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Regular visitors will know how highly I rate Caduceus Books: the owner, Ben Fernee, is always reliable, never over-priced and his lists are an important and well-informed source of information about Thelema and Thelemic culture.

Ben has today published a new list of secondhand Thelemic books, including numerous volumes from the collection of Jhon Balance and COIL.

As before, I am proud to be in a position to present – with Ben’s permission – his list verbatim on LAShTAL.COM. I have no financial interest in doing so – I simply believe that it will be of great interest, not only to Thelemites, but also to admirers of COIL and Current 93.

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1) Two items not from the Coil Collection

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1) These five items not from the Coil Collection

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft, Xoanon 2002 the Sethos Edition Frontispiece and preliminaries + ix + 365pp with many original striking illustrations. Quality paper sheets hand bound in gilt stamped emerald buckram. Limited edition of 484 copies. First published ten years ago in a limited edition of 300 paperback copies this is a remarkable work. The author sought expression for the British Traditional Witchcraft into which he had been initiated. Oaths of secrecy forbade blatant description of the Cunning-craft so he drew with insight, upon Ancient Egyptian mythology, Gnosticism, alchemy, tradtional sorcery, Masonic symbolism, tantra and the work of Austin Osman Spare to generate a vehicle for its mysteries. These are enshrouded in a cogent and coherent system of Sabbatic ritual and sorcery, encompassed by a magical alphabet, that can be utilised for both spellcraft and the gnosis. This work is born of a magical act of creation continuously guided by active dreamwork and the Daimon of the Grimoire itself, whose name, “Sethos” is acknowledged for the first time with this publication. Care has been taken to retain the youthful fire of the first edition yet the text has been revised with new formulae and many new illustrations never previously seen. It has been observed that the last hundred years have seen myriads of books on occultism but very few occult books. Andrew Chumbley’s achievement was very unusual. The ability to create a grimoire is now a rare art – one thinks of the work of Franz Bardens, Kenneth Grant and of course Austin Osman Spare – there are very few others. Furthermore the books themselves are created as talismans. Ideas incarnate intended as seeds to be planted in the Universe. One reason why there are never enough of them! Fine+ Order No. 79998 #300

Andrew Chumbley, One, The Grimoire of the Golden Toad, Xoanon 2000 Limited. Ed of 77 copies, this one being number 66. 64pp Full faux leather binding. The scarcest published Cultus Sabbatai book. It gives the ancient ritual involving the crucifixion of a toad that has been associated with the Guild of the Horseman’s Word. A homely yet handsome and talismanic production. One of 77 copies, signed by author with his magical name and an ornate sigil. A small envelope is isncribed “One Blackthorn and Toadskin” in the authors elegant calligraphy. Inside a handpainted talisman on toadskin and a blacthorn spike. Now most copies of this rare and very soughtafter work have bowed boards however this copy does not. The boards are perfectly flat. Theis is a very rare Mint copy Order No. Toad1 #1300

Aleister Crowley, Magick, In Theory & Practice, Privately pub 1929 1st Ed., Subscribers Edition Large Format 10ins x 7.5ins xxxiv + 436pp Pls teg His magnum opus. Dustwrapper has tape repairs to edges where wapper covers back board and spine of book. There are some signs of tape removal and a small tear near centre of spine, and a very small part missing from back VG+ clean bright copy in VG- DW Order No. 10122 #650

Kenneth Grant, Manifesto of the New Isis Lodge O.T.O., Not dated (1955) 8pp Leaflet Describes in detail the proposed operation of the New Isis Lodge and its relationship with the Sanctuary of Gnosis, the Inner and Outer heads of the O.T.O. and the wider Order. It does make fascinating reading. An historically important document as it led directly to Karl Germer issuing an expulsion notice against Grant. Grant persisted in the establishment and operation of the New Isis Lodge and therefrom the Typhonian O.T.O. There is some slight creasing but this rare item is in VG+ condition Order No. NI1 #495

Jack Macbeth 38, The Totemic Invocation of The Shadow Selves, A Rite of Otherness Entire, Silver Star Associates Samhain 2004, Numbered Limited Edition of 50 copies (120pp) Tipped in coloured plates, handsomely decorated endpapers, molded boards, Coptic binding (the page signatures being held in place by cloth bands that run over the outer edge of the boards and then disappear into a slot to be fixed under the pastedowns. The boards are bound in cloth. Each copy is then loosely wrapped in a piece of leather which, in fact, is the usable portion of a whole calf’s hide. Each copy is signed and numbered by the author with a different decorative sigil usually including various axioms related to the work. Inspired by the work of Carlos Casteneda, Andrew Chumbley,Kenneth Grant and Austin Osman Spare this work describes and is the manifestation of a Rite of Sorcery that is enacted over 5 nights. It involves shape shifting and beyond that the invocation of the Black Man of the Sabbat which is an icon for the Other ie That-Which-Is-Not-I, the Shadow Self or the Negative-I. The intent is to touch real Gnosis. The author notes that “…there is no single text book on the art of sorcery, it is re-invented by each sorcerer regardless of the prior work of others. It is a living system developed and manipulated perpetually to aid the will and desires of the individual” This is exactly what he succeeds in doing with this work. A talismanic production indeed. This copy has substantial sigilistic inscription by the author. Order No.50 #200


2) These items from the Coil Collection

Frater Achad, 31 Hymns to the Star Goddess, Who is Not, Sure Fire Press 1988 38pp card covered booklet F Order No. 300433 #7

Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Ahmad, Jesus in India, Being an Account of Jesus’ Escape from Death on the Cross and of His Journey to India, London Mosque 1978 107pp Ex-library G in G DW Order No. 300269 #15

Anon, (Grade papers and Supplementry papers of AMOOKAS Second Degree), Unpublished, not dated (1980s) 28 leaves with duplicated text on one side, stapled together. AMOOKAS was founded from the marriage of a medieval tantric lineage and Thelema. This item appears to be grade papers for the second degree The contents include AMOOKAS time lore; Mneumonic and their significance; 5 Academies of Sense Perception; Shri Gurudev Mahendranath – Yoga-Vidya of Immortality; the 5 Kleshas; Yoin/Lingam; Body Yantra; Meditation on Sun, Moon, Fire; the Human Multichord etc slight wear and markes VG Order No. 300471 #75

