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Reproduced here is the latest list from Caduceus Books, including some very interesting items.

I’ve said it before but it merits repetition: Ben Fernee writes these lists in the finest tradition of antiquarian booklists. They are always packed full of fascinating bibliographic information.

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1) Three new books concerning Greek Quabala
2) A Collection of Occult Books Belonging to a Gentleman from the U.S.A.
3) Abbreviations
4) Terms and Payment methods


Note Prices in UK pounds symbolised thus:- # Postage and insurance extra at cost.


1) Three new books concerning Greek Qabalah. Whilst concepts of number and the Hebrew Kabbalah are familiar to occultists Greek Qabala is far less well known. This is to be regretted as modern English is more closely allied to Greek than Hebrew. Those exploring English Qabalah may well find Greek Qabalah of relevance. The authors are esoteric Christians, the emphasis being upion Gnosis rather than faith. Bligh Bond was an archaeologist who discovered a lost chapel at Glastonbury Abbey though psychically received texts, however he published the full account of the endeavour and excluded by the archeological establishm,ent despite his success. These works also deal with sacred geometry, metrology and Gnositicism

Thomas Simcox Lea and Ferderick Bligh Bond, Gemetria, A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala Contained in the Coptic Gnostic Books and of a Similar Gemetria in the Greek texts of the New Testament, IHO 2005, Paperback vii + 110pp Order No. GEM1 #5.99

Thomas Simcox Lea and Ferderick Bligh Bond, Materials for the Study of the Apostolic Gnosis Vol.I, IHO 2005, Paperback 127pp The Gemetria of the Greek Scriptures – An Historical Sketch; The Naming of John the Baptist; the Gemetria of 2368; Specimens of Gemetria from St. Matthew XIII Order No. GEM2 #599

Thomas Simcox Lea and Ferderick Bligh Bond, Materials for the Study of the Apostolic Gnosis Vol. II, IHO 2005, Paperback 201pp. Numerical Alphabet; The Temptation; The Miracles; Notes on the Clementine Homily; Saint Peter’s Confession; Transfiguration; 37 Multiples. Order No. GEM3 #6.99


2) A Collection of secondhand Occult & Esoteric Books including rarities belong to a gentleman in the U.S.A.

Frater Achad, Anatomy of the Body of God, Being the Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness, Weiser 1972 xv + 111pp Coloured Frontispiece Plate. Elegant book, facsimile of 1st Ed Exquisite & important Thelemic Qabala. Faux leather binding. Bookplate showing satyr and dog in wooded scene F in VG protected DW Order No. 310008 #32

Frater Achad, Egyptian Revival, or The Ever-Coming Son In the Light of the Tarot, Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum 1923. Numbered Limited Edition signed by the author, this being number 92. Xviii + 120pp + foldout diagram + 8pp adverts. A handsome book, quarter bound in cloth, the paper covered board gilt blocked. Some gilt has flaked away, otherwise Very Good, clean and tight condition Order No. 310019 #185

Frederick Carter, A List of Prints With Notes, 1916 24pp Hardback book which is a catalogue of an exhibition. Inscribed by the author “To Madame Bee, with best love Frederick Carter” Has the “Comedy of Masks”, an essay by Carter concerning Commedia dell Arte, a short poem and half a dozen vignettes. Mostly is a description of the prints annd woodcuts being exhibited at the Cartwright Memorial Hall, Bradford in November 1916 some wear and marks to cover but Good + Order No. 310025 #45

Frederick Carter, Dragon of Revelation, Harmsworth 1931 1st Ed 96pp Illustrated pastedowns and endpapers The Introduction describes how Carter discussed this work with D.H. Lawrence who wrote an introduction which, after Lawrence’s death, was published as Apocalypse, without reference to Carter thus denying Carter recognition for his original ideas. The introduction also nots that a shorter version of Lawrence’s text was going to be used by Mandrake Press as a introduction to the Book of Revlation but the company went out of business before thai could happen. Carter’s work utilses Greek Qabbala to examine the significance of the number 666 and discusses the occult nature of Book of Revelation. A significant which reminds us that Crowley was not operating in isolation, as significant cultural milieu perceived a New Age of spiritual Enlightement and some identified this with changes predicted by the Book of Revelation. Ome page creaseed otherwise in Very Good, near Fine, clean condition with many pages uncut Order No. 310009 #60

