Caduceus Books: Last of the COIL Collection

I know from the emails I’ve been sent that many of you find much of interest in the Caduceus Books catalogues, so I make no apologies for including the latest one here.

Ben has some really exceptional items on offer. And for those that just like to look, there’s a lot of information in the descriptions… The latest list follows verbatim:

Caduceus Books
28 Darley Road
LE10 2RL
England, U.K.

Private premises, visitors welcome by appointment

Tel. 01455 250542 (+44 1455 250542 from abroad)
Fax. 0870 0552982 (+44 870 0552982 from abroad)




1) Research Project

2) Three New Books by and about Austin Osman Spare

3) Further items from the Coil Collection

4) Abbreviations

5) Terms and conditions, payment methods etc.


All prices in British Pounds ( £ ), A convenient exchange rate
calculator can be found at:-


1) Research Project. I wonder if anyone living in Edinburgh, Scotland
would be willing to assist in some research for an occult publishing
project. It would require visiting an archive in that town, viewing a
manuscript and taking some notes


2) Three New Books by and about Austin Osman Spare

Austin Osman Spare, Book of Satyrs, IHO 2005 Paperback (10ins x 7.5ins)
30pp Facsimile of the 1907 First Edition, also reproducing the extra
plate and the variant preliminary pages of the 1909 edition. Some of
Spares very striking early work including at least three self portraits.
Aside from the Introduction by James Guthrie there is no text but Spares
youthful fire and venom seethes through as he protrays such as the
Church, Fashion, Officialism etc. However, the images are complex and have
multifaceted symbolism which is often enigmatic and intruiging details.
The title is very apt, the pictures being far more than just satires
New Order No. 110132 £4.99

Austin Osman Spare, Earth Inferno, IHO 2005 Paperback (10ins x 7.5ins)
30pp Facsimile of Spares first book. Remarkable work published when
Spare was only 19 and is effectively a mandala of words and images which
is a remarkable statement of his philosophy. It describes the circuit of
birth to death exploring the themes of the Despair, the Chaos of the
Normal, the Dweller on the Threshold, Life’s Nightmare, Knowledge and
Illusion. Whilst being enigmatic rather than clumsy and explicit, he does
imply that these dramas revolve around around Zod Kia’s dominion (the
Unconscious?) within which lies Kia, or One (Enlightenment?). However,
any attempt to describe the work is an injustice! New Order No. 110131

Dr. William Wallace, Austin Osman Spare, The Artist’s Books, IHO 2005
Paperback (10ins x 7.5ins) xiii + 442pp + 16pp glossary & Bibliography
Illustrated. A Substantial investigation of the cultural & occult
background of the books, and then a detailed examination of the symbolism &
references in the pictures. He argues that the Alphabet of Desire
relates to Enochian. He discusses such influences as Blake, Dante, Nietsche,
Crowley of course, Kabbala, Alchemy, Ancient Egypt etc. As he examines
each picture in turn even those who disagree with some of his
conclusions will admire the window openes upon the wealth of symbolism in
Spare’s work. New Order No. 110133 £29.95


3) Further items from the Coil Collection

Peter Ackroyd, Chatterton, London Limited Ed / Hamish Hamilton. No. 93
of 150 copies signed by the author 234pp. Ppaer slightly browned F
Order No. 300605 £35

Aiwass, Book of the Law, Astarte Power Zone (OTO) (Typhonian) Not
Dated. (probably early 1980s) Large format card covers 18pp Substantial 4pp
Introduction by Fr. Gaalahad, Sr. Aditi, Fr, Numenor. Also 2pp piece by
Sr. Noctua Vth degree titled “Comments on the Eighties” VG Order No.
300394 £35

Kenneth Anger (presents), Don’t Smoke That Cigarette, not dated, video
tape F in F case Order No. 300637 £30

Anon, S.S.O.T.B.M.E., An Essay on Magic, T.M.T.S. 1977 2nd Corrected
Ed. Paperback 95pp In fact written by Lionel Snell aka Ramsey Dukes,
Lemuel Johnstone etc. Illus with Book of Saytrs by A.O.Spare. Elegant &
thoughtful work, well received G+ Order No. 300267 £12

Anon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Penguin 1972 paperback 176pp G
Order No. 300632 £3

Anon, The Great Adventure, B.O.T.A. not dated (modern) 24pp small
format booklet, elegant produced describing the work of the Builders of
the Adytum in New Zealand. Enclosed printed letter describes events
leading to foundation of this branch of the Order which ultimately derives
from the Golden Dawn F Order No. 300437 £6

Anon (Comp. & Anno. Wade Long), Lemegeton, Complete Lesser Key of
Solomon, Seventh Ray 1996 Large format paperback vi +191pp. Introduction;
Goetia; Theurgia Goetia; Art Pauline; Art Almadel; Art Novem / Notary
Art. Useful work by someone who has practised the rituals therein VG
Order No. 300608 £30

Anon (probably D.A. passero), The Conspiracy Tracker, No.1, 1983 Large
format 10pp leaflet. O.T.O., Crowley, Golden Dawn etc VG Order No.
300442 £12

N.F Armstrong, Sussex Witchcraft, Pike 1976 Card covers 32pp
illustrated, empahsis on modern witchcraft . Has acquisition signature of John
Balance dated 8 9 86ev (moon sign) VG Order No. 300458 £12

Freya Aswynn, Northern Mysteries and Magic, Runes, Gods and Feminine
Powers, Llewellyn 1998 Paperback xxxi + 251pp (missing accompanying CD)
G Order No. 300581 £5

Freya Aswynn, Wolf Rune, Les Joyaux de la Princesses, not dated 7 inch
vinyl record with foldout card sleeve. Invocation of the Northern Gods
F Order No 300509 £25

Avrious, Abrahadabra, 1985 large Format card covers 33 leaves printed
on one side. German text. Illustrated. Discusses Crowley, Grant, Spare
Coil, Current 93 F Order No. 300631 £10

Blanche Barton, The Secret Life of a Satanist, The Authorised Biography
of Anton LaVey, Feral House 1990 1st Ed 262pp Plates F in VG DW Order
No. 300359 £18

Allan Bennett (Anand M.), The Wisdom of the Aryas, Kegan Paul etc 1923
1st xxix + 147pp Author taught Crowley magic and contributed to the
Equinox. It was Bennett who, accoding to Crowley, supplied the crucial
insight which convinced him that mathers had become a Brother of the Left
Hand Path. Meanwhile Bennett embraced Buddhism, was ordained a Buddhist
priest and played a crucial role in bring Buddhism to the West.
Interestingly this book is dedicated to Clifford Bax who assisted Bennett
greatly. Bax, of course, was a colleague of Austin Osman Spare, co-editing
the Golden Hind VG Order No. 300261 £35

