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Austin Osman Spare specialists Fulgur Limited have announced the launch on Saturday 14 May 2005 of a DVD: Earth: Inferno – A Short Film By Mor Navon and Julian Moguillansky.

Read More for a description of the film by its creators, taken from the publicity brochure published by Fulgur.

Availability of this 8 3/4 minute long DVD is described by Fulgur as follows:

Producto Desecho’s production of Earth: Inferno is a milestone in AOS appreciation and the team at Fulgur are delighted to offer our subscribers the opportunity to support this important project.

The film Earth: Inferno is available as a DVD in two editions:

A special issue of 51 signed examples, including a unique polaroid image by the film-makers, a certificate of limitation and a limited edition set of “behind the scenes” photographs taken during filming, in a special cloth covered box.
£42.00 (p+y ,£3.00 EU and £5.00 USA)

A standard issue of 397 examples with a certificate of limitation. £15.00 (p+p £1.50 EU and £2.50 USA)

Please note: Earth: Inferno is available only as a PAL Multi-region DVD.

If you’re interested, contact Fulgur direct.

Earth: Inferno

a film by Producto Desecho

The Art and Magic of Austin Osman Spare have been among our deepest influences in many different ways. His first published book, Earth: Inferno, probably the most obscure of his works, gave us the libidinal inspiration that was necessary to make some of our innate unconscious desires become flesh. With this film we intended to re-awaken ourselves and tear apart the veils that cover our Inferno. If Art is meant to have a purpose, the only purpose that this film has is to bring this experience to you (and we really mean YOU!); with this film we do invite you to meet once more your own Satyrs, to make you remember once more that Prometheus was none other than yourself… and that you were the one who stole fire from Heaven.

One of the most curious things about Spare’s Earth: Inferno is that he felt the need to invent something new in order to express his images and ideas; however he also felt the need to invite his own well-loved idols to take part in his adventure. Earth: Inferno exists as a book because William Blake and Omar Khayyam had touched the soul of the young Artist with the sweet nectar of excessive wisdom. In this sense, we also wanted to bring to our film the energy and magic of our own beloved icons in the fields of cinematic heterodoxy: the crooked dreams of German Expressionism, the creative freedom of Derek Jarman, Kenneth Anger, Alejandro Jodorowski and Pablo Cesar… but also, in order to film Earth: Inferno we felt the need to re-invent the narrative of Cinema — nothing else would have made a fair and honest homage to the lad who once shouted “You are the living truth!”

Mor Navc n & Julian Moguillansky, Argentina, 2004

Running time: 8.45 minutes approx.

© Producto Desecho 2005. All rights reserved.
Distributed by Fulgur Limited, I3CM Fulgur, London, wciN 3xx, United Kingdom.

We do invoke Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty and intend to create a new contagious pestilence. A meta-physical riot against a culture that seems to be either stupid or dead… With this spirit and intention do we celebrate the early scream of AOS that gave birth to this film.

Prodiato Desecho was born from an encounter between Mor Navin & Julian Moguiflanshy in March 2001. Since then, they’ve been creating together as a third mind. Here they discuss the influences that inspired the important first fain of Spare’s philosophy and art.

Contains nudity and moderate sex references

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