil sorcery especially utilising sex magic F Order No. 300431 #25

W.Y. Evans-Wentz, The Faery Faith in Celtic Coutries, Library of Mystic Arts 1990 Paperback xxxvi + 524pp First published 1911 F Order No. 300279 #10

Dion Fortune, Mystical Qabalah, Benn 1979 viii + 306pp Brilliant lucid presentation of modern Qabalah. First published in 1935 it is one of the defining works of occult qabalah. This copy has acquisition signature of John Balance in his Temple of Psychic Youth persona “Eden 2 31st August 1983 Era Vulgaris” His writing is stylish and elegant F in VG DW Order No. 300370 #25

Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, Privately Printed 2000 6 loose card sheets plus one loose coloured plate in printed folder. Number 31 of a Limited Edition of 100 inscribed by the publisher and translator to John Balance. The text was frst published in 1961 as the fourth carfax Monogrpah, it is here translated into Italian. The coloured plate of the magical stele by Spare is reproduced to a very high quality indeed F Order No. 300375 #30

Kenneth Grant, Gamaliel, Diary of a Vampire & Dance Doll, Dance, Starfire 2003 158pp Frontispiece plate by Steffi Grant. This copy number 23 of 81 numbered deluxe copies bound in quarter leather and decorated gold paper covered boards signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant F in F DW Order No. 300599 #90

Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways, Skoob 1994 1st 264pp Plates F in F DW Order No. 300275 #20

Kenneth & Steffi Grant, Hidden Lore, The Carfax Monographs, Skoob 1989 No.Ltd Ed. of 1000 this being copy 68 Originally published 1959-63 in 10 parts. Ten coloured plates tipped in. Large Format (12ins x 8ins) 56pp The Tree of Life; the Golden Dawn; Aleister Crowley; Austin Osman Spare; Vinum Sabbatai; Mage anf image; Hidden Lore; Yetzirah; Magical Creation; Vault of the Adepts Out of Print F Order No. 300498 #95

T. Allen Greenfield, The Story of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, Looking Glass 1997 1st Ed Paperback vi + 194pp Illus Very useful presentation of early documents from the H.B. of L. & Paschal Beverly Randolph, the sources for much of O.T.O. sex magick. F+ Order No. 300125 #20

Gerald Hamilton, The Way it was With Me, Frewin 1969 1st Ed 144pp Has an account of Aleister Crowley whom he lodged with awhile. Author had Irish nationalist connections, Crowley received #50 from British Intelligence (via Gerald Yorke & delivered by Hamilton himself!) to spy on the author who was described as Mr. Norris by Christopher Isherwood in Mr.Norris Changes Trains & the Last of Mr.Norris Frontis. Has ownership inscription of John Balance dated 8 9 86ev with a moon sign VG in G+ prot & fixed DW Order No. 300221 #35

Michael Howard, Runes, & Other Magical Alphabets, Aquarian 1983 Plates Illus 96pp Paperback OP Includes a chapter upon Spare’s Alphabet of Desire. This copy has inscription “D. Tibet 93 3-1-86 c.e.” The ‘D’ has been embellished to make it explicitly phallic, the ’93’ appears within an inverted triangle of dots. The ‘c.e.’ stands for Christian Era VG Order No. 300253 #25

Kadmon, Aorta, Nos.1, 4, 9 & 14, also Ahnstern VII, Schwarze Sonne, Early 1990s Six card covered booklets from 16pp to 28pp, illustrated. Plus various inserts. Mostly in Germa but with substantial sections in English. Quite elegantly designed. Poems and factual articels dealing with shamanism and esoteric themes with some sinister undertones. Included an breif typed letter signed plus postcard to John Balance All F Order No. 300438 #35

Koretaka Eguchi & Katsuyuki Kamei, The Golden Dawn, Kokusho-Kankohkai 1983 376pp Japanese text. Handsome gilt blocking to cloth F in VG decorated slipcase Order No. 300574 #30