Louis Pauwels & Jaques Bergier, Morning of the Magician, Granada 1963
Paperback 303pp Plates worn reading copy Order No. 300216 £1

Hymenaeus Beta (Ed) concerning Alesiter Crowley, An Old Master, Art of
Aleister Crowley, OTO 1998 Large format, card covers 32pp Profuse
Coloured illustrations of Crowley’s art. Reproduces Intro to catalogue of
Crowley’s 1931 exhibition, also piece by Martin Starr. F Order No.
300400 £45

Joel Biroco, Che Sara Sara, Herculaneum Press 1989 Card covers 10p
Coloured linocut frontispiece. Very elegantly hand set and printed using
letterpress and cooured inks. No. Ltd. Ed of 175 copies F Order No.
300343 £40

Anand Chetan and Diana Brueton, The Sacred Yew, Arkana 1994 paperback
xv + 304pp Illustrated. Presenting the work of Allen Meredith – much of
which was inspired by dreams. Unlike any other tree, the yew need never
die, but forever regenerates itself. Hence its reverence where it
became a symbol for rebirth. Includes a gazeteer of Britains ancients yews,
some of which are literally thousands of years old F Order No. 300229

Jan Harold Brunvald, Vanishing Hitchhiker, Urban Legends and their
Meanings, Picador Paperback 156pp VG Order No. 300518 £4

Alan Burnett-Rae (relating to Aleister Crowley), Aleister Crowley, A
Memoir of 666, Victim Press 1971 1st Ed No Ltd Ed of 350, this being copy
76 Scarce 22pp card covered booklet. The author was, for awhile,
Crowley’s landlord so gives good account of some of the Old Man’s difficult
habits!. Previous owners signature some marks to white card covers G+
Order No. 300238 £25

E.M. Butler, Paper Boats, Collins 1959 1st Ed 192pp Autobiography of
author of Ritual Magic, Fortunes of Faust & Myth of the Magus. Has
account of her visit to Netherwood to meet Crowley. Haws one small library
stamp on reverse of title page and another showing it was withdrawn on
front free endpaper. Tape marks where protective cellophane has been
fastened to pastdowns. Dustwrapper covering back board has two inch tear
overall G in G DW Order No. 300212 £12

Charles Cammell, Songs and Sonnets, Humphreys 1913 8ins x 7ins 56pp
Gilt decorated cloth, rubicated title page, top edge gilt Free endpapers
and pastedowns very browned otherwise VG Order No. 300257 £15

Peter Carroll, Liber Null & Psychonaut, An Introduction to Chaos Magic,
Weiser 1987 Two of the most seminal Chaos Magic titles. Illus 214pp
Paperback VG Order No. 300241 £10

Chao-Hsiu Chen, The Bamboo Oracle, Confucian Wisdom For Every day,
Connections 1998 14pp paperback book, 64 cards, 12 bamboo stick in silk
ribbon in card box All F Order No. 300223 £12

Andrew Chumbley, Azoetia, Xoanon 2003 ix + 365pp Illus.The
Sethos-Behana, or “Black” Edition, Number 31 of 77 copies signed by the author
using his magickal name and sigilised by him with the stang and serpent
symbols. The black cloth binding of the book is silver stamped on spine
and on the boards where it carries the skull and set square symbol. The
endpapers are black, but subtly printed with a snakeskin design visible
when the light catches it right. The silk place ribbon is black. It is
accompanied by a hand numbered envelope holding an 8 page card covered
booklet woith coloured embellishments on the title page. This gives the
Rite of Amethystine Light, Liber Sa-Bapho-Mitr 77, a conjouration of
the Averse or Shadow-form of the daimon Sethos, the patron of this
edition of Azoetia. This too is numbered and sigilised by the author.
Enclosed within this is snake-skin like card talisman hand painted with walnut
shell dye. The book and associated items is held within a sturdy cloth
bound slipcase with further ornate silver blockinging. An elegant and
truly talismanic publication All Fine in VG+ slipcase Order No. 300206

Coil, Ticket, undated card 6ins x 3.5in Undated ticket for Coil concert
in Russia, design features Lovecraftian artwork by Peter Smith plus
stylised form of Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphicas interlocking with the ‘O’ of
Coil F Order No. 300630 £5

Aleister Crowley, Book Four, (Part 1), RYM 1969 Card covers, small
format card covers viii + 94pp Facsimile of the first edition. G Order No.
300306 £10

Aleister Crowley, Catalogue of Crowleyana in the Possession of G.J.
Yorke January 1951, photocopy 38 loose leaves, some rather worn with use.
Invaluable tool for Thelemic research describing the Yorke Collection
(and how it is grouped) in the Warburg Institute Order No. 300470 £50

Aleister Crowley, Clouds Without Water, Ed. from a Private Ms. by
Rev.C. Verey, Yogi Pub nd (1970s) small format paperback xxi + 142pp
Includes the poems the Augur, the Alchemist, the Thaumaturge, the Adept, the
Black Mass, the Vampire etc. The first letters each line at various
points spelt out the names of Crowley’s lovers. One, the sculptress
Kathleen Bruce, was wife to the explorer Scot of the Antartic. Needless to
say it was brought to his attention!. This copy has inscription in gold
pen:- “dearest Geff Eden 2 (psychic cross) with thanks for inspiration
and encouragement before, now and after Gen (psychic cross) 23 5 June
1983″ An elegant inscription from Genesis P. Orridge to a resepcted
colleague VG Order No. 300440 £75

Aleister Crowley, Equinox Vol.III No.1, The Blue Equinox, Weiser 1992
Ltd. Ed of 1000. 439pp 2 coloured Pls (one, May Morn, a striking
painting by AC the other the Engers Kennedy portrait of Crowley) 1st Pub 1919
F Order No. 300516 £48

Aleister Crowley, Giant’s Thumb, First Impressions 1992 Paperback xxi +
316 + (10pp) ads. The 1st Ed. as it reached proof stage in 1915, & AC
corrected the proofs but it was never published until now, a facs of
those proofs with Crowley’s anno & copious & amusing insc. reproduced. The
original was to have been dedicated to Reus, and some of the poems
directly relate to OTO & other occult themes. F Order No. 300513 £40

Aleister Crowley, Leah Sublime, Panic Press1983 12pp No. 94 of a Ltd.
Ed of 222 booklet Brief Intro by Frter Schyren XI Ordo Templis
Occidentis. A note observes that this delightful bit of Crowley scatalogical
pornography has 156 lines and 666 words! VG Order No. 300276 £20