Anon, Beast of the Apocalypse (re Aleister Crowley), in Crimes and Punishment No.33, 1973 9pp article in 28pp large format magazine, illustrated. This issue devoted to the occult, also having article about Borley Rectory etc VG Order No. 300450 #10

Anon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Penguin 1972 paperback 143pp Has ownership inscription D. M. Bunting (ie Dave Tibet) plus “Wolf” with a swastika and rune G Order No. 300612 #10

Anon (re Aleister Crowley), Catalogue, of Nineteenth Century and Modern First Editions, Presentation Copies, Autograph Letters and Literary Manuscripts, Sotheby’s 1971 Card covers 155pp. Includes Crowley 76 lots (12pp) including full page reproduction of long inscription to Frank Bennett. A mine of bibliographic information with descriptions of typescripts etc, also correspondence and so forth. Handwritten note on cover states who bought most of the Crowley lots Fine Order No. 300284 #45

Freya Aswynn, Leaves of Yggdrasil, A Synthsis of Rune Gods, Magic, Feminine Mysteries and Folklore, Self Pub. 1988 1st Ed Paperback 216p Signed by the author. Has the errata slip which makes an interesting observation concerning male and female perceptions of the swastika. This is scarce first edition which, it has ben suggested, has a variant cover. Supposedly the runes on the cover of this edition, if transliterated, make statements concerning race and politics which the author would later distance herself from. The author and the band Current 93 closely co-operated, an photograph and account of her appear in David Keenan’ s England’s Hidden Reverse concerning Coil, Current 93 etc. This copy is signed by the author. It has the ownership signature of John Blalance (dated 1990) and has two brief annoations in his hand VG Order No. 300235 #150

Anon, Sothebys Catalogue, Realms of the Mind; Fantasy Art and Illustration, Sothebys 1998 Large format card covers 84pp many illustration some in colour Has two Spare items one of which is illustrated. These plus the Bereford Egan items have been underlined F Order No. 300449 #15

Clifford Bax, Ideas and People, Lovat Dickson 1936 296pp Plates. Author co-edited Golden Hind with Spare and this work has a pate of the young Spare with a chalice in front of him and devotes 6pp of the chaperter titles Sex and Art to him with reminiscences and mention of his theories concering sigilisation. Foxing throughout, but a scarce work in original dustwrapper Order No. 300497 #25

Michael Bertiaux, Voudon Gnostic Workbook, Magickal Childe 1988 Large format Pbaperback xv + 619pp Very scarce & sought after Bertiaux operates a tradition related to the OTO, derived through Franco-Haitian sources. He also relishes different EGC linneages perceiving different natures to each line. VG+ Order No. 300590 #155

Hakim Bey, Chaos, The Broad sheets on Ontalogical Anarchism, Grim Reaper 1985 large format, card covers 46pp. Printed on tinted paper with illustration fixed to fron cover. Poetic Terroism; Wild Childre; Paganism; Sorcery; Chaos Myths; the Assassins etc. This copy inscribed by author “For Coil” with sigil dated Autumn Equinox 1988 F Order No. 300397 #30

Charles Cammell, The Poems 1911 – 1929, Grant Richards 1930 xi + 268pp Signed inscription by author though the name of the recipient has been scratched out. Author was a friend and sympathetic biographer of Crowley, he was also the father of Donald Cammell, director of Performance and actor in Angers Invocation of my Demon Brother rather worn, cloth faded Order No. 300274 #15

Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington, Projection of the Astral Body, Psychic book Club 1939 xli + 242pp spine damaged, spotting reading copy Order No. 300207 #5

Ithell Colquhoun (relating to MacGregor Mathers), Sword of Wisdom, MacGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn, Spearman 1975 1st Ed 307pp Coloured frontispiece and plates Excellent and important work, sometimes erratic and sometimes very insightful. Especially strong on Golden Dawn survivals. Author an important surrealist artist who was a member of a number of occult groups including the Typhonian O.T.O. F in VG+ DW Order No. 300592 #50

Jerry Cornelius, Red Flame IV, The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference, J. & M. Cornelius 1997 Ltd to 156 copies Large format 216pp Truly impressive catalogue of AC titles, it does not claim of completeness but offers true bibliographic richness replacing the very scarce Crowley Cross Index as the best way to find in what book a short piece may be published. The nearest thing we have to a complete Crowley bibliography. Clearly born of love! F Order No. 300494 #45

Aleister Crowley, Book of the Law, Booklegger nd (1970’s) small format card covs 47pp VG Order No. 300250 #6

Aleister Crowley, Confessions, An Autohagiography, Routledge 1979 Plates 960pp One plate missing, some clumsy annotations. G Sound reading copy G+ Order No. 300569 #20

Aleister Crowley, DCLXXI Liber Pyramidos, A Ritual of Self Initiation Based Upon the Formula of the Neophyte, Sothis nd (1976?) 1st Ed Numbered limited edition of 93. This being an unnumbered set of sheets without the card covers. 16pp handsomely printed with coloured ink on quality paper with handset type. This is the first publication of perhaps one of the most important of Crowley and even now difficult to obtain crowley texts VG Order No. 300272 #20

Aleister Crowley, In Residence, The Don’s Guide to Cambridge, Elijah Johnson 1904 1st Ed. Card covers x + 94pp + 19pp catalogue of Crowley’s publications and announcement of a prize for best essay on his works. Also some amusing adverts probably penned by Crowley for local Cambridge companies. Card covers are somewhat faded across spine. The card covers are somewhat discoloured and chipped. There is a inch tear at the top and a half inch tear at bottom of card covering spine, overall G Order No. 300307 #110