John Keel, U.F.O.s, Operation Trojan Horse, Abacus 1971 Paperback 320pp A classic of ufology. This copy with inscription to Dennis Bardens from Kenneth Anger, the Thelemite and underground film-maker. Also enclosed a full page newspaper article concerning a debate in the House of Lords concerning UFOs pages browning but VG Order No. 300372 #25

Francis King, Sexuality, Magic & Perversion, Spearman 1971 1st Ed 207pp Plates Any book that has an appendix titled “The Dildo in History” demands attention. Excellent account, occasionally inaccurate but perceptive, concise & informative. Includes gems such as 1st Pub of Supreme Ritual, a Crowley sex magick text VG in G DW Order No. 300068 #35

Noel Langley, Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation, Howard Baker 1967 286pp Fine in G DW Order No. 300271 #10

James Laver, Museum Piece, Education of an Iconographer, Deutsch 1963 255pp Plates VG in G DW Order No. 300273 #4

Anton LaVey, Den Sataniska Bibeln, Looking Glass Press 1995 Paperback 188pp Swedish transaltion of Satanic Bible VG Order No. 300519 #10

Anton LaVey, The Satanic Witch, Feral House 1989 Paperback (xx) + 274pp + (4pp) F Order No. 300512 #12

Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater, Thought Forms, TPS 1905 1st Ed 110pp striking cooured plates. Very important in development of modern ideas about appearance of the astral, end papers browned, slight spotting to some pages wear & mks to cov G only Order No. 300562 #25

Stephen Mace, Stealing the Fire From Heaven, A Technique for Creating Individual Systems of Sorcery based on the Writings of Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley & the Great Mage Abramelin, these Blended together & Augmented by Personal Researches by the Author, Privately Pub. 1984 Revised & enlarged Ed Very scarce & sought after Illus by Spare Large format (11ins x 8ins) card covs 106pp Signed inscription by author. F Order No. 300392 #25

S.L. MacGregor Mathers & Others, Astral Projection, Ritual Magic & Alchemy, Being Hitherto Unpublished Golden Dawn Material. Ed. & Intro. Frances King, Spearman 1971 1st Ed. 254ppPresents the Flying Rolls & other instructional documents provided to Golden Dawn. members. Important VG inrather worn DW Order No. 300245 #25

John Matthews, Celtic Shaman, A Handbook, Element 1992 Paperback 197pp Modern shamanism utilising Celtic cosmology, deities & culture F Order No. 300222 #5

Betty May, Tiger-Woman, Duckworth 1929 1st Ed. 232pp Plates. Has almost 70pp concerning her marriage to Raoul Loveday and their experiences at the Abbey of Thelema. Also gives a useful account of the Bohemian milieu in which Crowley operated. The book caused a major stir when published. Annotation to front pastedown. Small newspaper article tipped in to rear pastedown. Some spotting to rear free endpaper G+ Order No. 300566 #60

Neuburg and related:-

Anon, The Museum, Or Man As He Is; Being a Chrono, Demono, Mytho, Patho, Theo and several other O, Logival Dissertation on the Dignity of Human Nature, 1814 xvi + 116pp Rebound and missing title page which has been replaced with a handwritten version, paper label on front board and spine likewise hadnwritten. A treatise concerning the various forms of adultery. This copy has following inscription:- “To Edward Scott with best wishes Victor B. Neuburg May 6 1916 Hove, Damn it, Sussex” (presumably Hove being, then as now, a less idyllic part of Sussex than Steyning where Neuburg finally settled). It has two further inscriptions on the fron pastedown. “to David 16.4.90 love William” followed by:- “and then to Balance, love Tibet x 23 / vii / 96” G Order No. 300316 #70

Rupert Croft-Cooke, Songs of a Sussex Tramp, Vine Press 1922 1st Ed Number 439 of a limited edition of 600 xi + 25pp Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals Endpapers quire browned, discolouration to papewr covering boards G+ Order No. 300302 #45