Aleister Crowley, Liber Agape, De Arte Magica, Kadath Press 1986 Very
useful reprint of Crowley’s instructions for IXth degree OTO. Frontis.
Intro & footnotes by Ray Sherwin wherein the text of Liber Agape is
checked against the ms in the Warburg Institute & variations are noted 52pp
Frontispiece, card covers VG Order No. 300430 £30

Aleister Crowley, Liber XXI, Khing Kang King, The Classic of Purity,
Thelema 1974 Small format, 10 leaves mostly printed on one side in blue
ink. Frontispiece illustration by Crowley. Printed on quality paper, a
very elegant production. This copy has acquisition inscription in the
hand of John Balance “NY.C. 19th Jan W/Sleazy. It is further augmented
with a printed postcard issued by Thelema publications dated 1982 giving
details of their available books with which supplies useful information
conerning bindings etc Fine Order No. 300291 £45

Aleister Crowley, Little Essays Towards Truth, Privately Issued O.T.O.
Thirteen minutes past noon December 22nd 1938 e.v. Small format 6ins x
5ins 96pp + foldout + 8pp adverts & Thelemic slogans. One of the most
elegant of Crowley’s musings. Has foldout diagram of Tree of Life. Order
form for Equinox of the Gods which notes that orders from Germany
cannot be fulfilled as the book has been banned. Title page has small stamp
with Maltese cross stating book to be from the collection of Richard A.
Barclay. Book is in near Fine condition, very clean and bright Order
No. 300287 £530

Aleister Crowley, Magick, In Theory and Practice. Part I, Self Pub 1930
1st Ed Card covs xxi + 122pp To emphasis the fourfold nature of his
Magnum Opus Crowley issued Part III, Magick in Theory & Practice in four
card covered parts. This is part one with the striking coloured plate of
Crowley’s sigil, not found in any of the reprints! Wear to top and tail
of spine VG Order No. 300500 £80

Aleister Crowley, Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist, of Shiraz
(Bagh-I-Muatter), Teitan 1991 Facsimile of 1st Ed 137pp. Introduction
Martin Starr. Original edition was largely destroyed by the Her Majesty’s
Cusoms and Excise who were never fans of Crowley’s works. Classic
homo-erotic text dealing with Sufi mysteries. This copy is bound in full
vellum with green silk ties and top edge gilt by Crowleys preferred
binder Zaehnsdorf and a form of binding he favoured being one of a handful
of deluxes produced. F+ Order No. 300507 £300

Aleister Crowley, White Stains, The Literary Remains of George
Archibald Bishop, A Neuropath of the Second Empire, Duckworth 1986 xv + 118pp
Introduction by John Symonds. A work of pornography, first published
anonymously in 1898, michevously attributed to his Plymouth Bretheren
uncle. Poems include Necrophilia and the Ballad of Passive Paederasty F in
F DW Order No. 300218 £40

Evangeline Adams (in fact Aleister Crowley, Astrology, Your Place in
the Stars, Putnams not dated 1st Ed (1930s) xiv + 526pp This work was
ghosted by Crowley for Adams who was a popular astrologer of the day VG
Order No. 300231 £35

Aleister Crowley & Frieda Harris, Thoth Tarot Deck, US Games not dated
Full pack of 78 cards (5.5ins x 4ins) The pack has an additional
printed card carrying the OTO Lamen and carrying a message from Hymenaeus
Alpha (ie Grady McMurtry), Caliph, Ordo Templi Orientis (who died 1985).
The card has been signed by Grady’s successor:- “Hymenaeus Beta (though
spelt in Greek) Fra .’. Superior OTO”. The OTO Lamen on the bozx is
likewise signed. The cards are in umarked Fine condition however the
rather worn bos indicates that they have been used a good deal. The leaflet
giving instructions is also present. A pack with striking provenance
Order No. 300202 £85

Aleister Crowley (related to), Views of Boleskine, From the
M.’.M.’.M.’. Manifesto, none given not dated Seven sepia modern photographic
prints which are reproductions of the photos in the Manifesto published by
Crowley circa 1913 together with a printed sheet. As two photographs
combine a number of views this gives twelve views of Boleskine and its
environs when Crowley lived there and sougt to establish it as the kaba of
Thelema. This is accompanied by a printed sheet and an additional
modern photograpic print of Boleskine from the same period All Fine Order
No. 300288 £45

Aleister Crowley and Others, The Equinox, Vol. I Nos. 1 – 10, Weiser
1978 Ten hardback volumes with plates. The most elegant of the reprints
as they are bound in white faux leather carrying cloured reproduction of
the Equinox device which was originally on the paper binding of the
first edition. This device is also reproduced as as an additional coloured
frontispiece plate. A far sturdier binding than the first trade edition
abnd rather more practical than the white cloth of th first deluxe All
ten volumes are Fine Order No. 300205 £420

Dadaji, Sinostroversus, (AMOOKAS) 1981 16pp leaflet Author born
Laurence Miles, he knew Crowley who advised him to travel East, where he was
initiated & then became guru of a tantric cult founded in medieval
times. In due course he initiated Amookas where traditional initiated
tantra, Thelema & a refreshing sense of humour combined. VG Order No. 300428

Vee Van Dam, Journeys Beyond the Body, A Manual Covering All Apsects of
Astral Projection, Psiral 1986 42pp Card covered booklet VG Order No.
300620 £5

H.R.Ellis Davidson, Gods & Myths of Northern Europe, Penguin 1964
paperback 250pp This copy has acquisition inscription:- “D Tibet 93 Camden 1
– XI – 85″ where the ‘D’ is phallicised and the ‘X’ is rendered as a
swatika. There are further enigmatic inscriptions G only Order No.
300633 £12

Joseph Dean, Hatred, Ridicule or Contempt, A Book of Libel Cases,
Constable 1953 271pp 10pp article on Crowley’s libel cases This copy has
ownership inscription of John Balance dated 8 9 86 followed by Moon sign.
Also has blind stamp ” the dreamer is still asleep” VG in G DW Order
No. 300268 £25

John Dee, True & Faithful Relation, Of what Passed for Many Years
Between DrDee & Some Spirits, Magickal Childe 1992 Now OP this excellent
facsimile of the Casaubon edition of Dee’s diary’s detailing the Enochian
workings. Immensely important text in the western magical tradition
Large format (13ins x 8ins) 554pp Nicely produced F Order No. 300488 £90

Ramsey Dukes (Ed.), Thundersqueak, Or Confessions of a Right Wing
Anarchist being the Suicide writings of Liz & Ambrose Lea, T.M.T.S. 1979 1st
Ed Paperback 134pp Actually by Lionel Snell, a classic F Order No.
300247 £25

