LAShTAL.COM Continues to Grow – Thanatos

Fulgur Limited is the acknowledged premier publisher of the works of Austin Osman Spare.

Fulgur ran a highly respected forum for the discussion of matters arising from the study and admiration of Spare’s works: initially as AOSgallery and then as Thanatos.

I am very proud to be in a position to publish the following announcement by Bazelek of Fulgur Limited:

Due to the high cost of maintaining [the CommunityZero Thanatos] forum relative to the small number of visitors we have decided to close this group in the near future. has kindly offered to provide a forum for AOS-related discussion and those of you who are seeking open debate are encouraged to visit this excellent site.

Thanks, Bazelek, and a warm welcome to Thanatos members.
Many Thelemites are admirers of Spare’s work – so please feel free to make use of the Thanatos Forum here. If popular, I have plans for some very exciting developments…

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