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LAShTAL.COM made its first formal appearance in March 2001, at which time it was a simple collection of links to such sites as Doug Brown’s influential crowleyana.com.

It was upgraded to the current SQL-based PHP site in September 2003 and has since received very nearly 1,000,000 “hits”.

LAShTAL.COM now includes:

  • hundreds of images (many of them otherwise unavailable)
  • more than 420 news items (some viewed by more than 1,000 visitors), with thousands of comments
  • an archive of site items going back to March 2002
  • 669 registered members, including some of the most influential modern Thelemites and Crowleyan students
  • Almost 100 newspaper articles relating to Crowley – including dozens of actual scans – and informative articles and reportage written especially for the site
  • 10 important Thelemic downloads
  • user forums incorporating more than 1,100 separate posts
  • links to 65 significant Thelemic web sites
  • 15 reviews of Thelemic items and books, written specifically for the site

    All for free! LAShTAL.COM is funded exclusively by the webmaster and the kind donations of a number of visitors…

    So, the time has come to move to the next stage…

    LAShTAL.COM has always been proud that it remains a non-partisan site. Its commitment to Thelema and Crowley is serious and informed; it does not represent the views of one interest group over any other.

    The site has over time become probably the most-visited Thelemic site and receives many plaudits for its content, design and approach.

    This has all been achieved despite any active publicity. I have never deliberately submitted details of the site to any search engines and LAShTAL.COM has not sought the addition of links from other sites.

    I think, though, as we approach the 101st anniversary of the receipt of Liber AL, around the same time that we receive our one-millionth visit, that it’s time to move LAShTAL.COM to the next level. In other words, I’d like you all to start publicising the existence of LAShTAL.COM, in order that its serious and professional approach can achieve continued significant impact on Thelema and the reputation of Aleister Crowley.

    Please invite other related sites to link to LAShTAL.COM, using:


    I have added a new Gallery (LAShTAL.COM Graphics) with images that you can use as the basis of any such links.

    Please Comment on this news story with details of any publicity you’ve given to LAShTAL.COM, or just email me at webmaster@lashtal.com

    And let’s all work together to ensure that LAShTAL.COM remains the definitive Thelemic site, reliable, professional and informative.

    Thank you…

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