Stewart Farrar, What Witches Do, The Modern Coven Revealed, Sphere 1973
Paperback 204pp Plates Elegantly communcates the nature of Alexandrian
Witchcraft. VG- Order No. 300293 £6

Louis Golding, Camberwell Beauty, Gollamncz 1935 1st Ed 446pp Novel
with Crowley, thinly diguised, as the villain! spine very sunned G only
Order No. 300621 £15

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarle, Black Sun, Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and
the Politics of Identity, New York U. P. 2002 1st 369pp Plates.
Excellent work with some chilling insights into certain occult currents F in F
DW Order No. 300572 £25

Liz Greene, Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil, Arkana 1990 Paperback
196pp VG Order No. 300227 £6

Werner Hahn, Odin, und Sein Reich, Patria-Verlag not dated (1906)
Decorated cloth, xii + 272 German text. Apparent pre- Great War German
nationalist paganism VG Order No. 300600 £25

Christopher Hyatt, The Toxick Magician, Asfoetida & Dagon not dated
(1994) 1st Ed. Numbered limited Edition, this copy unnumbered Card coverd
booklet 40pp F Order No. 300237 £20

Gordon James, Secrets of John Dee, Being his Alchemical, Astrological.
Qabalistic and Rosicrucian Arcana, Holmes 1995 Paperback 184pp VG
Order No. 300582 £12

Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life, A User’s Guide to the Chakra System,
Llewellyn 1990 Paperback xviii + 519pp Strinking acquistion signature of
John Balance takes up much of one page G+ Order No. 300603 £12

J.M. Kemble, Anglo-Saxon Runes, Anglo-Saxon Books 1991 paperback 78pp
Illustrated F Order No. 300254 £10

Bernard King, Ultima Thule, Vanished Northern Homeland, Rune Guild &
Asatru Folk Runic Workshop 1992 44pp card covered booklet No. Ltd Ed of
300 this being number 69 F Order No. 300256 £18

Francis King, Magic, The Western Tradition, T. & H. 1975 Large format
paperback 128pp Many Illus some cold. Inc. artwork by Spare, Crowley
etc. Pages loose reading copy VG Order No. 300506 £4

Francis King, Sexuality, Magic and Perversion, Neville Spearman 1971
1st 203pp Plates Excellent account, very strong oin 20th Century
occultsims with accounts of Crowley’s sex magick, Saturn Gnosis sex magick, the
Theosophist Leadbeater’s encoiunters with boys, Wilhelm reich, sex in
Witchraft, Ralph Chubb and boy love, the dildo in history etc. VG Order
No. 300219 £30

Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Rituals, University Books 1972 220pp
The scarce hardback. Chapters include: the Original Psychodrama – The
Messe Noir; Law of The Trapezoid; metaphysics of Lovecaft; Satanic
Baptisms etc. This copy has enigmatic inscription by David Tibet with
phallicised ‘D’, two 93s in inverted triangles of dots, the psychic cross of
TOPY and the words “Ave Shaitan” F in G DW Order No. 300510 £80

Eliphas Levi, Mysteries of the Qabalah, The Occult Agreement of the Two
Testaments being Commentaries in the Light of Qabalistic Theology on
the Prophecy of Ezekiel & the Apocalypse of St. John, Thorsons 1st Ed
1974 Paperback 285pp Illustrated This copy has the elegant and dewcorative
inscription in gold ink:- “Eden 2 October 1st ’83” This being the
Temple ov Psychic Youth persona of John Balance VG+ Order No. 300317 £35

Guido von List, Secret of the Runes, Destiny 1988 Paperback xii +
131pp. Translated, Edited and Introduced by Stephen Flowers Author died in
1919 and was an important figure in early German mystical nationalism.
This copy has the ownership inscription of “Tibet” accompanied by a
swastica VG Order No. 300220 £25

George Robert Minkoff, Bibliography of the Black Sun Press, Mikoff 1970
large format (xii) + 62pp F Order No. 300448 £15

Ajit Mookerjee, Kali, The Feminine Force, T.& H. 1988 Large format card
covers 112pp Many illustrations including coloured coloured plates F
Order No. 300503 £6

Richard Mortimer, A Hidden treasure Revealed, Westminster Abbey 1991
7pp leaflet VG Order No. 300435 £4

Marcello Motta, Of The Political Aims of the OTO, S.O.T.O in England.
1980 30pp The pages, using good paper, appear to have published in USA
whilst the card covers give the publisher as S.O.T.O. in England. This
copy has acquisition signature of John Balance in his TOPY persona:-
“Eden 2 26 V 83” the inscription is quite decorative, being in gold ink
and the first ‘E’ being rendered as the Psychic Cross F Order No. 300429

Jenny Nicholson, The Man Who Chose Evil, in Picture Post, November 19
& December 3 1955, 6pp illustrated article in large format news
magazine of the day. Draws on an interview with Kinsey. Covbers rather worn
and loose G Order No. 300482 £25

R.I. Page, An Introduction to English Runes, Methuen 1973 1st Ed xvi +
237pp Plates Scholarly work exploring the actual historical use of
runes. This copy has inscription:- “D. Tibet 93” where the ‘D’ has been
embellished to make it explicitly phallic and the ’93’ appears in an
inverted triangle of dots. Some discolouration to page edges but VG in G DW
Order No. 300209 £35

Jack Parsons, Liber 49, Hymenaeus Alpha X Not dated (1970s) 5
duplicated sheets in coloured paper covers stapled together. Homely production
values but not inelegant with graceful illustration on back cover and
each page carrying compass vignette with reference to hgenetria of Grady
McMurty’s magical name. A scarce item some creasing, overall VG- Order
No. 300474 £35

Jack Parsons, Magick, Gnosticism & the Witchcraft, Introductory Essays,
93 Pub.1979 1st Ed. More complete texts now available, yet this one
claims a talismanic presence. Small, unusual format 37pp card covered
booklet G Order No. 300613 £15

Marco Pasi, Aleister Crowley, E La Tentazione Della Politica,
FrancoAngeli 1999 1st Ed Paperback 221pp Only 600 copies were printed.
Intelligent, substantial academic account of Crowley’s ambigous politics,
placing it in the context of European occult politics. Avoids the
sensationalist speculation of, & immensely more substantial than, previous
comments. A book that cries out for translation into English. Does give
English text of the correspondence between Crowley and Fernando Pessoa plys
three letters from the head of British Intelligence, M., seeking
information from an Italian spy which mention Crowley and the OTO. Has
inscription by Timothy D’Arch Smith (author of Love in Ernest, Books of the
Beast etc) to Geoff (ie John Balance) F Order No. 300243 £25

Alexander Peters, The Devil in the Suburbs, NEL 1972 Paperback 96pp
rather worn Order No. 300260 £2

