“Convolvulus”: A Statement by Starfire

I asked Robert Taylor of Starfire if he would like to use LAShTAL to publish a statement regarding the delayed publication of Kenneth Grant’s Convolvulus.

I am pleased to say that he welcomed the opportunity – the statement is reproduced here exactly as it was received.

This book has been at the printers for many months now, and we are sorry to say that despite our best efforts and many false starts, our printers of many years standing have not been able to produce the book to the high standard we required.

On several occasions over the past few months the printers and ourselves thought that these problems were about to be resolved, and on that basis we set prospective dates of publication that have not been met, thus causing confusion and frustration for all concerned. We at Starfire Publishing Ltd, whilst very much regretting these delays, believe that the quality of the book when published is the most important factor to customers, the author, the printers and ourselves… [Continued…]

We are therefore in the process of finding another printer to undertake the production of this book. This means that the book will not appear for some time yet. Rather than give a prospective date of publication which may again not be met, we will announce the fact with great pleasure when the publication really is imminent. Thus, until you hear from us, please rest assured that the book is not yet published, and is still being produced to the high standards that this lovely book merits.

We are extremely sorry for the further delay in this matter, and hope that our customers will understand the situation, which is entirely beyond our personal control. The quality of this much-anticipated book, when it does appear, will make this lengthy gestation period worthwhile, despite the considerable frustrations along the way.

The deluxe edition was fully subscribed many months ago, and we have received many advance orders for the standards. If anyone would like their money back, rather than wait for publication, then we do fully understand that, and shall send out refunds upon written application.

Michael Staley,
Robert Taylor,
Starfire Publishing Ltd.

BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

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