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The Tool website mentions some intriguing AOS-inspired mementoes… 03 Oct 03
Lately I’ve received several e-mails from people who’ve obtained cracked DC drum sticks that were tossed into the audience during the recent PLC/APC tour. Most of these people wanted to know about the symbol on the Vic Firth sticks,with several of you claiming that they are different from the ones that are available in stores. I’m not sure about whether or not they are exactly the same as those that are commercially available, but I can tell you that the symbol itself is a magical glyph from The Zos Kia Cultus, an occult society formed by Zos vel Thanatos (Austin Osman Spare) and Kenneth Grant circa 1952 for “exploring the magical universe by means of the visual arts.” The modified Eye of Horus symbol is from a talisman that was included with each of the 93 deluxe editions of Zos Speaks by Kenneth and Steffi Grant. The Zos Kia Cultus is still around today, with several of its members sharing their powerful visualizations in the illustrations used for Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies as well as Starfire magazine.

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