Israel Regardie and Robert Wang, The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, US Games &
AG Muller 1977 1st Ed. Numbered Limited Edition, this being number 11
of 20 copies signed by Israel Regardie, Robert Wang, Stuart Kaplan and
Edwin Nigg. The complete set of 78 cards are gilt edged, they were drawn
by Robert Wang under the direction of Israel Regardie to, as near as
possible, reproduce the original Golden Dawn tarot images Fine in VG
Box Order No. 300203 £130

Keith Richmond, The Occult Visions of Rosaleen Norton, Oceania Lodge O.
T. O & Kings Cross Arts Guild 2000, Large format card covs 20pp
Excellent essay describing artists life, plus photos of her and her pictures
nine of which are reproduced in colour. Published to accompany an
exhibition in Sydney M Order No. 300479 £12

Scolex, Effigy, self published not dated (modern) 8pp leaflet VG Order
No. 300616 £4

Michael Scott, The Song of the Children of Lir, De Vogel 1983 96pp
Coloured illustrations. Irish mythology, This copy has the inscription:-
“Dearest Geff, ….the boy with the saddest eyes… Love from Gavin 8/86” F
in VG DW Order No. 300571 £15

Allen Seaby, Art in the Life of Mankind, II Art in Ancient Times;
Prehistoric, Sumerian, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian & Aegean, Batsford
1928 1st Ed vi + 114pp Plates spine somewhat faded G+ Order No. 300598 £6

Phyllis Seckler, Red Flame 10, Jane Wolfe, Her Life with Aleister
Crowley Part. 1, Red Flame 2003 Paperback 211pp Illustrated Ltd. Ed. Of 500
copies. Dedicated to the women of Thelema this account of the film star
who travelled to the Abbey of Thelema and then returned to USA to
become a founding member of Agape Lodge as well as being its last Lodge
Master New Order No. 300606 £18

Phyllis Seckler, Red Flame 11, Jane Wolfe, Her Life with Aleister
Crowley Part. 1, Red Flame 2003 Paperback 226pp Illustrated Ltd. Ed. Of 500
copies. Dedicated to the women of Thelema this account of the film star
who travelled to the Abbey of Thelema and then returned to USA to
become a founding member of Agape Lodge as well as being its last Lodge
Master F Order No. 300604 £18

Gavin Semple, Zos kia, Un Saggio Introduttivo all’Arte e la Magia di
Austin Osman Spare, Privately Pub. 2003 No. Ltd Ed of 300 this being
number 36. Italian translation of this important work, with Introduction by
Kenneth Grant. Card covers (xii) + 60pp Illustrated. Signed inscription
to John Balance by publisher / translator Roberto Migliussi F Order
No. 300565 £30

Austin Osman Spare, Automatism Volume II, Earth Inferno; A Book of
Automatic Drawings; Illustrations from Behind the Veil, Blackstar Press not
dated (c2000) No. Ltd. Ed of 75 copies this being copy 15. Very large
format (18ins x12ins). 28pp + 27 leaves printed on one side. Title page
and limitation information on folded sheet loosely inserted. Two tipped
in monochrome plates, two tipped in coloured plates. Japanes binding.
Decorated endpapers. The Automatic Drawings reproduces the series of
drawings issued by Catalpa Press with that title rather than the article
from Form magazine. A handsome handmade work, clearly borne of love for
Spare and his work. Slight flaw in cloth covering back board but
overall F Order No. 300485 £140

Austin Osman Spare, Bookplate for Pickford Waller, 1908 in Laurence
Binyon, Painting in the Far East. Arnold 1908 xvi + 287pp. The bookplate
is particularly nice, having a circular designshowing Spare at a desk,
a book carrying an AOS sigil in front of him, two satyrs, one playing
pan pipes behind him. Also present are five enigmatic statuettes and a
bust of a bearded figure F in VG book in worn DW Order No. 300595 £48

Austin Osman Spare, Stealing The Fire From Heaven, Edited and compiled
by A.R.Naylor, IHO 2002 10ins x 7ins 237pp Hansomely printed in four
colours, many illustrations. A remakable piece of detective work by the
editor throws a remarkable light upon the work of Spare. He was a thief!
Many of the decorations he claimed to have designed were in fact copied
from the work of others! There is speculation that a reaslisation of
this may have been the true reason for Spare’s withdrawal from the
artistic establishment. However the Editor also recovers some work which
Spare published under a pseudonymn, and restores it to the corpus of known
Spare work. Twelve Poems, by W.B. Yeats, is reprinted wit h the
illustartions know known to be by Spare. The Grotesque, by Edmund Sullivan is
also reprinted with the Spare illustrations. Also presented is Twelve
Poems by J.C. Squire supposedly illustrated and decorated by Spare but
now seen in a very different light. These discoveries do not affect the
occult significane of Spare’s work, however they may throw interesting
light upon it! As if to reaffirm Spare’s importance in this field the
Spare & Carter illustrated essay Automatic Drawing is also included F
Order No. 300258 £18

Austin Osman Spare Spare, Exhibition Catalogue, Retrospective
Exhibition to Celebrate Pulication of Witches Sabbath & Axiomata, Henry Boxer /
Fulgur 1993 Small format card covers 22pp. Limited Edition of 333
Tipped in frontispiece plate, Chaos by Spare. VG Order No. 300611 £25

Austin Osman Spare Spare, Un Librio di Satiri (Book of Satyrs),
Beloforte Grafica 1997 No. Ltd. Ed of 400, this being number 290. Signined
inscription by publisher to John Balance. Large format card covers,
tinted paper a tasteful and elegant production. Introduction by James
Gutherie translated into Italian, the book itself by Spare has no text being
imnages only. F Order No 300476 £25

Austin Osman Spare (concerning), Agape, Vol.I No.4, 1973 Card covers
60pp Incorporates and edition of Anathema of Zos with blank card covers
and on better paper than remainder of journal that is bound around it.
The content that embraces Anathema is first class, having the important
essay “Spare Parts” by Lemuel Johnstone plus other lively material VG
Order No. 300630 £18

Godfrey Spencer, Secret of Numbers Revealed, Dorene 1969 Card covers
48pp VG Order No. 300634 £3

A. Square (Edwin Abbott), Flatland, Blackwell 1962 paperback x + 101pp
G only Order No. 300522 £5

J.C. Squire, The Gold Tree, Martin Secker 1917 Numbered limited edition
of 500 signed by Squire, this copy being number unnumbered. Austin
Osman Spare supplied the designs for the illuminated letters which were cut
into wood by W. Quick. It has been speculated that Spares work with
Illuminated letters may have contributed to his development of the
Alphabet of Desire. Some of the designs Spare supplied for the illuminated
letters are of his own design (the ‘A’ and ‘O’ being striking imaged of
naked writhing mermaids), a satyr design is influenced by a Rennaisance
design whilst some are wholly copied from Rennaisance designs. Curiously
this copy has “Hodder and Stoughton” gilt stamped on the spine VG
Order No. 300312 £40

