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You’ll be aware that I’ve received complaints from visitors that Keith Richmond’s excellent Progradior books have been difficult to obtain in the UK.

An email from Ben Fernee of the wonderful Caduceus Books mentions that he is now in a position to provide the two volumes.

If you read the review I wrote here you’ll know why I’m really pleased to know that they’re more readily available…

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England, U.K.

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Two Important Books In Stock Now


1) Keith Richmond, Progradior and the Beast, Frank Bennett and Aleister Crowley, Neptune Press, 316pp Illustrated. Bennett was one of Crowleys most important followers and has been cited as one of the success stories of the Thelemic system of personal development. This work explores his life and his relationship with Crowley. In the process it gives an illuminating account of the operation of the AA and the OTO under Crowley from the earliest of times, Bennett having first contacted Crowley following the publication of the first number of the Equinox in April 1909. Bennett emigrated to Australia and established the OTO and AA there. This account of the international operation of the early O.T.O. is enlightening. The police raid on the OTO in London is described as is the use of drugs by early OTO members in Australia. In 1920 Bennett travelled to Cefalu where he came to be regarded as Crowley’s star pupil, being recognised by Crowley as an Adeptus Minor and initiated into the IXth degree of the OTO. He returned to Australia where his commitment to Thelema fractured his family and led to press scandals. Gradually he drifted away from Crowley, alienated by the Beast’s demands. However, his interest in magic continued unabated. He lived a quite lifestyle which allowed him to explore magical work, working with spirits and entities. It would appear that he had achieved some state of wisdom. However, he warned a friend that she would not see him for a awhile as had to undergo a dangerous experiment requiring him to overcome certain supernatural beings. In fact, she never saw him again, as he died, apparently of some form of heart attack

This is a work of true scholarship, assiduously researched and also very well written. The author is sympathetic yet sensible. This is a major work, of us to anyone with and interest in Thelema and occultism. By concentrating a searchlight upon one aspect of Thelemic history, the nature of the whole tradition is illuminated

The dustwrapper carries an image of a portrait by Crowley of Bennett as a Neophyte of the AA performing a ritual at Cefalu. This is one of Crowley’s most striking paintings and is reproduced to a very high standard in colour without the imposition of any text. The decorated endpapers carry a coloured reproduction of “At Play on the Cefalu Foreshore”, another painting by Crowley, also dated 1921.

The price of this book (Order No. PROG1) is UK Pounds 42.50 plus postage as follows (in UK Pounds):-

UK 3.10
Europe Airmail 4.26
Rest of the World Airmail 8.09


Frank Bennett, The Magical Record of Frater Progradior and Other Writings, Introduced and Edited by Keith Richmond, Neptune Press 176pp. A concise and cogent 18pp introduction summarises the magical career of Frater Progradior (Frank Bennett). This book presents:-
“An Astral Journey” a short story which Bennett published in 1923 ascribing authorship to “Progradior”. Set in Lancashire in 1910 it may be, to some extent autobiographical and has Thelemic references.
Magical Record of a Retirement carried out at Cefalu
Description of a Magical Ritual at Abbey of Thelema, Cefalu
Spiritual Experience of Frater Progradior
Progradior In Hell (magical diary describing some of the spiritual ordeals he experienced at Cefalu.
There are then some further small pieces before two publications by Bennett are reproduced:-
Publication for Probationers
Francis Bacon, His Connection with the Rosicrucian and Masonic Societies.
Finally Liber Samekh by Aleister Crowley is reproduced as this was of immense importance to Progradior’s magickal training.

The price of this book (Order No. PROG2) is UK Pounds 30.00 plus postage as follows (in UK Pounds):-

UK 1.75
Europe Airmail 2.91
Rest of the World Airmail 5.39

If both books are ordered they will be sent insured and I will pay the insurance


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