Aleister Crowley, Magical Record of the Beast 666, Duckworth 1972 No. 104 of 250 Deluxe copies Signed by the Editors John Symonds and Kenneth Grant, the latter signing himself Xth degree O.T.O. with inverted triangle of dots. Has three plates showing pages of the original manuscript, decorated endpapers Edges of pages dyed green. Bound in green cloth gilt stamped with Crowley’s signature in slipcase. xv + 326pp Presents Rex Arte Regia, AC’s diary of sex magic workings commencing in 1912 that is held at the Warburg Institute in London, also his magical diaries for 1920 plus Liber Al. F in VG Slipcase F in VG slipcase Order No. 300367 #225

Aleister Crowley, Phillips, Books and Maps, 16th July 1999 Auction catalogue 26pp large format card covers. Describes 19 lots of items from the collection of Edward William Bryant including first editions, correspondence typescripts. Three nad half pages taken up with reproductions of photographs of Crowley items including one illustration by the Old Man. Loosely inserted a sheet giving prices realised, which have also been annotated into cataloge with marker pen F Order No. 300395 #20

Aleister Crowley, Roll Away the Stone, An Introduction to Aleister Crowley’s Essay’s on the Psychology of Hashish by Israel Regardie, Llewellyn 1968 Paperback Aside from Regardie’s substantial Intro. the is the complete text of the Herb Dangerous, consisting of a Pharmaceutical Study by E. Wjinneray, the Psychology of Hashish by Oliver Haddo (Crowley), Baudelaire’s Poem of Hashish & Ludlow’s The Hashish Eater 241pp This copy has inscription:- “David 93” (ie David Tibetof Current 93) where the ‘D’ of David has been phallicised and the ’93’ appears with an inverted triangle of dots. It is augmented with the psychic cross of TOPY VG Order No. 300289 #30

Aleister Crowley, Soul of Osiris, Kegan Paul 1901 1st Ed ix + 129pp An early collection of poetry which elegantly expresses the authors occult endeavours It is divided into three sections:- the Court of the Profane, the Gate of the Sanctuary, the Holy Place, the Holy of Holies. The poems are replete with Rosicrucian and occult imagery. Spine label quite browned, wear to corners, slight discolouration to paper covering boards G+ Order No. 300310 #275

Aleister Crowley, The Holy Books, Sangreal 1968 116pp Introduction by Israel Regardie who for some time acted as Crowley’s secretary. The book is an elegant production, white faux leather binding gilt blocked, the text embellished with coloured decorations. This copy has the acqisition inscription of “John Balance 5 10 86 ev London” followed by the sign for Mercury. Alos a blind stamp “the dreamer is still asleep” some discolouration to covers VG- Order No. 300294 #55

Aleister Crowley, Winged Beetle, Privately Printed 1910 No. 84 of 350 copies ix + 228pp plus extra sheet bound in at rear titled “Glossary of Obscure Terms” for one of the Stanzas of the dedication. Appropriate substitution creates a gloriously blasphemous verse. Poems include “the Twins” dedicated to Austin Osman Spare; “the Pentagram” dedicated to George Raffolovich; “the Circle and the Point” dedicated to Ouarda the Ser(his wife Rose); “the Garden of Janus” to Victor Neuburg; “the Hermit to Cecil Jones; “the Swimmer” to Norman Mudd. “Abjad-I-Al’Ain” is dedicated to the memory of Alain Lutiy the fictional translator of the Bagh-I-Muattar, Scented Garden of Abdullah, Crowley’s celebration of mystical gay sodomy which was privately pubvlished in the same year. Bound in paper covered boards gilt stamped with striking design of winged scarab which is very finely executed. Top edge gilt. Very slight spotting to preliminaries, slight wear to paper covering boards but pverall VG Order No. 300305 #350

Aleister Crowley & others, The Equinox, Vol.I No.7, Wieland 1912 One of 50 deluxe copies bound in white cloth with horizontal gilt lines. Top edge gilt. 11ins x 8ins vii + 424pp + (15pp) adverts. Plates. First edition of Liber B vel Magi; Liber Nu; Liber Israfel; Liber Stellae Rubae; Liber Asarte; Liber CCXXXI (re Qlippoth); Liber Os Abysmi; Liber Had etc etc. Front hinge split, two leaves loose, slight marks to title page. As usual slight marks to white cloth Order No. 300505 #200

Various (re Crowley), Strange Magazine, No.7, 1991 Large format card covers 64pp Includes 5pp illustrated article:- Douglas Chapman – Celluloid Crowley, the Mage and Movies F Order No. 300422 #15

Count Goblet D’Alviella, Migration of Symbols, Aquarian 1979 xxiii + 277pp with extra 10pp Intro and Plates. A classic & immensly influential scholarly work which centres upon the swastica, the sacred tree & the caduceus to describe the transmission of symbol through the ancient world. Handsomely bound with delicate moulded & gilt blocked bds, colourd endpapers and page edges F+ in VG slipcase Order No. 300593 #55

John Dee, Hieroglyphic Monad, The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically, Magically, Qabalistically & Anagogically Explained, Watkins 1947 in English 76pp Pls & Illus Trans with (exquisite) Commentary by J.W. Hamilton Jones 1st Pub in 1564 the symbol was employed on the first Ed of the Rosicrucian Manifestos this work was written by Dee in 13 days. Hamilton Jones notes “..he certainly knew his subject” Concerning potential criticism the original title page noted that “He who does not understand should either learn, or be silent” Some spotting to endpapers and prelims otherwise VG in G DW Order No. 300282 #35

Ramsey Dukes, What I Did in My Holidays, Essays on Black Magic, Devil Worship & other Niceties, TMTS/Mandrake of Oxford 1998 Paperback 410pp Collection of intelligent, funny & insightful articles. Recommended F Order No. 300517 #13.5

A.P. Elkin, Aboriginal Men of High Degree, U. of Queensland 1980 xxii + 185pp Anthropological study of Australian mediceine men, their training and special powers, comparison is made with some of the special powers spoken of in Tibet Fine in G DW Order No. 300281 #12

