Treadwells Bookshop: Taboo Of Paradise

Tuesday 10 May
7.30 pm

Treadwell’s Bookshop, 34 Tavistock Street, London
Phone 0207 240 8906

Christina Oakley Harrington

This talk is part of a seminar series called ‘Sexuality, Magic and Philosophy: Models of Desire and Power’ which is held on successive Tuesdays, 7.15 for 7.30 pm. This evening’s talk is about how pagans and occultists in Britain today deal with their own sexual taboos; and considers how far modern pagans have come to terms with them. The paper contends that the notion of breaking taboo is a prevalent discourse, but that much of magic is nowhere near as transgressive as it posits itself to be. Why do witches, pagans and occultists hold such store by the notion of being ‘boundary breakers’? And, if this identity is so important, what sorts of boundaries really need to be transgressed for practitioners to genuinely have transformative experiences?

Christina Oakley Harrington is a practising witch who is not a philosopher, though she does her best to be aware of philosophical issues, and to open up for discussion the philosophical underpinnings of esoteric practices.
Drinks and refreshments after, as usual for the Treadwellian evenings.
£5.00 for the till. Places are limited to 20.

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