Vampires and Satanists and T-shirts

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Nothing directly connected with Thelema, of course, but has an amusing little diversion based on the UK Daily Telegraph’s recent coverage of some black metal satanic nonsense…

Vampire rocks

Paddy O’Clery

Slipknot and Cradle of Filth are, of course, to blame.

The Satan-crazed shock rockers have been leading our youth astray with their rotten pop, according to the Telegraph. You can’t even hear the words, you know.

It may have been responsible for setting Ben Lewis onto a self-destructive road to Vampirism.

The 25-year-old has been charged with the religious harassment of a vicar and in Southampton Crown Court explained why he drinks blood.

Denying he was a Satanist, he believes he is a reincarnated vampire: “I don’t mean all that silly film stuff about garlic and crosses”, he explained.

Ah, that’s alright, then.

But in the eyes of the easily shocked Telegraph, one insight into the dress of his associates, explains the dreadful state of Britain’s youth.

“With his friends, all of whom dressed as Goths, in black or crimson clothing, he had experimented in blood-letting and blood drinking.”

“I answer to the mortal and spit on Christian beliefs,” he explained.

A place in the shadow cabinet awaits.

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