Frederick Carter, Dragon of the Alchemists, Elkin Matthews 1926 10ins x 8ins vi + 53pp + 38 leaves with wood engravings cardved from Carter’s original drawings by W.M.R Quick. Introduction by Arthur Machen. Explores symbolism of dragin from Ancient times throught Christianity into alchemical thought. His work is subtle and rather than spelling it out he utlises evocative illustrations. An original esoteric thinker and gifted artist his work is often overlooked. Light spotting to prelimaries and last dew pages, ear to top and tail of spine. Good + Order No. 310017 #135

Frederick Carter, London at Night, A Sketch Book, Adam & Charles Black 24 leaves printed on one side reproducing pencil drawings of views of London at night. Bound in cloth with paper label. This copy has tipped in hologtraph letter by Carter confiming in writing the verbal permission that had been given to John Galsworth to include four of his stories in a forthcoming anthology some wear to spine but Good + Order No. 310022 #55

Aleister Crowley, “The Ship” & “The Oracles”, Typescripts, Not dated From the collection of Frater Achad (provenance Houle Rare Books & Autographs, Los Angeles) 1pp + 3pp 8.5ins x 5.5ins. “The Ship” is the Anthem of the Gnostic Mass though missing the semi-chorus. “The Oracles” is an abbreviated form of the Invocation which in a versified form of the Shin of Shin section of the Z2 manuscript of the Golden Dawn. It would seem that these are two invocations selected and adapted by Achad from Crowley’s works, presumably for invocatory purposes Very Good + Order No. 310020 #220

Aleister Crowley, Book of Lies, Wieland & Co. 1913 1st Ed Small format 3.5ins x 6ins One plate Text printed within black borders. 131pp including 14pp adverts for Crowley’s books “the excreta of Mr. Aleister Crowley” which are important as they imply a different publication to that given on the title page. This is interesting as Crowley recounts that Reuss accused him of publishing the Mysteries of the O.T.O. in one chapter, yet this happened prior to 1913. Gilt stamped design from the same die used for the Holy Books 1st Ed. . Has the errata slip which notes that its very existence is absurd “as the whole book is a misprint”. There is slight wear to top and tail of spine and corners of the boards. The endpapers are a somewhat browned. Overall a Very Good tight clean copy with bright gilt decoration Order No. 310002 #650

Aleister Crowley, City of God, A Rhapsody, OTO Spring Equinox 1943 Card covers 10ins x 7 ins 12pp No. 88 of 200 copies (unsigned) Frontispiece photograph of Crowley handmade paper and handsomely printed by Chiswick Press. Uniform with Fun of the Fair and Crowley notes as that work demonstrates the Man of the World so this shows Crowley the Magus. Last page carries the often overlooked second appearance on Liber Oz. Fine clean copy Order No. 310021 #200

Aleister Crowley, Equinox of the Gods, OTO Not Dated Large format (11inx x 9ins) Coloured foldout frontispiece plate, 137pp plus pocket containing prnted card folder holding loose sheets carrying reproduction of manuscript of Book of Law, the third chapter being present as photostats (as published). The pages and loose sheets with the first two chapters of Liber A are the original sheets printed for the 1936 first edition. However they were unbound until when Helen Parsons Smith bound them in a manner harmonic with the first edition. The boards are bound in cream sail cloth gilt blocked with title and A.’.A.’. sigil on front board, title, eye in triangle plus OTO lamen on spine, thus matching the first edition. She added a new coloured frontispiece plus the photostats of Chapter Three to complete the book. A handsome book and an important artifact of the 93 Current. Enclosed is an receipt from Helen parsons Smith describing the publication, initialed and inscribed with a “93” Fine Order No. 310004 #190