Gandolfo, Voodoo Ve-Ves & Talismans, & How to Use Them, New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum 44pp Illustrated card covers F Order No. 300457 #6

Gerald Gardner, Witchcraft Today, Pedigree 1956 Paperback 185pp classic of modern wicca Reading copy Order No. 300259 #5

R.A. Gilbert, Golden Dawn Scrapbook, The Rise & Fall of a Magical Order, Weiser 1997 Cold Pls & many Illus 200pp Excellent text by premier Golden Dawn researcher. This copy signed twice by the author, once on title page and again on frnt free endpaper after following inscription:- “For John Balance, with the regards of the author (and probable victim) of this scrapbook. Fra. I.O.V.A.” F in F DW Order No. 300570 #35

Kenneth Grant, Ninth Arch Arch, Starfire 2002 xxxvii + 603pp No.23 of 97 copies signed and numbered by Kenneth and Steffi Grant, bound in quarter goatskin and handmade paper. Coloured plate frontispiece (The Essential magical Formula of Zos-Kia, Man is a Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare. Monochrome plates. This work completes the three trilogies and a coloured plate bound at the end of the book reproduces the dustwrappers of all nine books. This work presents Book of the Spider, a text received by the Nu Isis Lodge of the O.TO. under Grant. The work is commented upon and receive analysis by gemetria Grant’s innovative work is quite incomparable in field of modern occultism Some staining to edges of pages otherwise F in F DW Order No. 300591 #150

Kenneth Grant, Remembering Aleister Crowley, Skoob 1991 1st Ed. Reporduces AC.’s correspondence with the author & cold. Illus. of some artwork & regalia. Large format 66pp F in F DW Order No. 300576 #20

Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi, Tree of Life, In Introduction to the Cabala, Rider 1983 Paperback 200pp Traces the history & metaphysical nature of Tree of Life, then explores its application in world. Has inscription:- “John Balance 18 1 85 (sign of Venus) Force and Fury(?)” Also have blind stamp ” The dreamer is still asleep” on title page Fine Order No. 300228 #30

David Hall, Beelzebub and the Beast, A Study of the Teachings of Geoge Gurdjieff and Aleister Crowley, photocopy Undated. 55 sheets with typed reproduced text on one side Synopsis for a book never published, comprising contents page and two chapters. Somewhat dog eared rust marks from paperclips Order No. 300469 #30

Nina Hamnett (relating to Aleister Crowley), Laughing Torso, Constable 1932 1st Ed Plates ix + 326pp Decorated spine. Authors memoirs include sections on Crowley and people he knew. Broke, Crowley sued for libel, lost and was bankrupted. Cloth tormn along junction of boards and spine G only Order No. 300578 #20

Tau Apiryon & Soror Helena, Red Flame II, Mystery of Mystery; A Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism, OTO 3rd Ed Ltd 93 copies 1995 Large format card covs 224pp work exploring the Mysteries of the Gnostic Mass & history of the Gnostic Catholic Church. Deeply impressive work, highly recommended VG Order No. 300496 #35

A.C. Highfield, Book of Celestial Images, Angels & God Forms in Ritual Magic, Aquarian 1984 1st Ed Paperback 138pp Fine work of Qabalistic magic now out of print. Considered very useful Has acquistion signature of John Balance dated 31 . 1 . 85 followed by the sign for Jupiter VG Order No. 300311 #30

C.W. Leadbeater, The Chakras, A Monograph, TPH 1927 1st Ed Large format (12″x10″) Striking coloured plates of chakras curiously presentient of modern electromagnetic picturing of the energy centres, important work in development of western understanding of our subtle bodies. Cloth very faded otherwise VG sound copy Order No. 300597 #30

Marijane Osborn & Stella Longland, Rune Games, RKP 1982 OP Substantial exploration of rune magic, now often overlooked Illus Paperback x + 298pp Has acquisition signature of Dave Tibet with phallicised ‘D’ and ’93’ in inverted triangle of dots and “Camden 18 – X – 83 together with the rune signifying ‘home’ bit worn G only Order No. 300515 #15

Edward Bulwer Lord Lytton, Coming Race, Woodbridge 1979 Paperback. 118pp Important occult novel VG Order No. 300560 #6

William & Claudia Madsen, A Guide To Witchcraft in Mexico, Minutiae Mexicana 1972 Small format card covers 96pp Illustrated with photos of people practising witchraft which is clearly very much a part of modern Mexican life VG Order No. 300262 #12

Louis Marlow, Seven Friends, Richards 1953 1st Ed v + 169pp Author, of course, Louis Wilkinson, and one of the friends is Crowley. Wilkinson was a member OTO, and an executor of Crowley’s will, Others being Oscar Wilde, Frank Harris, John Cowper, Theodore Franis and Llewellyn Powys, Somerset MaughanSome marks to front free endpaper, spine somewhat darkened G+ Order No. 300309 #12

Arthur Calder Marshall, Magic of my Youth, Hart-Davis 1951 1st Ed 225pp Author a good friend of Victor Neubergs, give substantial anecdotal account of Crowley & related literary & occult scenes. An insightful book VG DW (half inch tear otherwise VG) Order No. 300615 #25

John Mumford, Chakra & Kundalini Workbook, Psycho-Spiritual Techniques for Healt, Rejuvination, Psychic Powers & Spiritual Realization, Llewellyn 1995 Larger format paperback xv + 256pp Coloured plates F Order No. 300504 #9

Liz & Colin Murray, Celtic Tree Oracle, A System of Divination, Rider 1991 Divination set exploring Ogham attributions to trees by editors of New Celtic Review who were noted figures in modern druidism. The images of the trees on the cards ) presents conceptions of the subtle auras of trees. 120pp hardback illustrated book, 25 coloured cards, notebook, layout sheet all enclosed in wooden box All Fine Order No. 300224 #20

Peter Naylor, Discovering Dowsing and Divining, Shire 1993 Small format paperback 40pp F Order No. 300293 #2