Victor Neuberg, Lillygay, An Anthology of Anonymous Poems, Vine Press 1920 1st Ed Ltd Ed of 550, this one numbered 400 xi + 78pp Top edge gilt, printed on antique laid paper. The title on the title page plus the Prologue anf Colophon are printed in red. Embellished with woodcust which are anonymous but probably by Dennis West. Last pages carrying publishers details has vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. The typeface and book design is truly elegant. Neuburg was Crowley’s magickal partner in a series of sex magick workings in Paris and North Africa which were very challenging. He fell out with Crowley and his poems have a rustic gentleness quite alien to the Beast. However, despite his rejection of Crowley the prophet one can see Thelemic themes. The prologue reads “Herein are little mirrors, but they are of the world; tonguefuls of words but new words of a new world, newly coloured by the Angel of a new time. For a new Age is ever born from the past. The future alone is ancient upon the Spiral.” This copy has the following inscription by the author:- Dear David McLean / I scribble again,/ Trusting my fist won’t cause you pain. / Whatever my fist. / my hand is true/ nd with this Book / I give it to you / Victor neuburg; Steyning Sussex vij .: xij .: mcmxxvij. There is a further ownership inscription on the front pastedown. VG in scarce protected DW (somewhat worn and discoloured) which gives interesting bibliographic information concerning the Vine Press Order No. 300295 #110

Victor Neuberg, Songs of the Groves, Records of the Ancient World, Vine Press 1921 1st Ed No. Ltd Ed of 550. this being number 43 xix + 139pp Frontispiece & decorated boards. Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals. A beautifully designed book, very elegant. This copy has inscription dated ii .: ix .: mcmxxii. by author to Maurice Allan Marston plus booikplate of Marston which shows an old man reding a magic book beneath a lamp with a skull infront of him and a dark shrouded figure above him. A dozen leaves have some dampstaining, the cover is rather discoloured and shows wear G Order No 300300 #50

Victor Neuburg, Songs of the Groves, Records of the Ancient World, Vine Press 1921 1st Ed No. Ltd Ed of 550 copies this being nubber 396 xix + 139 Frontispiece, illustrated paper covered boards cloth spine.. Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals. Attractive vignettes and elegant typeface, the poetry is replete with Pagan themes. This copy has bold inscription (taking up the whole of the free end paper) by Victor Neuburg to Reuben Medinkoff, the noted surrealism artist who was also known as Ricky Pailthorpe. It is dated 14/7/33 VG Order No. 300299 #90

Victor Neuburg, Swift Wings, Songs in Sussex, Vine Press 1921 1st Ed Numbered limited edition of 550, this being number 11 printed on antique laid paper xiii + 59pp Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals. The author went on to discover and promote the work of Dylan Thomas. This copy has inscription by author to Mrs Barclay Harbuoy(?) dated May 24th 1923 Some wear to the decorated covers G+ Order No. 300301 #60

Victor Neuburg, The Triumph of Pan, Equinox 1910 1st Ed No. 23 of 30 copies printed on Japanese vellum with half vellum binding, top edge gilt. Signed by the author The poems are dedicated, amongst others to:- Norman Mudd (2); Leilah Waddell; George Raffalovich; Ethel Archer (2); J.F.C. Fuller; Aleister Crowley (3); Eugene Wieland; Austin Osman Spare (2). Some embelishments are printed in red, including pp171 where these wors appear withut explanation:- “There is a maiden harp player, and a silver flute is held / In the hands of an hermaphrodite; this thing shall b fulfilled” One wonmders if this signals the sexual polarity that existed between Neuburg and Crowley which, following the publication of this work, would be the basis for a series of extreme sexual magickal workings. There is some slight damage to the spine but overall a VG- sound clean copy Order No. 300303 #620

