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Starfire, publishers of Kenneth Grant’s forthcoming Convolvulus, have released a statement regarding the delay in its appearance. The statement is dated 19 April, but I received it this morning:

This eagerly-anticipated book has been considerably delayed since going to press at the end of last year, due to problems with paper and difficulties in production. We have been aware of the considerable inconvenience to customers and author alike in delays to publication. However, it has been vital to maintain the standards of production which we at Starfire Publishing regard as important, and which we know our customers and our authors alike value.

We are pleased to say that these problems have finally been resolved, and that production is resuming. It will be a few weeks more until the standard edition of Convolvulus, but we anticipate that the book will be published in May.

Starfire Publishing would like to thanks our customers for their forbearance in the course of these difficulties. We are sincerely grateful for your patience and understanding, and hope that the book when it is published will make it worthwhile. The publication will be marked by a launch, which in view of the delay will be even more of a special occasion than it otherwise would have been. Details of venue, date and time will be announced in the near future, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Michael Staley
Robert Taylor
19th April 2005 e.v.

Starfire Publishing Ltd
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

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