Aleister Crowley, Gargoyles, Being Strangely Wrought Images of Life and Death, S.P.O.R.T. 1906 Numbered Limited Edition of 50, this being number 43. (unsigned) Small format (6.5ins x 4ins) vi + 113pp. Card covers in parchment wraps, the parchment gilt blocked with the title. Rubicated title pages and embellisments in red on two other pages. The poems are divided into two sections, one being images of life the other images of death. Crowley had two rooms thus dedicated in his London flat, to the consternation of visiting workmen. The parchment is discoloured but opverall Very Good with some pages uncut Obviously very scarce Order No. 310001 #500

Aleister Crowley, Hail Mary, `, Wieland & Co. nd (1912) Small format (7ins x 4.5ins) Card coverss 95pp 1st published three years earlier by Burns & Oates who believed it to be written by a Catholic nun, quite missing the deliberate lesbian subtext. Card covering spine is faded and browned, slight wear to top and tail of spin but Good plus sound copy of an item which rarely survives in good condition Order No. 310015 #170

Aleister Crowley, Konx Om Pax, S.P.O.R.T. 1907 Frontispiece plates signed by Aleister Crowley, xii + 108pp + 12pp adverts. Numbered limited edition, this being number 43. The black cloth is blocked white with elongated bars which, when looked at from an acute angle, show the title of the book. Austin Osman Spare used a similar technique in his “Sidereal” portraits. Tipped in on rear free endpaper and pastedown is a long newspaper cutting titles “Book of the Week” attributed to “M. D. Eder”. However the obscure references to classical mythology, gemetria, betheren of the Rose Cross etc. strongly suggest Crowley himself to be the author. Free endpapers browned, two ownership isncriptions, slight wear top and tail of spine and corners. There is some wear to the white blocking. Overall Good plus condition Order No. 310011 #625

Aleister Crowley, Liber Aleph, The Book of Wisdom and Folly, Thelema Pub. 1961 1st Ed Large format (11ins x 7ins) xii + 219pp Faux leather binding. Frontispiece tipped in Plate of Crowley. Has errata slip by Germer which draws attention to minute typographical errors and assures the reader that the Neophyte concerned (Motta) “has been accordingly punished for his dereliction of duty”. Also has the Frieda Harris designed dustwrapper which has considerable text. Slight wear to edges of board, one corner of board has crakcked but this is ver unobtrusive as it is covered by binding. Slight yellowing to page edges, Overall book in Very Good Plus condition, clean and tight. Dustwrapper has two half inch closed tears an slgiht rubbing and very slight chipping to edge, it is protected and, overall, is in Very Good condition Order No. 310012 #240

Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, A Prologue, Mandrake 1929 1st Ed 335pp Crowley’s best occult fiction dealing with an important formula, also delighfully libellous as real people pop up in deeply uncomplimentry guises! Endpapers somewhat browned and very slight spotting to page edges but Very Good copy in the scarce and highly soughtafter Beresford Egan dustwrapper. The dustwrapper, which is protected, is missing a triangle 20mm by 25mm at base of spine, a strip approximately 1cm by 6cm is missing at top of the spine. The top edge of the dustwrapper covering the back board is chipped and there is wear to the corners. There is some browning to the dustwrapper covering spine and back board and top and fore edge of front board. Though no better than “Good” condition the dustwrapper is very striking and fully represents the striking nature of the design Order No. 310016 #525

Aleister Crowley, Olla, An Anthology of Sixty Years in Song, OTO Winter Solstice 1946 1st Ltd Ed of 500 Large format (11ins x 9ins) 128pp Frontispiece Plate (drawing of AC in later life by Augustus John. The last book published by the Old Man, & his last word on his life expressed in the selection of poems. Funny, touching & very strong bristling with insights, an excellent book indeed! As with all copies it has the sigil of the Beast gilt stamped on the front cover, but a printer’s imp interceded and it appears upside down! This copy in green cloth (most were in brown). Slight wear top and tail of spine, ring mark to front board. Overall Very Good Order No. 310013 #195

Aleister Crowley, The Fun of the Fair, OTO Winter Solstice 1942 No. Ltd. of 200 (this copy No. 124) 1st Ed. (unsigned) Prelims + 23pp card covs Frontispiece photograph of Crowley handmade paper and handsomely printed by Chiswick Press. Introduction by Louis Marlowe. Dedicated to, amongst other Sacha Andre on the occasion of her marriage to Karl Germer VG+ Order No. 310023 #200

