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This copied from the forums here at LAShTAL.COM:

One of the newest trends on the internet is podcasting. It is like a radio show but instead of being streamed, it is in the form of an MP3 that can be downloaded individually or with programs called aggregators. Then the MP3 can be listened to on a MP3 player, computer, burned to a CD or any other way to play an MP3! The great thing is that they can be listened to wherever and when YOU want, not when the program is aired. Now there a podcast spotlighting Thelema, Crowley, the occult and the New Aeon. Announcing:

Thelema Coast to Coast is a podcast dedicated to the subjects relating to all things Thelema. It has and will have interviews with prominent figures within the Thelemic community, reports on trends and events in the Thelemic community, a discussion of the organizations, members, books, music and other things that are of interest to Thelemites and practitioners of the occult. The service is free and all that is needed is the ability to download and play MP3 files!

There are already two shows online and more coming. Check it out and be sure to tell others! Email suggestions; post to the site blog; your feedback and participation is important! Help others know about the newest thing to help promulgate the Law of the New Aeon – Thelema Coast to Coast.

To see the website, go to

Since the above was written, John has added a third show, the most prominent feature of which is really excellent interview with Dr Richard Kaczynski, author of Perdurabo, the finest biography of Aleister Crowley.

During this interview, Dr Kaczynski mentions his forthcoming annotated edition of Crowley’s Sword Of Song, the indefinitely deferred Crowley On Drugs (great title but probably not a good idea in the current climate), and his planned publication of a student’s guide to Liber ABA.

Thelema Coast To Coast is highly recommended…

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