“AL – 100th Anniversary” – Compilation CD

AL – 100th Anniversary is a new compilation CD produced by HORUS CyclicDaemon.

A superbly produced musical celebration of The Book Of The Law, this is a remarkable item…

Track listing:

1 Disc
1-01 HEXENTANZ: Oh, Blessed Beast
1-02 MUSTERION: Baphomet, The Magus, The Fool (Fo-Hi), The Voyager
1-03 DUPARC: A Rebours
1-04 ENCRYPTION: Secret Flame
1-05 UNTO ASHES: Lithograph
1-06 WHILE ANGELS WATCH: Walpurgis-Night
1-07 ABNOCTO: Arcane Knowledge
1-09 ATRIUM CARCERI: Abra Cad Abra
1-10 TRANSFAGULA: They Eat Their Young
1-11 BELBORN: Stern
1-12 PSYCHONAUT 75: Liber AL vel Legis
1-13 ZA FRUMI: Aiwass

2 Disc
2-01 HADIT: Auf Den Zinnen
2-02 EXCEED: Secret Name
2-03 GYDJA: By A Secret Name
2-04 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: Sucking Face With Aiwass
2-05 THE CIRCUS OF THE SCARS: Aleister, Aiwass, & Infek (On the Airwaves)
2-06 3LCF: I Was
2-07 AH CAMA-SOTZ: Death Is Forbidden
2-08 CHAOS AS SHELTER: The Beauty Of The Beast
2-09 THIS MORN’ OMINA: The Manifestation of Nuit
2-10 ARTEFACTUM: Lapis Lazuli
2-11 SATORII: Another Prophet Shall Arise
2-12 OSSASERPIA: Donkey Fell Eyesleep

For further details, visit the website: http://www.horus.cz/www_hcd/releases.html or take a look at my review here.

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