John Whiteside (Jack) Parsons (relating to Aleister Crowley), Freedom is a Two Edged Sword, & Other Essays, Falcon Press & OTO 1989 Truly excellent Thelemite writings! A rocket engineer, his life was cut short by a mysterious explosion, there is a crater on the moon named after him. Paperback 64pp F Order No. 300568 #12

Edwin Pouncey, Illustrated Savage Pencil, Reichstag Bleep Hour, Carnage 1991 Limited Ed. Of 400, small format card covers 32pp. Signed inscription by both poet and illustrater to John Balance dated 23 – 7 – 96 F Order No. 300283 #20

T.G.E. Powell, The Celts, Thames & Hudson 1985 Paperback 232pp Many illustrations ome coloured VG Order No. 300210 #6

Lucy Lidell & Narayani Rabinovitch, Book of Yoga, Sivananda Yoga Centre, Ebury Press 1997 Illustrated paperback 192pp F Order No. 300520 #5

James Reeves, English Fables and Fairy Stories, OUP 1962 234pp. A bookplate notes that this was awarded to P.M Christopherson by the Chorister School in Durham in 1955 (when aged 9), some years before he was known as Sleazy F in F DW Order No. 300525 #25

Israel Regardie & Robert Wang, The Golden Dawn Tarot Pack, US Games Systems Not dated (1980s?) Full set of cards plus two additional cards giving attributions plus instructional leaflet written by Robert Wang Fine in VG Box Order No. 300204 #25

Olivia Robertson, Call of Isis, Neptune Press nd (c1990) Author created the Fellowship of Isis, an international network of Goddess worshippers Illus Paperback 195pp Plates VG Order No. 300285 #10

Olivia Robertson (Ed.), Handbook of Fellowship of Isis, Cesara not dated 9pp card covered booklet F Order No. 300462 #5

Sandy Robertson (relating to Aleister Crowley), Aleister Crowley Scrapbook, Foulsham 1988 Profusely Illustrated OP 128pp F in VG DW Order No. 300484 #25

Geza Roheim, Animism, Magic and the Divine King, Knopf 1930 390pp Applied Freudian theory to anthropology. Whilst the modern reader may not accept the premise the material presented richly informative for anyone with an interest in sex magic seeking mythological and anthropological references VG Order No. 300270 #20

C.F. Russell, Barbara Cubed, The Manual of Pure Logic, Times-Mirror 1944 1st Ed 24pp card covered booklet. Reverse of the pre-title page declares this work to be “For the Practicus”. The author practised gay sex magick with Crowley in Cefalu and then founded the Choronzon Club in the US, Practicus is the Grade of the A.’.A.’. associated with the sephiroth Hod on the Tree of life. It would appear therefore that Russell was operating some form of the A.’.A.’. The text is highly complicated mystical mathematics VG Order No. 300219 #70

Daniele Ryman, Aromatherapy, Encyclopedia of Plants and Oils and How They Help You, Piaktus 1991 paperback ix + 338pp F Order No. 300280 #7

Daniel Alvin Schulke, Ars Philtron, Concerning the Aqueous Cunning Of the Potion And Its Praxis in the Green Arte Magical, Xoanon 2001 Numbered Limited Edition of 144 copies, this being copy number 3 10ins x 7.5ins 144 pages each copy has a frontispiece which is one of 24 striking alchemical-sabbatic coloured images. On the reverse is one of six invocations. This means that each copy is different from any other! This is a very significant publication. Andrew chumbley has been articulating the tradition of the Cultus Sabbatai, the Sabbatic Craft. This is a manifestation of Tradition Witchcraft. It is particularly exciting that now other members of the Sabbatic Craft should be adding to the corpus of texts. This work explores the marriage of herbalism and alchemy in the Cultus Sabbatai tradition. The approach is practical. Clearly the author has thoroughly researched the concoctions described here. Powerful stuff! F Order No. 300563 #350

Stephen Sennitt, Xenos, Sarcophagus 1989 Card covered booklet 38pp Illustrated. Author editor of Nox magazine, printed by author of Dark Doorway of the Beast. Occult fiction. This publisher closely associated with an early incarnation of Esoteric Order of Dagon F Order No. 300363 #25

Ray) Anon Sherwin), Crowleyana, Morton Press, not dated Single duplicated sheet, illustrated, giving details of Crowley publications VG Order No. 300627 #3

Peter Smith, Merry Saturnalia, Hierographics Illustrated greetings card, this copy inscribed by artist / publisher to John Balance F Order No. 300618 #10

Austin Osman Spare, Anatema di Zos, Privately printed 2001 Italian translation (30pp) No. 2 of only 5 copies hardbound, signed inscription by translator / publisher Miglissu Roberto to John Balance F (pages uncut) Order No. 300583 #30

Austin Osman Spare, Book of Ugly Ecstasy, Fulgar 1996 1st Ed. For many years thought to be lost, here Pub for first time & only time, 23 line drawings, cold Frontis Intro. A powerful expression of Spare’s Gnosis, finding beauty, transformation and new formulae of sorcery in the cavorting of shape shifting grotesques. This series was executed in 1924 when Spare wrote rhe Anathema of Zos, and may be considered part of the shift by which Spare rejected forever acceptance by the artisic mainstream teg LF 12″ x 10″ (52pp) Cold Frontis F in F DW Order No. 300502 #35

Austin Osman Spare, Collected Works, Sorcerers Apprentice 1986 No Ltd ed of 500, this being number 419. Has Earth Inferno, Book of Pleasure (with substantial & important Introduction by Lionel Snell), Automatic Drawing (not Catalpa Press item), Focus of Life, Anathema of Zos. Has a briedf chronology of Spare’s life and Chris Bray essay Spare, Sorcery and Chaos-Magic. Large format Illus 215pp F Order No. 300487 #75

Austin Osman Spare, Earth Inferno, Privately Printed 1999 No. Ltd Ed. Of 200 this being No. 74 Facsimile copy of 1905 1st Ed. Large format card covers, using nice quality tinted paper F Order No. 300475 #25

