Thelemic Novel: Free Copy For Each Member

Mark Durant, author of The 30 Trials Of Ix And The Angels, has decided to offer a copy of the book to every member of LAShTAL.COM for free download. The PDF file, readable using Acrobat Reader software, is a complete copy of the book.

I consider this mesmerising novel to be one of the most significant works of Thelemically-inspired fiction and I believe that members of LAShTAL.COM owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr Durant, for his generosity, not to mention his creative skills!

Please note that this download is offered here as a free gift. However, all rights have been reserved by the author: the PDF may not be reproduced, given away or sold from any site other than LAShTAL.COM and the text remains copyright of the author.

In my review of the book for LAShTAL.COM, I noted that: “By the gods, it’s good. Imagine, if you will, Crowley’s The Wake World and The Vision And The Voice re-written by Clive Barker, using Robert Anton Wilson as technical adviser.”

Select the Downloads menu option and then click on Texts to download your own free copy. Downloads are restricted to registered members of LAShTAL.COM only.

Alternatively, a perfect-bound paperback edition of the book may be purchased from by clicking here or from by clicking here.

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