“Hymn To Pan” on the BBC

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Aleister Crowley’s Hymn To Pan will, I’m told, be broadcast on UK BBC Radio 4’s Poetry Please programme this weekend (Sunday 15 May 2005 at 4.30pm).

It’s apparently being included after being spotted in Martin Booth’s Selected Poems compilation.

Good news, I reckon, although I’m cautious about expressing any sort of personal opinion on the site these days for fear of rattling the cage of some enthusiastically anti-OTO individuals!

So, just to clarify: it is the opinion of the webmaster of LAShTAL.COM, a site representing The Aleister Crowley Society and dedicated to documenting Thelema in the media and culture, that Crowley wrote some excellent poetry and is overlooked as a poet. Furthermore, the webmaster contends – and it’s still just a personal opinion – that the increased profile that a broadcast of one of Crowley’s better poems on a serious and popular radio channel will create is generally a “good thing”.

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