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This is a brief statement addressed to members of LAShTAL.COM and is intended to clarify the terms by which Forums are made available on this website.

I regret that such a statement has proved necessary. However, recent events have resulted in the resignation of one member, aggrieved at what he saw as a restriction of his freedom of speech.

LAShTAL.COM provides the Forums for the discussion of Thelema and related topics.

The Forums are generally self-moderated – I rely on participants to provide a supportive environment that all members can enjoy.

Few rules or guidelines for posting are required as most people recognize and respect each others’ diverse viewpoints.

However, I will not tolerate threatening, abusive or insulting words in respect of individuals or identifiable organisations. We all know there are a variety of Thelemic groups with occasional conflicting views: but LAShTAL.COM is independent and non-partisan and the freedom of members to post on the Forums does not include the freedom to be childish, petulant and aggressive.

I reserve the right to remove, without notice, any postings that I deem to be in breach of this condition.

Commercial posts are generally permitted, provided that the poster “declares an interest” where one exists. Commercial posts unconnected with Thelema will be removed.

Posts to most Forums should be kept to serious discussion. If you wish to participate in more casual, good humoured banter please use the new Chat Room Forum.

Copyrighted material, private email text, and other privileged information should not be posted here without prior written permission from the original author.

Please keep in mind that Thelemites posting to the Forums here come from all walks of life and from all over the globe and offer a variety of different viewpoints and opinions. You may not agree with some of these views or opinions, and not everyone will agree with your viewpoint or opinions. In these cases – agree to disagree. Debate is encouraged; arguments are generally pointless and boring to non-participants. No personal attacks and insults will be tolerated and postings construed as personal attacks or deliberately insulting will be removed from the Forum.

I rely on the contributors to exercise good judgement in the management and direction of the Forum but I will step in when I feel it to be necessary.

I reserve the right to determine the suitability of all postings, and to delete any that I consider unsuitable.

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