Victor Neuburg (Editor), Larkspur, A Lyric Garland, Vine Press 1922 1st Ed No. Limited Edition of 550 copies this being number 14 Top edge gilt, printed on antique laid paper. Rubicated title page and last page giving publishers details and a vignette of satyrs dancing to pan pipes. Decorated capitals. Wood cuts by Dennis West. Title page and last page giving publishers details are rubricated as is the prologue which descibes the selection of poems as “The Flashes of god-light in this little book would have been as intelligible to Adami and to menes as they are to us; their meaning will remain undisturbed for many aeons. The shadows change their shaps and fly; the Light is one and immortal. It is the word of the gods to man.” This copy has the following inscription by Neuburg “For Emphemia Violet Helene Cocklesie; wishing to all the gods that she’d be easier. Steyning Sussex 9:2:23 The Editor Victor B. Neuburg (Vickybird) cover rather marked G+, corners bumped Order No. 300296 #65

Stephen Sennitt, Liber Koth, Logos Press 1997 1st Ed Card covers 40pp Potent synthesis of Spare & Lovecraft, the author sought communication with disincanate intelligences to generate a grimoire for contacting the Old Ones. This copy is signed by the author F Order No. 300358 #30

Austin Osman Spare, Book of Ugly Ecstasy, Fulgur 1994 Large format (12ins x 10ins) top edge gilt bound in quarter white leather and white cloth. 56pp (printed on one side) Coloured frontispiece tipped in. Also enclosed is No.7 of 102 paper and card talismans (with silk tie) which were issued to those who had subscribed prior to publication. This, a deluxe copy has top edge gilt plus specially thick boards. In the rear board there is a moulded recess in which is set a plaster relief talisman. The paper used is superior to the trade edition which is a high quality production in its own right F in F Dw in F slipcase Order No. 300588 #170

Austin Osman Spare, Il Centro Della Vita, I Mormorii di Aaos, Migliussi & Landi 1997 No. Ltd Ed of 300, this being number 187. Signed inscription by publisher and translator to John Balance 1st Italian Trans of Focus of Life LF card covs quality paper & reproduction F+ Order No. 300481 #20

J.C. Squire, The Gold Tree, Secker 1917 1st Ed Numbered limited edition of 500 signed by Squire, this being number 144. Austin Osman Spare supplied the designs for the illuminated letters which were cut into wood by W. Quick. It has been speculated that Spares work with Illuminated letters may have contributed to his development of the Alphabet of Desire. Some of the designs Spare supplied for the illuminated letters are of his own design (the ‘A’ and ‘O’ being striking imaged of naked writhing mermaids), a satyr design is influenced by a Rennaisance design whilst some are wholy copied from Rennaisance designs. Free end papers and pre title browned. Slight spotting affecting page edges and blanks overall G+ Order No. 300265 #40

Elsa-Brita Titchenell, Masks of Odin, Wisdom of the Ancient North, T.U.P. 1988 paperback xv + 294pp Plates Has ownership inscription of D.M.Bunting (aka Dave Tibet of Current 93) , and then a further ownership inscription:- “John Balance London July ’91 A Gift from the dove(?) in Ireland” presumably a reference to Dave Tibet’s retreat in the Irish countryside VG Order No. 300217 #30

Varios (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, (Chaos) No. 10, Not dated (1990?) Card covered booklet 43pp Contributions by David Rietti; Stephen Sennitt; Bob Black; Hakim Bey; Sandy Robertson; Alistair; Richard Wilhelm etc etc VG Order No. 300332 #15

Various, Chaos International, No.14, Not Dated large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. Articles include Stephen Mace – Astral Projection II; Dave Lee – Beyond the Soft Machine II; Phil Hine – When Egos Collide; Andrew Chumbley – The Crooked Path II & Artwork; Anton Long – Satanism, Living on the Edge etc F Order No. 300345 #20

Various, Chaos International, No. 7, Not Dated Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. Ramsey Dukes; Stephen Mace; Pete Carroll; IOT meets Caliphate OTO G Order No. 300350 #20

Various, Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Vol.I No.4, Conquuering Child 1979 85pp booklet Illus. This issue includes artwork by Nema, Sam Adkins, T.C.Cavey. Manifesto of the Fraternas Saturni etc VG Order No. 300407 #25

