Bill Heidrick: Retirement and Publishing Plans

Some fascinating information was posted earlier this month to alt.magick by Bill Heidrick of the OTO:

I have officially retired as Treasurer General of OTO, effective 1st May 2005 e.v. I’ve served for around 1/4 century, and that’s far more than enough! I’ll be 62 later this year, and I look forward to more writing, including substantial expansion of my website, than I would have been able to do had I continued as OTO TG until it was time to “fertilize the garden” 🙂 … better for me and better for OTO to pass the quill with a steady hand.

I’ll continue as an assistant to my very able successor for at least a year and will also serve as a consultant to OTO in various capacities.

A major project will include scanning and some OCR work with the several tons of paper archives here (mostly generated since 1977 e.v.), as well as other media (microfilms, tape recordings, photo’s etc.) That will include a few thousand pages of Crowley material, some of which will end up either in print or in more enduring e-archives than at present. I’ve so far scanned in about 5,000 teaching slides and one-plus of the volumes of evidence documents from the old 1985 e.v. federal case — that includes the document Motta thought was his “Patent” or charter from Germer, Sascha Germer’s letters to Motta about it (it wasn’t a charter but a proposal, by the way), and other goodies.

LAShTAL.COM offers its congratulations to Bill on his semi-retirement! Bill was enormously helpful to the webmaster here via email, especially in the Internet’s earliest days…

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