Francoise Strachan, Aquarian Guide to Occult, Mystical, Religious,
Magical Lodon & Around, Aquarian 1970 Small format paperback 180pp.
Articles include Dr. Maugham – Druid Order; J Cretien – Mystery of the Fratres
Lucis; Francis King – Revival of Magic and the Golden Dawn; A Magical
Ritual for Self Improvement form Cromlech Order of the Goden Dawn G
Order No. 300226 £5

Snorri Sturlason, Heimskringla, Lives of the Norse kings, Heffer not
dated c 1930 xvii + 770pp illustrated Fold out maps Gilt blocked cloth
spinme faded, uneven fading to boards G Order No. 300589 £20

Gerald Suster, Hitler & the Age of Horus, Sphere 1980 Sees Hitler as a
Black Magician perverting the forces of the New Aeon for selfish ends.
Small format paperback 231pp Plates VG Order No. 300264 £25

Robert Svoboda, Aghora, At the Left hand of God, Brotehrhood of Life
paperback 327pp VG Order No. 300561 £4

Peter Tompkins, The Magic of Obelisks, Harper & Row 1981 LF vii + 470
Many Illus This exploration of the significance of, & obsession with,
obelisks provides ther oportunity to cast an eye upon the esoteric
tradition from ancient Greece, to classical Rome, its survival of the
oppression of the Christian church & its manifestion in such as the Templars,
Bruno, Dee, Kircher, Cagiostro & Egyptian freemasonry, Naploleans
Egyptian adventures, freemasonry to such modern occultists as Crolwey etc.
Often illuminating. F in VG DW Order No. 300609 £25

Francis Toye, For What We have Received, An Autobiography, Heinemann
1950 1st Ed xi + 256pp 256pp 1pp on Crowley whom author met through
Gwendoline Otter. It mentions a bit of curious Forteana. As a joke Crowley
put a sign up on Boleskine “Beware of the Ichthysaurus”. One thinks of
the Lock Ness Monster of course! Reading copy Order No. 300573 £5

Various, Abracadabra, The Magic of Medicine, Wellcome 1996 Card covers
64pp Coloured plates. Catalogue of an exhibition hosted by Wellcome
Instutute which inlcuded John Dee’ s shewstone plus amulets and charms.
Has essays by John Mack concerning the boundaries of magic and medicine
and marth Abldwin upon magic in medicine F Order No. 300251 £6

Various, Both the Ones, No.1, TOPY Steel 1989 58pp Bklt Illus Stephen
Sennitt – Cult of the Head; Fr. Tenebrous (E.O.D.) Vril – the Coming
Force; Radio Werewolf, Charles Manson etc etc VG Order No. 300240 £10

Various, Caduceus, No.23, 1994 Large format card covers illustrated
68pp F Order No. 300423 £5

Various, Chaos International, No. 4, 1987 Large format card covers 46pp
Illustrated. Ray Sherwin – Demons of Habit; Phil Hine – Love under
Will, Magick , Sexuality & Perversion; Frater V.D. – Historical,
Mythological & Symbol-logical Truth; Leah Hirsig – Magical Record of the Scarlet
Woman; ; Stephen Mace – Hierarchy vs Consensus; A.C. Evans, Pete
Carroll VG Order No. 300349 £20

Various, Chaos International, No.3, 1987 Large format card covers 47pp
Illustrated Pete Carroll – The magical Pact of the IOT – the Pact; Ray
Sherwin – Philosophical and Practical objections to Hierarchical
Structures in magic; Phil Hine – Kundalini, a personal Approach; Stephen Mace
– Holy Guardian Angel, A Chaotic Approach, Dave Lee; P.D.Brown etc VG
Order No. 300348 £20

Various, Chaos International, No. 6, 1989 Large Format, card covers
48pp Illustrated Articels by Ian Read, Pete Carroll, Gerald Susteer,
Ramsey Dukes etc VG Order No. 300346 £20

Various, Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Vol.I No.5,
Conquering Child 1983 Card covers 88pp Illustrated This issue reproduces
manuscript of Liber Praenumbra, the Maatian text received by Nema. Also given
are a number of sex magick rituals developed by the Bat Cabal, the
group associated with this respected occult journal. This copy is signed by
Nema, also using her mundane name and her first magical title (Sr.
Andahadna 124) and magickal sigil VG Order No. 300406 £28

Various, Crash Collusion No. 8, Not dated Large format 50pp card
covers; Paul Rydeen; Psychedelics and Ritual; Legacy of German Sexual
Mysticsims; etc F Order No. 300623 £10

Various, Dagon, No.14, 1986 card covers 40pp Illustrated VG Order No.
300618 £8

Various, Fenris Wolf, Issue No.1, Psychick Release 1991 Large format
card covers. 43pp Illustrated. Associated with TOPY Bill Burroughs –
Points of Distinction Between Sedative and Consciousness Expanding Drugs;
long interview with Genesis P. Orridge, Jayne Mansfield, Satanist;
Kenneth Anger; Television Magic etc VG Order No. 300398 £15

Various, Formaos, Vol.I No.3, 1984 48pp leaflet Illustrated Ray
Sherwin – Chaos Magic; Austin Osman Spare – Sigils, Belief with Protection;
Ryan – Otherness, Magic-Acid Crucible etc VG Order No. 300454 £12

Various, Formaos, Periodical of the Occult Arts Vol. I No.5, 1987 30pp
Illustrated leaflet Articles inc Understanding Austin Osman Spare –
Lionell Snell; Pete carroll – magic of Chaos; Ritual Aspects of tantra
Lokaneth Maharaji; Graphic Symbolism in the Magical Tradition – Rafal T.
Prinke. Artwork by Paul Ryan, Stephen Sennitt, Spare etc F Order No.
300455 £12

Various, Formaos, A Periodical of the Occult Arts Vol.I No.2, Sothis
1984 Card covers 36pp Illustrated. Reproduces Austomatci Drawingas a
Means to Art by Austin Osman Spare, Steven Ashe – dream Control, the key
to Astral Vision etc. Has letter from Kenneth Grant VG Order No. 300456