Various, Fragments, Dreams from R’lyeh. The Official Publication of the E.’.O.’.D No.1, R’lyeh Lodge of Esoteric Order of Dagon 1991 LF card covs 44pp Fine Order No. 300354 #30

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.IV No.1, SA nd (1980’s) 56pp Bklt D. Marriott – Lovecraft & the Dark Gods; Alawn Tickhill – Politics & the Occult; Mike Howard – Occult Secret Service; Stephen Waters – Eros in Magic; L.Jeffs – Sexual Alchemy & QBL etc etc VG Order No. 300326 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.IV No.4, SA nd (1988?) Bklt 58pp Articles by Micael Bertioux, Pete Carroll, Steven Sennitt, Michael Aquino etc VG Order No. 300321 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.III No.6, SA nd (1980’s) 56pp Bklt Stephen Sennitt – Too Much Cthulhu & Too Little Magic; Dave Myatt (O.N.A.) – the Approach of the dark Gods; Mike Howard – the Druidic Alphabet etc VG+ Order No. 300325 #5

Various, Mandragore, Vol.III No.2 Typhonian Issue, Grove of Star & Snake 1979 Card covered booklet, 11ins x 9ins 61pp Illustrated No. 114 of Limited Edition of 210 Typhonian / Maatian journal very influenced by Kenneth Grant. Includes Ritual of Lycanthropy; Typhonian Formula; Sothis Invocation; Notes on N.O.X. etc Homely production values Scarce Back cover loose but otherwise sound VG Order No. 300379 #45

Various, Nox, No.6, nd (1987) 56pp large format card covers. Edited by Stephen Sennitt. This issue has Phil Hine – the Howling; Stephen Sennitt – the Process / In His Image; A.C. Evans – the Aftermath of Enlightenment etc. F Order No. 300403 #15

Various, Nuit Isis, Vol.I No.5, 1988 Larrge Format Card covers 32pp PVN Iskatonic Alchemical Expedition; Crowley – Constitution of the Order of the Thelemites; P.R.Koenig; Ken Taylor – Tzaddi is not the Star etc excellent indeed VG Order No. 300408 #12

Various, ORCRO, Nos. 1 & 3, 1989 Two 24pp large format leaflets. Occult response to Christian allegations of ritual abuse etc. VG Order No. 300418 #10

Various, Pylon, Vol.I No. 1, E.O.D. 1990 Large format 24pp Card covers Statement by Frater Xenos XIII; Celestial Bodies in the Cthulhu Mythos; Manifesto of the Cyprus Swamp Lodge; Austin Osman Spare and the Music of Erich Zann; EOD Announcement; The Word of the Aeon of Cthulhu is believed to be Chaos:. Loosely inserted is Certificate of Honorary membership of the Esoteric order of Dagon addressed to Frater Coil (John Balance) signed by Frater Nephren-Ka XXIII VG Order No. 300359 #55

Various, Sothis, Vol.II No. 2, Large format, card covers 130pp Illustrated Truly excellent Thelemic journal working Kenneth Grants tradition, contributions by Dadaji, John Dee (sloane Ms 3191), Crowley (Elixir of Life) & items on Gnostic amulets, African Gods etc. This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots. Some discolouration and slight wear to covers G+ Order No. 300366 #40

Various, Starfire, A Magazine of the New Aeon Vol. I No.2, 1987 Large format card covers, 52pp excellent Thelemic journal associated with the Typhonian OT.O. Peter Smith – Cults of Cthulhu; Stephen Dziklewicz – Hiss of the Serpent; Ann Campbell – Women and Liber Oz; Michael Staley – O.T.o. after Crowley; Ken Cox – Twin Terminals of the Tree F Order No. 300364 #75

Various, The Equinox, Vol.VII No.3, Kiblah 1988 Large format Card covs 50pp Illus British Journal of Thelema Inc Frater Achad – Stepping out; Bill Heidrick – Living Liber Al; Asharat – Trees of Eternity; Qaballa of the Serpent; Qaballa for Quibblers etc F Order No. 300420 #12