Austin Osman Spare, Two Tracts on Cartomancy, Fulgur 1997 Card covers 38pp Illus. This copy has signed inscription by RobertAnsell of Fulgur to Geoff (John Balance). F Order No. 300564 #30

Stephen Flowers (Introduction), Galdrabok, An Icelandic Grimoire, Weiser 1989 Paperback xiv + 131pp Diagrams. Translation of 16th C grimoire. Spells are presented, usually with sigils, with invocations both Christian and pagan. An authentic grimoire. This copy has ownership inscription “Tibet” F Order No. 300252 #55

P.R. Stephenen (re Aleister Crowley), The Legend of Aleister Crowley, Being a Study of the Documentary Evidence Relating to a Campaign of Personal Vilification Unparalleled in Literary History, Mandrake Press 1930 1st Ed. Card covers 157pp Uneven fading to card otherwise VG Sound copy Order No. 300315 #60

John Symonds, Aleister Crowley, the Devil’s Contemplative, 1949 4pp article in World Review No. 5. Card covers 79pp. Remains of paper label on covers G+ Order No. 300624 #12

John Symonds, Great Beast, Life & Magic of Aleister Crowley, Panther 1963 Paperback 267pp G+ Order No. 300214 #10

John Symonds, The Great Beast, Rider 1951 1st Ed 316pp Plates First biography, written by someone who knew Crowley personally G+ Order No. 300524 #15

C.J.S. Thompson, Hand of Destiny, Senate 1995 Paperback 303pp Illustrated. This copy has the inscription:- “To Mr Balance, keep it up – your doing OK! Love and Stuff Billy 95 x” F Order No. 300629 #6

Edred Thorsson, Futhark, A Handbook of Rune Magic, Wesier 1984 Paperback xiv + 156pp This copy has a very decorative aquisition signature in gold ink of John Balance noting the date, 26 III 1986ev and the place, London Cover slightly creased VG- Order No. 300308 #35

Various, Chaos International, No. 9, Not dated Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. VG Order No. 300352 #20

Various, Chaos International, No. 8, Not dated Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. VG Order No. 300351 #20

Various, Chaos International, No.1, 1987 Large format, card covers 52pp Illustrated. This journal set out to present the Chaos Magic current to an international audience. This it did. Articles by Ray Sherwin, Pete Carroll, Brian Ward, Dave Lee, Mick Lyons etc VG Order No. 300347 #20

Various, Chaos International, No.10, Not dated Large format card covers 48pp Illustrated. VG Order No. 300353 #20

Various, DOOR, Directory of Occult Resources, Spiral Publications 1988 28pp card covered booklet F Order No. 300452 #4

Various, Elfin II, Planetary, Astronomical and Astrological Information, Elfin 1998 Small format card covers 128pp F Order No. 300234 #2

Various, Extrance, 1988 No. 21 of limited edition of 150, card covers tipped in cloured plates VG Order No. 300436 #8

Various, Fenrir, Nos. 1 & 2, Odimic Order of Chaos 1986 16pp & 32pp Illustrated. Ray Sherwin – Horns of Heresy / Great Secret; Death Posture; Nyding Pole; Anton Long – Satanist Tarot; TEX 30th Enochian Aethyr; Mike Howard – Goddesses of the North; Psychedelic herbs etc Homely production values VG Order No. 300451 #20

Various, Formaos, A Periodical of the Occult Arts Vol.I No.1, Sothis 1983 Leaflet 32pp with striking illustrations. Includes a Salutation to Autin Osman Spare, Paul Ryan – Otherliness , presentation of Spares ideas re Automatic Drawing VG Order No. 300356 #12

Various, Fortean Times, No.125, 1999 Large format glossy cad covers 66pp. Illustrated F Order No. 300447 #5

Various, Fortean Times, No.142, 2001 Large format card covers Illustrated 66pp F Order No. 300425 #5

Various, Fragments, No.3, E.O.D. 1992 Large format card covers 40pp Articles by members of the Order include Qabalah of the Black Brothers; Dagon & the Subconscious Mind; Masonic Influences on HPL; Cult of the UFO; Conjurations of the Primal Ones; Cult of Lam; also Kenneth Grant’s the Water Witch. Excellent stuff VG Order No. 300356 #30

Various, Khabs, Vol. II No.2, 1986 4pp leaflet, large format. Official organ of the Typhonian OTO VG Order No. 300439 #6

Various, Kultura, No. 0, Not dated Number 34 of limited Ed. Of 93. Spiral binding, card covers. Polish text Austin Osman Spare, Crowley, Kenneth Grant, genesis P. Orridge, Stephen Mace VG Order No. 300617 #15

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.IV No.2, SA nd (1987?) Bklt 56pp Has lively articles on Chaos Magic, also FS, Northern pagan tradition etc F Order No. 300322 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol. II No.5, SA not dated 56pp Card covers Rafal Prinke – Mouni Sadhu; D. Austin – Satanism Today; Ronald Anjard – Spirit within the Herb; W.G. Gray – Initiated Concepts of the Divine King etc VG Order No. 300329 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.III No.3, SA Not Dated 56pp Card covers Simon |Goodall – Nature Spirits; Mike Magee – Se Magick of the nathas; L.P. Carter – Anaysis of Zos (part II); Laurence Ramsey – Finnish Shamaism and occult History; Secret Mormon Rites of Endowment G+ Order No. 300328 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.III No.4, SA Not Dated 56pp Card covers Scatology by Coil; Ray Sherwin – A.’.A.’. Bried History and Personal Evaluation; Andrew Barker – Black Magic Bullshit; Laurence Ramsey – Finnish Shamanic Tradition and Occult History (concluding part); Golden Dawn Temple Horus No.5; fraternitas Saturni; Rafal T. Prinke – Non-Crowleyan Thelema etc G+ Order No. 300330 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, SA Not Dated (c 1985) 56pp card covers Fr. Ereburus – liber Cthulhu; Lionel Snell – Charlatan or Magus the Paradox of the Trickster; Karl Woods – Homosexuality & Black magic; L. P Carter – An Analysis of Zos part IV; Incubi & Succubi; Joel Birocco – Premonition Saves Readers Life G only Order No. 300331 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.III No.1, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Not dated (c1982?) Card covers 56pp Rafal T. Prinke – the Marxist Tarot; Chaos Magic – Proclaimation by the I.O.T. Magickal Order; Rodney Orpheus – Mark of the Beast; Peter Whitaker – Sex Magic in the Craft; James Baker – the Book of Shadows; Frater U.’.D.’. – IAO Formula VG Order No. 300319 #8