Various, Fragments, No.2, E.O.D. 1991 Large format card covers 44pp
Illustrated. Lovecraftian Tree of Manifestaion; Austin Spare and the misic
of Erich Zann; Enochian Invocation; Kenneth Grant – Dreaming Out of
Space; Nyarlathotep Sigil; Gemetria of Nyarlathotep. Enclosed is a letter
from Frater Nephren – Ka XXIII on Esoteric Order of Dagon headed note
paper to John Balance / Frater Coil thanking the band for use of the
image on the front cover of this item F Order No. 300355 £45

Various, Gnosis, 1993 Large format card covers 95pp Illustrated. This
issue concentrating on psychedelics and the path F Order No. 300628 £6

Various, I-Was, A Journal of Arcadian Disturbances No. 4, 1988 Large
format card covers 85pp Illustrated Thelemic stream of conscious
material, illustrated VG Order No. 300384 £18

Various, I-Was, A Journal of Arcadian Disturbances No. 3, Not dated
Limited Edition of 70 copies. Large format card covers 80pp. Stream of
consciouness Thelema. Independent F Order No. 300385 £18

Various, Kaos (previously Chaos), No. 8, nd c1990 Card covered booklet
35pp Gossipy, irreverant & sometimes amusingly inaccurate account of
occult scenes, Gerald Suster;Setephen Sennitt; David Rietti; Hakim Bey;
Nema; Lionel Snell Mouse VG Order No. 300334 £15

Various, Khabs, No.1, 1978 24pp Illustrated leaflet. Magazine of
Typhonian OTO in USA. Official Statement Concerning the O.T.O. plus other
material explaining the typhonian point of view. Also reprints Achad’s
Setpping Out of the Old Aeon into the New G Order No. 300461 £20

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.IV No.3, SA nd 56pp Bklt Michael Bertiaux
– Voodoo Meat; S.L.Sennitt – Mer-Symbolism in Ritual; Meriem
Clay-Egerton – Crystal Magic; Harry Hill – Diary of a Chaoist etc VG Order No.
300327 £5

Various, Lamp of Thoth, Vol.IV No.5, SA nd Bklt 58pp Articles Inc.
Bill Liddell (aka Lugh) – Credentials of Modern Wicca; D. Croft – Hi-Tech
Homuculus etc Illus F Order No. 300323 £5

Various, Le Editions du Chaos, Not dated (modern) 12pp card covered
booklet, catalogue of Crowley titles translated into Frenc. Looselyu
enclosed two French TOPY leaflets F Order No. 300619 £8

Various, Lightning Flash, No. 3 and 4, 1984-5 card covers, both 24pp
Mysteris of the Hexagram; Novels of Dion Fortune; Archetypes in
Satanism; Holy Gaurdian Angels etc VG Order No. 300619 £10

Various, Magical Blend, No. 41, 1994 Large format, card cover 96pp VG
Order No. 300446 £5

Various, Magical Blend, No.40, 1993 Large format, card covers,
illustrated 88pp VG Order No. 300426 £5

Various, Magical Blend, No.30, 1991 Large format, card covers,
illustrated 88pp VG Order No. 300427 £5

Various, Mandragore, Vol. III No.2, Grove of Star & Snake 1978 Card
covered booklet, 11ins x 9ins 36pp Illustrated No. 117 of Limited Edition
of 151 Typhonian / Maatian journal very influenced by Kenneth Grant.
Homely production values Scarce Back cover loose but otherwise sound G+
Order No. 300381 £35

Various, Nox, No.4, Disrupters 1987 36pp Illus Bklt Articles Inc.
Sennitt – Function of the Left Hand Path; ONA Esoteric papers – the
Stargame; W. Philips – Further Dark Structures etc G Order No. 300453 £8

Various, Nuit Isis, Vol.I No.1, 1987 Large format card covers 32pp
Illustrated Katon Shual – Sexual magic and Sexual politics; Peter Smith –
Cult of Cthulhu and the Occult Tradition; R.A. Gilbert – Baphomet &
Sones, A Little Known Chapter in the life of 666. Spirited journal
initially edited by two editors, one from Caliphate and one from Typhonian OTO
F Order No. 300409 £18

Various, Skoob Esoterica, Anthology, Skoob 1995 Paperback 192pp + 48pp
Includes contributions by Kenneth Grant (The Stellar Lode), Gerald
Suster, Mouse etc. Lively! Also reprints the first issue of the Occult
Review first published 1905. This copy has inserted two printed postcards,
one advertises the Skoob Esoterica anthology and shows the “Stellar
Lode” picture by Steffi Grant which is used on the cover. The other
advertises the Skoob edition of Cults of the Shadow and shows her
illustration for the dustwrapper Fine Order No. 300213 £12

Various, Skoob Occult Review, No.1, 1990 Large Format Card covs 48pp
Illus Thelema & Money; Terence DuQuesne; Michael Harrison; Gerald Suster
etc VG Order No. 300380 £10

Various, Skoob Occult Review, No.3, Skoob 1990 LF (12ins x 8ins) card
covs 57pp Illus. Nicely produced journal this issue noted for Interview
with Kenneth Grant; Frank Letchford – Search for Guru; Frater Joseph –
History of the Couleuvre Noire (fascinating Haitian OTO/EGC!; Andrew
Chumbley – A Short Critique & Comment upon Magic; Vivienne Browning on
being brought up a Thellemite inthe 1920’s VG Order No. 300387 £15

Various, Sothis, Vol.II No.1, 1976 Large format card covers 100pp Ed.
Mike Magee then prominent member of Typhonian OTO, he later left to
form Amookas. Truly excellent Thelemic journal. Forward Kenneth Grant; Fr.
Custor & Sr. Artemis, diary Fragments; Kamesvaranta, Aparajitastotra;
Fr. I.I.V. The Arrow Star; Liber Pyramidos; Mike Magee, the Substance of
Lust This copy has owner ship sigil of David (Tibet) comprising a
phalicised ‘D’, the last ‘d’ having a psychic cross, the number ’93’ and an
inverted triangle of three dots VG Order No. 300368 £40

Austin Osman Spare, Holograph Document , not dated (c1945) 2 leaves,
being an early draft of list of house and studio contents which Spare
made up in order to claim compensation following bomb damage to his home.
Gives some insight into the tolls and materials he had for his artistic
work. The note paper is headed “50 New Bond Street”, a very up market
address which was not Spare’s. Unsigned quite marked and stained Order
No. 300473 £180

Various, Starfire, Vol.I No.3, 1989 Large format 108pp Illus Exellent
Typhonian journal F Order No. 300489 £75

Various, Starfire, A Magazine of the New Aeon; Vol.I No.1, 1986 Large
format Card Covs 52pp Excellent journal closely associated with
Typhonian OTO. Inc. OTO – A Brief History; P.Turner – The Tarot & Liber Al;
M/Staley – Going Beyond; S. Dziklewicz – Stele of Revealing & the
Abomination of Desloation etc etc. Highly soughtafter F Order No. 300363 £75

