Sekhet-Maat Lodge – Appeal For Donations

Sekhet-Maat Lodge of the OTO will require no introduction to many visitors to LAShTAL.COM.

Compilers of the always-interesting Lion And Serpent journal, Sekhet-Maat Lodge has made a call for donations. I am happy to forward this appeal for the attention of visitors here…

Just under two years ago, the Sekhet-Maat Lodge Library received the Yorke Collection and OTO Archive of Crowley’s work on microfilm: over 25,000 images of Crowley’s diaries, notes, papers, letters, and more.

These essential resources of Crowley’s work, once only accessible by a special trip to the Warburg in England, are now openly available to researchers in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, we have received the generous donation of 28 rolls of microfilm of selected Sloane Manuscripts, including many important Elizabethan texts. The complete collection of microfilm, available for the public access, is unique in the world. Nowhere else, that we know of, can you find all these materials under one roof.

In order to make use of these resources, Sekhet-Maat Lodge has obtained a microfilm reader with a digital interface, computer, locking glass case, and the furniture to hold it all, housed in our currently existing dedicated space in Portland. We look forward to adding more microfilm collections of relevance in the future. We’ve been asked to pay back only $2000 of the costs of this equipment — a fraction of the retail value. Since then, we’ve raised over $1500, thanks to the generosity of many here in Portland and around the world, and we are now asking you to help push us past that goal. Please click the “Donate” button at the link below and specify the amount that you would like to donate. We currently have $475 left to raise.

Once we have paid for the equipment, all additional funds raised through this effort will go toward library improvements by way of further acquisition of books, microfilm and needed equipment and furniture.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your support.

Love is the law, love under will.

In Universal Brotherhood,

Joseph Thiebes

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