Aleister Crowley, The Stratagem, & Other Stories, Mandrake Press nd 1st Ed (c1930) Small format 139pp Also has the Testament of Magdalen Blair, His Secret Sin. Quarter cloth binding with boards covered in snakeskin like paper and a paper label on spine. This copy has sligfht dicolouration of endpapers and pastedowns and slight wear to the bottom edge of the boards towards the corners but overall is in Very Good condition in a dustwrapper which shows some wear at top of spine and, being predominantly white, shows some slight grubbiness. The dustwrapper is important as it carries an plan relevant to the Stratagem story Order No. 310003 #95

Charles Baudelaire Translated Aleister Crowley, Little Poems in Prose, Illus. Jean Bosschure, Edward Titus 1928 1st Ed No. Ltd Ed of 800 (this no.271) xi + 143pp + ads etc Top edge gilt, quarter bound in suede with suede label. Has twelve copper plate engravings from original drawings by Jean Bosschure. These are very striking, quite erotic and would have been considered very challenging in their day. Crowley provides an introduction and his trnaslation is a vehicle for all manner of snipes at various English poets, so much so that at one point the publisher feels he has to record his dissent! This copy has a tipped in printed slip stating that it is part of the quota to be sold by Random House in the USA. Slight wear top and tail of spine but Very Good, in fact near Fine Order No. 310005 #200

Aleister Crowley (original publisher), Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King, translated into the English Tongue by a Dead Hand and Adorned with Diverse other Matters Germane Delightful to the Wise, Hellfire Club 2005 Numbered Limited Edition of 72 copies, each copy caryring the name and sigil of one of the 72 Goetic Demons, this being number 72 Andromalius whose office is to return stolen goods and expose a thief.. Not Dated. Large format 22ins x 9ins. ix (plus vii, viii + ix repeated) + 65pp + (4pp) The text is printed upon oyster conqueror paper, the leaves are then hand bound by means of ties into a quarter leather case, the leather being very nice goat skin tanned with oak bark, an elegantly printed paper label on front board. The edges of the pages are dyed. The text is a facsimile of Crowley’s personal copies of the 1904 first edition reproducing the substantial annotations therein. These commence with three pages carrying Gerald Yorke’s notes. The Preliminary Invocation or Bornless ritual is given twice. The first reproduces the text from Crowley’s vellum bound copy, the second presents the text from Crowley’s camel hair bound copy which has a different set of annotations. These will be important for anyone studing the genesis of Liber Samekh. Whilst the Introduction has only two additional annotated footnotes by Crowley the text itself has seven illustrations of Goetic demons by Crowley, plus some additional annotations. There is then a two page list in the hand of Gerald Yorke giving the appearance of the demons from the Bagh-I-Muattar plus Crowley’s sources for that material. Finally there are three pages of Enochian Calls in the hand of Leah Hirsig plus a pages reproducing talismans from Crowley’s Temple of L.I.L. in Mexico. As York notes here the text of the Goetia itself was derived from original manuscripts by MacGregor Mathers – the “Dead Hand” referred to in the title – though, in fact, very much alive in 1904. He was dead only in so much that he and Crowley had fallen out! Fine Order No. 310026 #125

Lady Frieda Harris, Bump into Heaven, Mitre Press nd (1950’s?) 63pp Poems by artist of Crowley’s Book of Thoth. Includes a series of poems dealing with Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz plus Capricirn the Goat, Vision of the Pentagram etc Fine in Fine DW Order No. 310006 #45

Marcello Motta (Ed.) (relating to Aleister Crowley), Equinox Vol.V No.3, Official Organ of the A.’.A.’., the Review of Scientific Illuminism, Thelema 1980 1st Ed. Largish format 404pp Faux leather binding Amongst other material presents the Chinese Texts of Magick & Mysticism by A.C. with Motta’s comments F in VG DW Order No. 310024 #120