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.III No.2, S.A. not dated 64pp card covers lively magazine Stephen Waters – Underground Music and Initiation. L.P.Carter – An Analysis of Zos (Austin Osman Spare) VG+ Order No. 300320 #5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol. IV No.6, SA nd 56pp Bklt Lively. Articles Inc. John Freedom – Laurel & Hardy Satanism; Pete Carroll; Meriem Clay-Egerton – What Happened to Witches; Mind Control; Athene etc F Order No. 300324 #4

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.II No.6, SA nd A5 Bklt 56pp Frater U.’.D.’. (German Occultism & the New Aeon); Pete Carroll; Aeonic Transmissions; Rosicrucians & the Golden Dawn; Thessalonius Loyala (ie Ray Sherwin) -True Purpose of the Gnostic Mass; Homosexuality & the Occult etc G+ Order No. 300318 #5

Various, Man, Myth & Magic, Purnell 1971 Ed Richard Cavendish, Excellent encyclopedia of the esoteric & occult. Contributors inc. Geoffrey Ashe, C.A.Burland, Katherine Briggs, Christina Hole, Kenneth Grant (who contributes 12 articles), some illustrations by Steffi Grant, Francis King, Kathleen Raine, Eric Maple, H.R.Ellis Davidson etc Issued as a monthly magazine, a total of 3152pp large format with profuse coloured illustrations in the seven folders originally provided by publisher Fine Order No. 300208 #120

Various, Mandragore, Vol. III No.4 Formula Issue, Grove of Star & Snake 1982 Large format card covers 168pp No. 98 of No. Ltd Ed of 555 copies Illustratiosn including two plates. Texts and illustrations are divided into four sections:- Formulas; Qabalah; Eastern & Elder Gods. Contributions by members of AMOOKAS, Nema & Maatians, Typhonian OTO. Contents include Kenneth Grant – Noctua; Octinomos , Mother of the Sabbat; FIAOF; Graeco-Coptic Qabalah; Aligning the Chakras with 93 Current; Dadaji – Movement of Heaven; Sabbat of the Succubi; Tantra of Blowing the Mind; Liber Pennae; Battecry of Lam. This copy has signed inscription by David (Tibet) with ’93’ in inverted triangle of dots, the psychic cross. Also notes his membnership and degree of (Typhonian) OTO and another Order plus what was presumably his magickal name in Typhonian OTO. Some wear to covers Order No. 300383 #95

Various, Mythos & Magic, Three Essays on H.P.Lovecraft & the Occult Revival, Starry Wisdom 1990 No. Ltd Ed of 100, this copy No.42 Large format 35pp Stephen Sennitt – the Reluctant Prophet; John Smith – the Magical Prophet; Ian Blake – Beyond the Whorl of Sleep F Order No. 300357 #35

Various, Nox, No.3, Not dated A5 Format leaflet 38pp Ed. Stephen Sennitt. Illustrated Artciles include Harland – Odinic Order of Chaos; Phil Hine – Experiments in Dark Lore; Lionel Snell, Joel Biroco etc F Order No. 300405 #10

Various, Nox, No.7, 1990 Large format 48pp. Articles include Phil Hine – Fracture Lines; Stephen Sennitt – Khepra; Tanith – Ma’at; Lionel Snell – Paroxysms of Magic; Frater Qoph 100 E.O.D.; Mouse etc. illus. VG Order No. 300389 #15

Various, Quest List of Esoteric Sources, No.3, 1987 92pp card covered booklet, has acquisition signature of John Balance. Some entries have been crossed with marker pen VG Order No. 300464 #12

Various, Red Flame III, A Thelemic Research Journal; Friends & Aquaintances of Aleister Crowley, Jerry & Marlene Cornelius 1997 1st Ltd Ed of 156 Large format card Covs Has a very good account of AC’s life that deals with such issues such as his succession to the Xth OTO, presents his article on Jack the Ripper & numerous accounts by various folk of encounters with the Beast VG Order No. 300395 #60

Various, Shaman’s Drum, A Journal of Experimental Shamanism Nos. 20, 27-37, 41, 1990- 1996 13 copies, each one is large format, card covers, 80pp illustrated Many articles on shamanic use of drugs etc all at least VG Order No. 300401 #30

Various, Skoob Occult Review, No.2, Skoob 1990 LF (12ins x 8ins) Card covs 48pp Illus Articles inc. interview with Chesca Potter; Michael Harrison – Language of Witchcraft etc F Order No. 300382 #10

Various, Skoob Occult Review, No.4, 1991 Large format card covers. 48pp Illus Vivienne Browning – I was a Child Disciple of the Beast; Caroline Robertson – Victor Neuberg, the Water Bearer; Mick Staley (Typhonian OTO) on OTO & AA VG Order No. 300386 #10

Various, Sothis, Vol.I No.4, Sept 1974 Ed. Mike Magee then prominent member of Typhonian OTO, he later left to form Amookas. Truly excellent Thelemic journal. LF card covs over 100pp A.C. on Jack the Ripper; Songs for the witch Woman by Jack Parsons; Peter Macfarlane on the War Engine etc. This copy has inscription:- “Happy birthday Dave, Jan & Mike xxx” Probably Mike Magee and his partner Jan Bailey (who contributed artwork). Loosely enclosed is a phtocopied letter, signed by Vaughan Purves apologising for making OTO and A.’.A’. Claims. Some wear to covers but G+ sound condition. Order No. 300365 #40

