Lon DuQuette Visiting The UK

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I know that many visitors to LAShTAL.COM will be very pleased to hear that the prominent Thelemic writer Lon DuQuette is coming to London for a month’s events.

He will be presenting a number of workshops, and launching a number of new ventures.

The events are as follows:

  • Tour & Book Pre-Launch Party – Friday 29th April
  • L.M.N.T. (Lon’s Monday Night Teach-In) – Mondays 9th, 16th, and 23rd May
  • Tarot & Other Oracles MasterClass – Sunday 8th May
  • Lon-Stravaganza! – 14th & 15th May

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    These events can be booked at www.old-scratch.org or by emailing events@old-scratch.org

    Tour & Book Pre-Launch Party
    Friday 29th April
    7:30pm – October Gallery, Gloucester St, London

    All tours have a party… this is no exception. Welcome Lon to the UK for his first event in the UK tour. Tonight Lon launches 3 new ventures The UK Tour, His new book “Ordinary Oracles” & the Exclusive Limited-edition hardback of “Chicken Qabalah”. All Lon’s titles will be there for signing. Email launch@old-scratch.org to reserve your place or books

    Mondays 9th, 16th, and 23rd, May
    7:30pm – The Plough, Museum Street, London
    Cost £3

    Direct from the USA for 3 weeks only. Lon’s Monday Night Teach-in sets up home at the Plough. An informal discussion evening with Lon and occasional Guests. Join Lon in the upstairs bar and sit and soak up the Wit & Wisdom (and beer). Email lmnt@old-scratch.org for details. All Lon’s books will be available for signing at this event.

    Tarot & Other Oracles MasterClass
    Sunday, 8th May
    10am til 5pm – Central London Venue
    Cost £25

    Most everyone knows that the Tarot is constructed upon fundamental principals of the Qabalah. Anyone caring enough to explore this structure will soon discover that hiding just beneath the surface of every Tarot card is a host of angels, spirits, and demons – all of whom have their place in the magical universe of the magician’s own consciousness. Divination is an indispensable weapon in the Magician’s arsenal. Most of us do a pretty good job when we divine for others, but few of us are really comfortable (or any good at) consulting an oracle when the question is about ourselves.

    Spend the day with Lon Milo DuQuette, author of The Book of Ordinary Oracles, Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, and the I Ching of Mi-Lo, as he teaches how to get out of your own way and receive oracular answers using ordinary objects you have around the house. You will also learn to project your consciousness into a Tarot card, and demonstrates how to identify, conjure, and control the Spirits of the Tarot.

    14th & 15th May
    10am – 5pm – Central London Venue
    Cost £30 per day, or £50 for the weekend

    This is the Big-One! Lon, Barry Hale, David Rankine and other Guests present Two days of hands-on Workshops. Email weekend@old-scratch.org to reserve your place. Places will be strictly limited, so book yours early. A number of books on related subjects will be available for purchase on the day.

    Day1 – Enochian

    Not just theory and talk – you’ve heard all that before.
    This is an All-Day Experiential Workshop presented by Lon Milo DuQuette & Guests

    Enochian magick divides human/divine consciousness into 30 Aethyrs or
    Heavens, which can be penetrated in vision by anyone motivated to do so.
    Skrying, (travelling in the spirit vision) is as simple as sitting down and doing it, and can be one of the most dramatic and helpful spiritual exercises a solitary magician can perform.

    In this workshop you will learn the theory and technique of Enochian Aethyr work, and also hone your skrying skills in group sessions.

    Bring a notebook, pillow, or mat…whatever you need to be comfortable.

    Day2 – Goetia

    An All-Day Workshop presented by Lon Milo DuQuette & Guests

    Evoking a spirit into a magick triangle or black mirror is easier than you might think. Once mastered, it is a skill that can serve as one of the most useful weapons in a Magician’s arsenal.

    This will be an in-depth look at the theory and practical applications of the ‘Black Art’ of Solomonic Magick.

    Bring a notebook, an open mind…. and a little courage. Who knows? At the end of this workshop you just might want to call up one of those little devils for yourself.

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