Simon Callow on Peter Brook

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Acclaimed classical actor Simon Callow writes a review of Michael Kustow’s Peter Brook: A Biography for today’s The Guardian UK newspaper.

As with the reviews of previous biographies of Brook, Crowley is mentioned… There is no hint of neurosis about him. Wholly lacking in the Englishman’s habitual instinct of apologising for his very existence, he took to the theatre with easy and instant mastery. While at Oxford, he directed Doctor Faustus , tracking down the aged Aleister Crowley to advise on the magic, thinking nothing of consorting with “the wickedest man in England”. In the absence of women he plunged with comfortable sensuality into “every homosexual affair I could”, until finally deciding, as he character istically puts it, that female genitals were more congenial to him than male.

Visit The Guardian site for the full, rather good review…

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