Victor Neuburg, Songs of the Groves, Records of the Ancient World, Vine Press 1921 xix + 139pp. No. 90 of 550 printed on antique laid paper. Small format (8ins x 5ins) quarter bound in cloth with paper covered boards. Woodcuts by Dennis West on front board and throughout. Title page and two other pages have embellishments in red ink. Decorated capitals and very elegant typeface and type setting. Overall a delighful book. This work probably represents an important mark in Neuburg coming to his own terms with Crowley and Thelema as there is reference to him communing with Horus. It would appear that Neuburg’s retirement to the Sussex countryside where he founded the Vine Press is associated with a pagan celebration of the rural idyll with promise of a new age when the old gods are again recognised. It is interesting to note that some years later Neuburg editied the major British anarchist journal, his approach may be regarded as presaging modern eco-anarchism by half a century This particular copy has a bookplate for Pickford Waller designed by Austin Osman Spare. Dated 1912 this bookplate shows the feathers of a duck swirling into luxurious flowers. It appears to be very scarce and is not listed in the excellent monograph of Spare’s bookplates by Robert Ansell. The endpapers and pastedowns are somewhat browned and there is a little wear to the top and tail of the spin but the book is in Very Good + condition, clean and very bright Order No. 310027 #150

J.C. Squire (Illus. Austin Osman Spare), Twelve Poems, Morland Press 1916 1st Ed Small format 32pp Has astriking frontispiece by Spare showing a harpy in front of a tree morphing into enigmatic lines. Also has decorated capitals and other decorations are claimed by him but in fact are constructed from various early printed books, an example of the plaigarism that, despite his genius, Spare indulged in at this period. Endpapers browned, some marks to paper covered boards. Handmade paper, many pages uncut, slight spotting to paper covering boards, overall Very Good Order No. 310010 #40

John Symonds, King of the Shadow Realm, Aleister Crowley, His Life and Magic, Duckworth 1989 xi + 588pp Plates. Symonds ambiguous view of the Old Man, awake to his flaws but clearly fascinated. Many experienced enchantment & then disenchantment with Crowley, Symonds treads a more complex dance! Fine in Fine DW Order No. 310018 #30

Various, The Equinox Vol. VII No.1, Ed. Ray Eales & Vance Bordland, Silver Star 1992 259pp A.’.A.’. derived from Motta, presents Crowley texts & original articles including a magical exploration of the Qulippoth, Magic & Film by Ray Eales, poetry etc. Associated with the Crowley – Germer – Motta lineage of A.’.A.’. near Mint Order No. 310007 #55


3) Abbreviations
Ed = Edition; Fine = Fine (ie almost as new) G = Good (ie clearly secondhand); Illus. = Illustrated; LF = Large format; Ltd = Limited; nd = Not Dated; No. = Numbered; pp = Pages; Very Good (is soms signs of wear and age)


1) Credit card (Mastercard, Access or Visa) or Debit Card (Switch or Solo). If you have previously ordered I may have a record of your credit card number. If not, for security reasons some people like to send their number in the following ways:–
a) by fax
b) telephone (there is an answering machine to which only I have access when I am not here)
c) divide it into two and send it in two separate email messages.
d) encode it. I would suggest leaving the first four digits unchanged but for the remaining digits add 3 to each digit (ie 1 becomes 4, 7 becomes 0, 9 becomes 2 etc) leaving the expiry date unchanged. This arrangement can be referred to as “YOUR CODE”
e) spell some of the numbers out eg 44six8 etc
2) International Money Order made out in British Currency
3) Travellers cheques in UK Pounds
4) Foreign cash small amounts please send securely, large amounts please send by registered post.
5) Direct transfer to my bank from a bank in your country. My bank details as follows:- Caduceus Books, Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement,York,YO1 2NE.
Swift Code LOYDGB2L
Branch Identification Code LOYDGB21225
International Bank Account Number (I.B.A.N.)
Sort code (or Routing Number) 30-99-99
Account number 1126431
6) Cheque in British currency made out to Caduceus Books
7) Payment through PayPal at, my user name is my email address:-
8) Postal Orders in UK currency
9) Internaitional Money Order or Bankers Draft in UK Pounds

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