Various, The Equinox, Vol.VII No.2, Kiblah 1988 Large format Gilt Blocked card covs 50pp Thelema & Wicca, An Account of the A.’.A.’., English Qaballa, Rebirth of the Illumanati F Order No. 300421 #12

Various, The Magical link, VolII Nos.1 – 3, 1988 Three 16pp leaflets, large format. Journal for members qand associate members of caliphate OTO, Reproduces Crowley – Frieda Harris correspondence, Achad and other Thelemic material, news of activities etc. VG Order No. 300444 #20

Various, The Occult Observer, A Quarterly Journal of Occultism, Art & Philosophy Vol.I Nos 1-6, 1949-50 Michael Houghton 412pp Ed Michael Juste, assistant Ed Ross Nichols Excellent journal indeed inc. Gerald Yorke – Aleister Crowley, Bibliographical Note / Meaning of Mantra/ Ritual Magic / Tantric Hedonism; Michael Juste – the Adept & the Imp / Man & his Beast etc; W.B.Crow; George Brook – Symbolism of the Eagle; Warden of Society of Inner Light – Dion Fortune, Biographical Note; Ross Nichols etc Fine stuff! VG Order No. 300601 #35

Various, The Occult Observer, Vol.II No.2, Atlantis 1992 LF Card covs 62pp Illus Freya Aswynn – Northern Magical Tradition; Marian Green – Magic, Nature & the Old Path; Gerald Yorke – Tantric Hedonism; Leo Vinci – Enochia & Ritual; Rick Hayward – Magic of Madeline Montalban; Joscelyn Godwin – The Queen & the Crystal (Hockley’s reference to skrying on Queen Victoria’s behalf0 Aidan McConville – Candomble & Umbanda; Sturzacker – Mystical Kabbalah; Peter Wilkinson – Horse in Relgion & magic; Steve Wilson – Fellowship of Isis; A.W. Austin – Artist Faces Starvation for inspired Drawings (reprint of Psychic News Interview with Spare 1932) F Order No. 300391 #10

Various, Three Famous Occultists, Dr.John Dee by G.M.Hort; Mesmer by R.B.Ince; Thomas Lake Harris by W.P.Swainson, Rider nd (1930’s?) 190pp VG in G+ DW Order No. 300292 #25

Various, Witchcraft, Magic & the Supernatural, Octopus 1974 Useful for Pls of modern wiccans. Contibutors include Frank Smyth & Douglas Williams LF prof Illus inc Cold VG in VG DW Order No. 300587 #5

Various (Austin Osman Spare), Austin Osman Spare, Artist, Occultist, Sensualist, Beskin Press 1999 LF (12ins x 8.5ins) Card covs 72pp Excellent catalogue for a exhibition containing many Cold Illus, plus articles by Keith Richmond, Mick Staley (a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO), Sunny Shah, John Balance, Marcus Jungkurth, Frank Letchford etc. F Order No. 300489 #25

Various (Ed. Ian Shaw), Oxford History of Ancient Egypt, Oxford U.P. 2000 xv + 512 Illustrated (many coloured) F in F DW Order No. 300521 #15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Chaos (Later Kaos), No.4, 1990 Card covered booklet, largely written by Joel Biroco bt with contributions by Bob Black and Lionel Snell F Order No. 300335 #15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Chaos (Later Kaos), No. 5, Not Dated 32pp Card covers Lionel Snell, Stephen Sennitt; Austin Osman Spare on sigils VG Order No. 300338 #15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No.13, 1989 Card covers 60pp Jacob Rabinowitz; Hakim Bey; Bill Siebert; Norman Jope; Mouse VG Order No. 300341 #18

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No. 13, 1989 Card covers 60pp Jacob Rabinowitz; Hakim Bey; Bill Siebert; Norman Jope; Mouse. This issue dedicated to the memory of Frederich Nietsche, 100 years after his sudden slide into eleven years of utter oblivion. Number 18 of 100 special copies with additional coloured plate. Fine Order No. 300342 #25