Various, Starfire, Vol.II No.2, Starfire 1999 LF Illus 200pp & 8pp ads Official Statement Concerning OTO; Damian Sinclair, Dreaming Attention; Robert Taylor, the Black Stone; Michael Staley, Iridescent undulations & the Sacred Fire; Nigel Aldcroft-Jackson, How to Leap Forth by Standing Still; Margaret Ingalls; Chaos Magic & Maat Magick; Nicholaj Frivold, Into the depths of Severity & All Beauty; Damian Sinclair, Pax Noblis; Stephen Dzicklewicz, A Mantra for Evoking the Great Old Ones; Andrew Chumbley, Opening the Way for the Daemons of the Void; Michael Staley, Transformation; Austin Osman Spare & Besz-Mass;Simon Hinton, Liber AL intelligence; An Instrument of Succession etc New Order No. 300491 #12

Various, Starfire, Vol.I No.5, Starfire 1994 Over 200 pp Substantial articles on Spare by Gavin Semple & Randall Holmes, also articles by Mick Staley, Paul Lowe & Andrew Chumbley Ed. by Mick Staley, a prominent member of the Typhonian OTO, an impressive LF Illus. Journal Now out of print F Order No. 300493 #30

Various, Thanateros, A Journal of Chaos Magick, Temple Alamout / IOT Not dated (c1987) card covers , 28pp Illustrated pete Carroll – the Pact So Far; Sex &Magick; Magical Conflict; Frater V.’.D.’. – IAO Formula etc. label on fron cover otherwise F Order No. 300478 #13.5

Various, Thanateros, A Journal of Chaos Magick, Temple Alamout / IOT Not dated (c1987) card covers , 40pp Illustrated. Invocation of Kali; Sigil Magic for the Profesional Magician; Law Enforcement & the Occult etc F Order No. 300478 #15

Various, The Black Stone, Six Essays on the Sixty Stone, Sacophagus Press 1993 No. Ltd Ed of 60, this being No. 14. 27pp Card covered booklet Pete Smith, Stephen Dziklewicz, John Beal, Alec Hidell, Steve Sennitt & D.M.Mitchell write concerning Ixaxar, the talisman described in Artthur Machen’s Novel of the Black Seal & discussed by Grant in his works. Fine Order No. 300361 #45

Various, The Equinox, Vol.VII No.1, Kiblah 1988 Large format card coverss 50pp Magnus Dictus -Liber Longus Verbosicum; the English Qaballla; Liber Trigramaton (with EQ notes); Daedalus – the Astrology of Al; Talos – Altar stains; Leo – Notes on Scorpio=93; Herodotus – Temple of Olympus F Order No. 300419 #12

Various, The Ley Hunter, No. 130, 1998 Large format card covers, illustrated 40pp F Order No. 300412 #5

Various, The Ley Hunter, No. 131, 1998 Large format card covers, illustrated 40pp F Order No. 300413 #5

Various, The Silver Key, Journal of the Miskatonic Society Nos.1 & 2, Sepulchral Press 1993-4 Two 36pp booklets Illus Truly excellent Lovecraftian occultism Inc. Pete Smith – The Negative Ones; Stephen Sennitt – Devils of Chaos; Nina Crummett -Black Stone Unearthed/Weiled Continuum; Paul Rydeen – Dagon & the Subconscious Mind/Message in a Bottle; Ian Blake – Orientation; John Beal – Celestial Bodies in the Cthulu Mythos etc F Order No. 300360 #55

Various, The Unexpurgated Penthouse, NEL 1968 Paperback 191pp articles include Colin Wilson – Soundless in Solitary; John Symonds – Sex magick; John Alegro – Heretic; William Burroughs – Mind Engineer Covers creased G only Order No. 300230 #10

Various, Turbelent Times, Emanations of the 23 Current No. 7 Occulture; Heresy; Knitting, Turbelence not dated 20pp large format leafelt associated with TOPY VG Order No. 300622 #6

Various, Udolpho, The Magazine of the Gothic Society. Spring 1996, Large format, card covers. Illustrated 32pp F Order No. 300416 #5

Various, Udolpho, The Magazine of the Gothic Society, Spring 1995, Large format, card covers. Illustrated 32pp F Order No. 300415 #5

Various, Udolpho, The Magazine of the Gothic Society. Summer 1996, Large format, card covers. Illustrated 32pp F Order No. 300417 #5

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Chaos (Later Kaos), No.3, Not Dated 31pp Card covers Cup marks front cover G Order No. 300337 #15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Chaos (Later Kaos), Number 6, not dated 35pp card covered booklet. Lively and controversial F Order No. 300336 #15

Various (relating to Aleister Crowley), Sothis, Vol.I No.5, 1975 arge format card covs 158pp Illus Peter MacFarlane on the OTO, Crowley’s Preliminary Analysis of Liber LXV Alan Holob artwork etc. A Short article re spurious A.’.A’.s. Wear to covers at top and tail of spine. Loosley enclosed is a publicity sheet for Sothis. This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an inverted triangle of three dots. Also signed by the editors using their magical names in Typhonian OTO tear to covers at top of spine VG- Order No. 300369 #40

Colin Wilson, Aleister Crowley, The Nature of the Beast, Aquarian 1987 Paperback 174pp F Order No. 300249 #10

Snoo Wilson, Number of the Beast, & Flaming Bodies, Calder 1983 1st Ed Play originally written for the RSC about Crowley. Paperback x + 92pp F Order No 300339 #15

Benjamin Woolley, The Queens Conjuror, The Science and Magic of John Dee, Harper Collins 2001 1st xvii + 394pp Plates. Some coloured F in F DW Order No 300373 #15

PierLuigi Zoccatelli, Aleister Crowley, Un Mago a Cefalu, Mediterrranee 1998 Paperback 143pp Coloured plates of Crowley’s murals at Cefalu. Italian text Brief pencilled inscription by Timothy D’Arch Smith (author of Books of the Beast) to Geoff (ie John Balance) VG Order No. 300263 #25


3) Abbreviations:-

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno. Annotations; bd Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper; Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not mentioned


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