Various, Starfire, Vol.II No.1, Large format. Illus. 158pp Excellent
Thelemic journal, the official organ of the Typhonian OTO Articles by
Mick Staley, Andrew Chumbley, Paul Lowe, Gavin Semple, Margaret Ingalls
artwork etc F Order No. 300492 £20

Various, Strange Horizons, Compiled by Editors of Borderline,
Paperback Library 1967 171pp reading copy Order No. 300241 £2

Various, Talking Stick, Nos. 9, 11, 14-17, 20-23, 1992 – 1996 9 copies
each being large format, card covers 36pp – 48pp Articles include:-
Cecil Williamson – Aleister Crowley & Interviews; Thuggees; Mike Howard –
Sacred Hare /Hell Fire Club; Phil Hine; Ron Hutton; Alby Stone – Magic
Staff in Northern Tradition; Andrew Chumbely – A Scattering of Dust;
Necronomicon All at least VG Order No. 300402 £35

Various, Talking Stick Magical Directory, The Pagan, Occult & Esoteric
Organisations in Great Britain, 1994 large format Card covers 27pp
Networks, witchcraft, northern rtadition, druids & celts, eco-magick,
Aleister Crowley and Eastern Influence, western esoteric tradition. In all
22 groups, the TOPY entry written by John Balance VG Order No. 300463

Various, The Ley Hunter, No. 129, 1998 Large format card covers,
illustrated 40pp F Order No. 300411 £5

Various, The Ley Hunter, No. 125, 1996 Large format card covers,
illustrated 40pp F Order No. 300410 £5

Various, The Ley Hunter, No. 133, 1999 Large format card covers,
illustrated 40pp F Order No. 300414 £5

Various, The Magical Link, New Series No.2, 1998 Large format 16pp
leaflet. Has report of Crowley art show, Crowley texts etc VG Order No.
300445 £5

Various, The Occult Observer, Vol.II No.4, nd (1993) LF card covs 56pp
Inc. Andrew Chumbley – the Sabazian Torch; J.Michaud – the Bronze
Mirror; Jon Erik Schelander – the Cathars; Andrew Collins – Orgone 93; Phil
Hine – Chaos & Culture; Nigel Pennnick – Magic of Labyrinths; Caitlin
Matthews – Seeking the Spirit of the Land; Alby Stone – the Cosmic Mill
etc F Order No. 300390 £15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No.10, c1989 Card covers 43pp VG
Order No 300636 £18

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No.7, Not dated (c1991?) card covers
35pp Controversial and lively. Contributions by Hakim Bey, Stephen
Sennitt, Ray Sherwin, Nema, Mouse, Bob Black etc F Order No. 300333 £15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No.11 not Dated 36pp leaflet Ramsey
Dukes, Mouse; Halkim Bey Fine Order No. 300340 £15

Various (Ed. Joel Biroco), Kaos, No.9 Not dated 36pp leafelt Gerald
Suster; Bob Black; Pete Carroll; stephen Sennitt; Hakim Bey; David
Rietti; Mouse VG Order No. 300339 £15

Various (Ed. Richard Grossinger), Alchemy, Pre-Egyptian Legacy,
Millenium Promise, North Atlantic 1979 Paperback 256pp This copy has elegant
inscription in gold ink:- Eden 2 31st August 83 Era Vulgaris” This
being the TOPY persona of John Balance. Contains many useful alchemical
tracts G+ Order No. 300625 £18

Various (Ed. Stephen Sennitt), Nox, Magazine of the Abyss Nos. 5, 1987
Large format card covers 24pp Illustrated Stephen Sennit – Solipsist’s
Guide to the Occult; Dave Lee – What is Magic For; John Beal –
Situation; Orum & Omniea – Da’ath (independent exploration of Grant’s Tunnels
of Set) VG Order No. 300388 £12

Various, The Storm, Issue 16-17 (combined), Mackay Society 1986-8 Card
covers 50pp. Mackay (1864 – 1933) was an author and advocate of
anarchism & gay liberation. This interesting journal has 4pp leaflet of
publications by Mackay Society F Order No. 300626 £13.5

Leo Vinci, GMICALZOMA, An Enochian Dictionary, Neptune Press Signed
No.Ltd Ed of 150 (No. 137) Leatherlike binding with gilt blocked design,
place ribbon. 134pp Vinci was a founder member of the Order of the
Morning Star, headed by Madelaine Montalban, which is now receiving
considerable interest. There are biographical notes of Dee & Kelly, a summary
of the Enochian system and a discussion of pronunciation before the
dictionary itself, which is followed by the Angelic Keys F Order No.
300585 £60

Robert Wang, Qabalistic Tarot, A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy,
Weiser 1983 Large format Paperback xviii + 286pp 2 Coloured Plates &
Illustrations Substantial & intelligent work F Order No. 300490 £18

Thorolf Wardle, Rune Lore, self publishd nd (1980s?) Card covers,
landscape format 39pp Illustrated. Has ownership inscription of David Tibet
with phallicised ‘D’ G Order No. 300617 £10

Rold White, Twain One, Vine Press 1930 1st Ed Card covers xi + 38pp No.
Ltd Ed. Of 600 of which this is number 7 with signed inscription by
author to his aunt and uncle. Printed on quality paper. Rubicated title
page and last page giving publishers details. Decorated capitalsThe
illustration on cover and title page by A. Merlyn Ward depicts two lovers
partaking of Divine Love undre the symbols of Wine and Light VG Order
No. 300297 £35

Julian Wilde, Grimoire of Chaos Magick, no publisher given Card covers
106pp n fact published by Sorcerere’s Apprentice VG+ Order No. 300466


3) Abbreviations:-

1st Ed First Edition; aeg All edges gilt; Anno. Annotations; bd
Binding; bds Boards; Bkpt Bookplate; Bkt Booklet; cl Cloth; cold
Coloured; dec Decorated; discold Discoloured; DW Dustwrapper;
Ex-lib Ex-library with stamps etc; F Fine (almost like new); facs
Facsimile; fep Free end papers; Frontis. Frontispiece; G Good (well
used); gt bl Gilt (gold) blocking; HB Hardback; Illus Illustrated; Insc
Insciption; IP In Print; Ltd Limited; LF Large Format; M Mint; Pb
Paperback; mks Mark; n.d. Not Dated; OP Out of Print; o/w
Otherwise; Pub. Published; SF Small Format; sp Spine; teg Top edge
gilt; Trans. Translated; UP University Press; VG Very Good (some
signs of use)Minor Inscriptions & small booksellers labels generally not


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do not include postage which is charged extra at cost. Please
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