Various (Ed. Peter Brooksmith), Cult & Occult, Guild 1985 Large format 240pp Prof Cold Illus. One of the best of this format having Illus of art by Major J.F.C.Fuller, Crowley, photo of Kenneth Grant Easily read & sometimes informative Intro. Frances King OP F in F DW Order No. 300495 #10

Various (Re Austin Osman Spare), Fortean Times, John Brown March 2001 Large format 66pp Many Illus. This issue features Austin Osman Spare 8 pages of text and illustrations and the front cover dedicated to him. The main article is a intelligent account by Phil Baker whose full length study is anitcipated with interest. Mark Pilkington gives a good account of Spare’s magic F+ Order No. 300378 #7

Various (relating to Aleister Crowley), Sothis, Vol.I No.3, 1974 LF card covs 135pp Aside from Crowley’s article on Cocaine & Achad’s Liber XXXI has original articles on OTO, Aeonics, Elias Ashmole & John Dee, Suvasini, Liber Oz etc This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots Spine slightly damaged G+ Order No. 300367 #40

Bradford Verter, Dark Star Rising, The Emergence of Modern Occultism 1800 – 1950, 1997 xiii + 392pp. Plastic binding. Some illustrations. Unpublished dissertation presented to Princetown University for a Doctorate of Philosophy. Commences by examining the origins of modern occultism in religious scholarship, then the promotion of the occutism by 19th C. occult publishers, booksellers and manuscript copiers, slo the wider distribution of occult ideas in more general publications. There is a 20pp interlude which presents a biograjhy of Gerald Yorke. The social and cultural millieu of occultism is discusse with special reference to Bohemianism. Considerable, well informed discussion of Crowley etc. The work is very well infomed. The acknowledgments thank John Balance who “..took me on a tour of Austin Osman Spare to give me an unforgettable glimpse – and believe me I have tried! – of the edge of the Abyss.Other thanks include Kenneth nager, Rob Ansell, Jimmy Page, Lionell Snell, Gerald Suster, Peter koenig, David Bersson, Richard Kaczynski, John Symonds, Timothy D’Arch Smith, Gregory Seewald, Tony Iannotti and many others. He notes that William Breeze was “…unfailing supportative, tipping me the right sources, sending me the right stuff, and intriducing me to the right people whilst slyly warning me no to go native.” Typed letter, signed to John Balance enclosed F Order No. 300486 #120

Peter Washington, Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon, Theospohy and the Emergence of the Western Guru, Secker & Warburg 1993 1st x + 470pp Plates sceptical investigation of Blavatsky, and other guru fugures such as Gurdjieff, Steiner and Krishnamurti F in F DW Order No. 300225 #15

Jennifer Westwood, Albion, A Guide to Legendary Britain, Harper Collins 1994 Paperback xxi + 567pp Illustrated gazeteer F Order No. 300577 #6

Julian Wilde, Grimoire of Chaos Magick, No Pub n.d. In fact Sorcerers Apprentice 1980’s, author also know as prominent Nicheren Buddhist! Card covers 106pp OP This copy has striking signature of John Balance (dated 1 III 86 ev) taking up one whole page VG Order No. 300248 #90

Richard Wilhelm (trans), I Ching, Book of Changes, RKP 1980 lxii + 740pp This Ed has properly sewn pp, unlike the chopped & glued (paperback style) of in print hardback VG in G DW Order No. 300528 #10

Stephen Flowers and Karl Maria Wiligut, The Secret King, Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler’s Lord of the Runes, Dominion / Runa Raven 2001 1st Ed No. 280 of No Ltd. Ed of 500 signed by Flowers and editor Michael Moynihan, cloured endpapers, decorated cloth F Order No. 300344 #70

Tom Williamson, Dowsing, New Light on an Ancient Art, Hale 1993 1st Ed 219pp Plates VG in VG DW Order No. 300579 #12

3) Abbreviations:-

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno.
Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned

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